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Chapter Six

It was the night of the patch party and I was so excited I could barely concentrate. Mom and I had spent all day making food and setting things up. Patch parties weren't like other parties in the MC world, yeah there would be booze, girls and hard stuff later in the evening, but right after the patch was given the family brought the new brother into the fold. I had been informed that morning that since I was Juice's woman it was my job to sew the patches onto his cut and a sense of pride overwhelmed me. I had a piece of this that I could share with Juice.

I was also more confident in my place as a future Old Lady, not just because of the beat down on Thursday night but because my mom and Luanne had found me the hottest outfit they could that still matched who I was as a person. Luanne said that Juice's jaw would hit the ground when he saw me and I hoped she was right. As I fretted, there was a knock at my door, I was glad because people usually just came and went as they pleased.

"Come in!" I shouted as I looked at my outfit for the millionth time.

I looked over and my mom was standing at the top of the stairs, looking at me wistfully. I raised my eyebrow at her and she smiled.

"Hey baby, I have a gift for you." She walked over to me and put a handful of small foil packages in my hand.

"Mom!" I blushed as I got a good look at the condoms "ribbed for her pleasure".

"Before you get all embarrassed I know you've never had sex baby. I want your first time to be great but I also want you safe. I'm not some June Cleaver bitch who doesn't want to admit that her kids are human. I know you and Juice are gonna fuck tonight, that's been a given since you met, but I want you to be safe baby." She kissed my forehead and closed my hand around the condoms

"Here I thought it was my big secret." I said as I looked down.

"Oh no honey, we all knew. Except for Juice who thought you were fucking everything that moved but him." She laughed at that.

"What?" I was shocked; he and I had talked about everything. I knew things about him that I doubt his Mama knew but he had never told me this.

"It's just jealousy hun. If you weren't with him you had to be with someone else. Don't think about it, just have fun tonight." With that she gave me another smile and walked out the door, leaving me to contemplate the condoms and figure out where I was going to keep them.

I decided to get dressed at home rather than the clubhouse. The outfit was the most revealing thing I had ever put on, I was never going to complain about the blandness of my wardrobe again. Regardless of the revealing nature of the outfit I knew I looked good. I didn't have the body my mother had so we had to look hard to find an outfit that down played my average breasts and accentuated my great ass. At least that's how Luanne described it.

What we chose was a tight black tank top that ended at my midriff underneath a sheer, red top with short, puffy sleeves. Still rather conservative but tight enough and showed off the flat planes of my stomach and my modest chest. My lower body was encased in a tight, red silk skirt. My favorite part of the outfit was the new boots, the only thing my mom trusted me to pick out for myself. They were black leather with red trimmings, came up to me knees, with four inch heels. I wasn't used to heels that high but they matched the outfit so well and were so hot that I couldn't pass up getting them

Before I went down to go to the clubhouse I put the condoms in my boot top and prayed that they wouldn't fall out. As I got to the foot of the stairs I heard a low whistle.

"Prospect's gonna love this." Tig said as he helped my mom load food in the car.

I smiled at him and brought a bowl of salad out to my mom, careful not to bendover and give Tig something else to whistle at. On the ride there my mom informed me of the importance of the patches. I resisted rolling my eyes, I knew what every patch meant and had since I was seven and my dad had put me on his knee to explain what his "President" patch meant. When I was little I thought it meant he was the president of the United States. That's how much I loved and believed in my daddy.

When we pulled in she handed me thread and a needle leaving me with the simple direction, "don't fuck up". I sucked in a nervous breath and walked into the club house. Tig's low whistle from earlier was nothing compared to the catcalls I got from the Tocoma crew. As I walked by I could feel their eyes on my ass and lingering over my legs. I ignored them and walked to Jax who was holding Juice's cut with the patches in his hand.

"Wow, I didn't think you owned anything like that." Jax said as he handed me the cut.

"I didn't until yesterday." I gave him a smile and went into the back room where they had set up a table for me.

As I sewed I grew nervous. What if I sewed them unevenly, what if I didn't sew them well enough? I forced myself to stop thinking those thoughts and concentrate on the task at hand. That helped a great deal as I put the finishing touches on the "Original" patch and looked at my handiwork in the light. The patches were even and the stitches tight. I had put all of my feelings for Juice into the work and it showed.

I gave the cut to Jax and went to help mom. My stomach fluttered, the closer the time came to the patching ceremony. I hadn't seen Juice since Thursday night and I missed him. I was also anticipating the after party. Like my mom said, I knew Juice and I were going to have sex and I couldn't wait. I was in one of the bedrooms, straightening myself up when I heard the cheer from the bar. The Patchee had arrived and I started shaking with anticipation. After I gave myself a mental shake down I walked out. He was getting slaps on the backs and hugs from his new brothers as he made his way around the room. I decided to let him see me so I leaned against the doorway and waited. It was worth the wait.

At first he met my eye and simply grinned… then he looked down and stopped in his tracks. His eyes swept over my body and his mouth opened in an 'o'. I gave him a wink and a smile and walked over to him. When I was close enough he grabbed me and spun me around.

"I did it baby, I'm a Son." He smiled goofily as he kissed me and the catcalls erupted.

"Not yet Prospect." Jax said before he got up on the pool table and addressed the room."Today is a big day for SAMCRO, we're about to lose a Prospect and gain a brother."

The cheering grew loud as Juice kissed me again before being hauled into the chapel where they were going to patch him. Since only the Sons could go in the chapel, the rest of us waited outside, sipping punch and glancing at the door. Suddenly a gavel sounded and the guys poured out with Juice on their shoulders. I clapped along with the rest of them while they let Juice down and he started getting more hugs and pats on the back. He didn't even get a chance to see me until about an hour after his patching. I was fine with it, I knew that as soon as the after party started it would be all about me.

Eventually I grew impatient, I wanted Juice more than anything in the world and this was driving me crazy. I started tapping my boot against the stool I was sitting on and got bored with that quickly. I had to get out of the clubhouse, the air was thick with people and I needed to breathe. I walked outside and leaned against the wall. I smiled as the air grew lighter and I could breathe again.

"Baby, you out here." I heard Juice's voice and my smile grew bigger.

"Here." I said as he looked over and walked to me.

"God baby, you look so good. I can't wait to get this off of you." He kissed me as his hands laid claim to my body. I pulled him closer and his hands found their way under my ass.

I squealed as he picked me up and my legs wrapped around his waist. He held me to him as the kiss deepened and I unconsciously started to squirm. He moaned and pressed me against the wall.

"I knew I'd find you two out here." My mom's voice was better than a bucket of cold water.

"H-h-hey mom." I stuttered as I climbed off of Juice and held him against me, I didn't want him humiliated by mom seeing his erection.

"Don't worry Juice, you don't have to turn around. I just wanted to let you guys know that the after party is getting ready to start and soon they'll all be too blitzed to realize you're gone. Now's the window to go." My mom's voice could barely contain her amusement.

"Thanks Gemma." Juice grabbed my hand and practically ran to his bike.

"Not so fast. I have a gift for you." Juice looked physically pained as we stopped.

My mom held out keys for a room at the nicest hotel in town. I grabbed them and gave her a grateful smile. Juice was focused on getting out of there so he simply nodded at mom and continued to drag me to his bike.

"Thanks Mom!" I shouted as we squealed out of the parking lot.

"Where are the keys to?" Juice shouted over the wind.

"Hotel de La Cruz." I squealed and held tighter as he made a sharp left and before I knew it we were parking at the de La Cruz parking lot.

I got off the bike and didn't have time to respond before he picked me up and threw me over his shoulder. I started laughing and handed the keys to him. As we entered the room he kicked the door behind him and threw me on the bed.

"You do look hot baby, but I really can't wait to get that off of you." He crawled over me on the bed and I lost all sense of time.