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About One Year Later

"Can you believe it's been nearly a year?" Mizusawa smiled, holding tightly onto Ryosuke's hand as they passed that familiar, unused building as they did most days. "It seems so… unreal."

The blonde nodded, moving his hand away only to wrap an arm around his boyfriend's shoulder, pulling him closer. "Rio got what was coming to her… though it's still fucking difficult to believe that Aihara turned her in. He used to follow her around like a lost puppy dog." Ryosuke snorted, brushing his hair away from his eyes.

"It's…" Mizusawa frowned lightly, biting at his lip. "It's a bit sad what happened to those two though and if it wasn't for the fact that it was you, we probably wouldn't have found out." He stated, referring to Makato and Ryou. Both of which had gone to jail (Ryou to the hospital first), but had gotten out somehow after only a few months. Shortly they rejoined with Akabane and there had been a huge fight between them and a rival gang. It had seemed Makato had torn down the wrong person because not long after he had been cornered alone and beaten to death.

Only a few days later, Ryou's body was found—suicide, the police said, and neither Mizusawa nor Ryosuke had doubted that one bit.

It was almost tragic, what had happened to them, and their experience with the other two hadn't exactly been pleasant, but they both couldn't help but feel horrible at their fates. No one deserved being beaten to death and no one deserved to lose a loved one, especially to something such as murder—so very cruel, and yet, completely like a human.

"Aa," Ryosuke agreed, giving a small nod, not being able to help but think "What if that had been Taku?" If it had been Taku, Ryosuke really wasn't sure what he would have done.

It seemed almost impossible how much more he had fallen in love with him over the last year. Of course there had been bumps in the road, they had even "broken up" one or two times, but that never lasted long with usually the both apologizing at the same time. Sometimes though, Ryosuke even wished they would "break up" more, so that they could have that make-up sex they both so very much enjoyed.

"Taku, let's go somewhere." Ryosuke said suddenly, causing his boyfriend to blink before smiling.

"Sure, where did you want to go?" Mizusawa questioned and Ryosuke thought for a moment.

"Europe? No… America. I've always wanted to see if its as great as people say it is."

"E-eh?" Mizusawa gave a small laugh. "Don't joke, Ryosuke. America? Are you serious?" He couldn't be serious. If he was serious well… he didn't know what to say to that.

"Yes, I am." Ryosuke grinned, coming to a halt and pulling Mizusawa into a tight hug. "Don't you think it'd be fun, Taku? Think of all the new… adventures we could have." And by "adventures", his boyfriend really knew he meant "different places we could fuck".

"But we have class and… and practice. We can't go now, it's the middle of the year." Mizusawa laughed, but he leant into his boyfriend's hug, resting his head on his chest. "Maybe next summer if you want to that badly."

"No, now," Ryosuke demanded. "Haven't you ever just wanted to leave, Taku? Damn, I want to leave all the time, it's only you that's keeping me from doing just that." Mizusawa hid his smile in Ryosuke's shirt.

"But… what are we supposed to do about classes? That costs money and if we skipped for who knows how long, that'd be bad! And my family… and yours!" Mizusawa desperately searched for an excuse to not take Ryosuke up on his actually very tempting offer. "Plus, we would need to pack, and buy plane tickets and… and tell everyone, I mean, they'd worry about us. Our families and our friends. Wataru would kill us if we left without telling him, you know."

"We can worry about that when we get back, Taku." Ryosuke groaned. "And tickets are fucking easy to get. Packing… shouldn't take too long."

Mizusawa looked at him dryly. "Do you have a passport?"

Ryosuke smirked. "I do," Mizusawa hesitated, inwardly cursing. "And you?"

The brunette bit his lip, wondering whether he should lie or not before sighing, nodding. "Hai, but Ryosuke," he continued before his boyfriend could even open his mouth. "We aren't talking about flying to… Osaka or something, this is America—a whole other country! It takes more then a few minutes planning. And the money this would cost; I—"

"Don't worry about fucking money." Ryosuke sighed. "Hell, I hate using my family's money, but since I have it, why not use it on something I want?" he grinned and Mizusawa found himself wanting to give in, but he shook his head.

"No," he stated firmly. "We are not going to America, Ryosuke, and that's final."

"Otou-san!" Tetsuya exclaimed, pushing his boyfriend off of him and sitting up, trying to flatten his mussed up hair. It was difficult to look at his father's red face—as he was sure it was—and it was also hard to look over at Akira who was straightening in his clothes, turning off his camera.

"Tetsuya…" Hino Masaharu's voice was hard and Tetsuya could hear the surpressed anger and disbelief in it. "What is this? Who is this?" he questioned, glaring at Akira who was for once looking awkward. Normally he would not have minded to be walked in on with his boyfriends, but… Tetsuya was different and this was Tetsuya's father. From what he had learned about him, this couldn't well.

"Aihara Akira," Akira bowed his head slightly.

"Aihara?" Masaharu asked incredulously, recognizing the name at once. "As in that family of Aihara's?"

"Hai… Hino-san."

Growling, Masaharu turned to his son. "Tetsuya, explain, now what I just walked in on."

"O-otou-san…" Tetsuya felt his mind rapidly trying to figure out what to say and opened his mouth to speak only to see Akira step forward, a determined expression on his face.

"Please, do not blame your son. This is my fault, Hino-san." Tetsuya stared at the older boy's back, a little bit confused. "I met your son through an aquaintance of mine about a year ago and was immediately taken by him. Yes, I am a homosexual," he answered as Masaharu opened his mouth. "And no, your son is not."

Immediately understanding what his boyfriend was doing, Tetsuya stood. "Akira-san—"

"I am to blame for this, not him." Akira stated, slightly louder as if to drown out any protest from Tetsuya. "I became good friends with your son and…" Akira took in a deep breath, not even being able to to believe that he was about to say this for a person. But—Tetsuya really wasn't just another "person" to him. He… he cared for Tetsuya. "And he told me no but…" he gave a small, forced twitch of the lips. "It seems I just couldn't at all help myself."

Rather believing this then any possibility of a lie, Masaharu's nostrils flared and he glared a the heir harder, stepping away from the door and pointing at it. "Out! Now! I do not want you near my family again, especially not my son. You shal be lucky if I do not press charges, now get OUT!"

Akira felt his heart clench painfully in his chest as he bowed his head slightly, saynig, "I understand," he looked at Tetsuya over his shoulder, shooting him a look that said "don't you dare say anything" before turning and walking out, pausing for a second as he passed his boyfriend's father who's hands were clenched tightly, a vein throbbing on his head.

As he walked down the stairs, he heard Tetsuya scream "Otou-san!" before letting out a shout of "Akira-san!" that made him want to turn around but he shut his eyes and took a deep breath.

It had been abrupt, neither of them had expected something like that to happen. But as Akira closed the door behind him, feeling as if he were about to cry for the first time in years, he knew it had to be done. He didn't want Tetsuya to suffer, and the gymnast had told him how much his family's approval meant to him—especially his father's.

One Week Later

"I can't believe we're going to America…" Mizusawa stated, looking at the space in front of him as he and Ryosuke sat in first class on a plane, Ryosuke getting stares with his outfit which was covered in skulls.

"Told ya we would." Ryosuke reminded, flipping a person off who was staring at the hand Ryosuke had placed on Mizusawa's leg and was slowly rubbing circles over the jeans.

Mizusawa turned to him, pushing the hand off his leg. "But I didn't think you were actually serious about going to America. We have school."

Ryosuke snorted, placing his arm around Mizusawa's shoulders. "What? Are you a fucking goody-two-shoes suddenly, Taku? You don't act like one when you're begging me to fuck you. In fact, you act like you have a yankee somewhere inside of you." He smirked, once again flipping off the people who shot them dirty looks, glaring as he pulled his boyfriend closer, who really didn't seem to have any problem with what Ryosuke was saying.

"Well, I do at those times…" he stated quietly, blushing when Ryosuke raised an eyebrow at him.

"Would you like one in you now?" Ryosuke questioned, licking his lips as he eagerly glanced over the brunette's body, hand slipping down his back and the man shivered, casting him a look.

"Now Ryosuke? No, I don't want to do that now. We're in an airplane!" he exclaimed, flushing when people turned around in their seats to look at them. "We're in an airplane." He repeated quieter and Ryosuke laughed, hand slipping beneath Mizusawa's shirt, gently carressing his back.

"Who gives a fuck? Damnit, Taku, you don't know how much of a fucking tease you are." Ryosuke growled, leaning forward to nibble on his boyfriend's ear and Mizusawa bit his lip to keep from moaning, aware of the looks they were getting.

"R-Ryosuke… people are looking… we're going to get into trouble…" he whimpered, pushing Ryosuke away lightly and the blonde groaned, sitting back in his chair.

"Ahh… I don't give a shit about them. Damn… I'm going to die from lack of… sexual… relief before we even get to California." Ryosuke pouted, a childish look coming over his face and Mizusawa laughed, leaning forward and pecking his lips.

"You can't die, Ryosuke." Mizusawa stated quietly, smiling. "Because you can't leave me.

Ryosuke couldn't help but smile back, entwining his hand with Mizusawa's. "And don't worry, Taku. I ain't ever leaving you." But he was frightened that maybe things wouldn't work out in the end, but—then again—somehow, they both knew that no matter what was going to happen, they'd both come out together.

Because they loved each other and that's all there was to it.