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Ten little Akatsuki's...

Ten little Akatsuki's were doing just fine

But then, Sasori got stabbed in his chest

and they were nine

Nine little Akatsuki's were doing rather great

Then Hidan got blown up

and they were eigth

Eigth little Akatsuki's were thinking 'bout heaven

Kakuzu got rasengan'ed

and they were seven

Seven little Akatsuki's were making a pancake mix

Deidara turned himself into art

and they were six

Six little Akatsuki's wanted to go dive

Itachi had planned his death

and they were five

Five little Akatsuki's were making a door

Nagato revived the Konoha ninja

and they were four

Four little Akatsuki's were chasing a bee

Kisame maked his sharks eat him

and they were three

Three little Akatsuki's were yelling out 'Boo!'

Zetsu dissapeared again for a time

and they were two

Two little Akatsuki's thought it was fun to go figth

since it isn't over yet

I don't know who died


Two little Akatsuki's thought it was fun to go fight

since it's over now

I do know who died

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Kisame's dead! And Konan and Madara/Tobi are going to figth! EDIT- Fight's over. Normally, Konan's dead now... T.T