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Warning: Blood and death and vague mentions of rape. Slavery… physical child abuse and so on…

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This is a side story for both "Secrets" and "The Joker, the Jack and the King"

This story takes place before the whole Fourteenth betraying the Clan. This is a background story for Sheryl and Tyki.

Sheryl is seventeen and Tyki is eleven, so keep that in mind while you read, ok?

This story will consist of three short side stories. This is only the first part. The next part will be of the Fourteenth.

First Part: Sheryl and Tyki, and the red soaked church that was their beginning.

His light brown eyes narrowed as he watched the seventeen year old young man next to him write four letters on the white paper, his head tilting to the side. "Tyki." He read the two words that the young man had wrote for him. The young portuguese nobleman smiled and ruffled his short curly hair.

Tyki growled and swatted the others hands away and ran his thin fingers through his dark purple hair, trying to brush it back into place. He then sighed and fixed the young man with a bored look. "Can't we go and do something else Sheryl?" he groaned.

Sheryl frowned at him, his darker brown eyes looking at him in disapproval. "All eleven year olds should know how to read, Tyki." he said flatly. The younger boy frowned at him and stood up from the floor that they had been sitting on. "If not at least their own name." Sheryl continued.

"Yeah, but aren't you going to get in trouble if the Master finds out?" He said in a low voice. The young man sighed and also stood, brushing invisible dirt from his black dress pants. His half brother folded the white paper in half, his eyes telling him that he didn't care much for the title that he used to refer to their father.

But it was the proper title for the man. Tyki knew better then to refer to the Lord of the House as anything else. He was after all only the bastard son of the Nobleman. Born to one of the servants that he would bed from time to time.

Tyki was not the legitimate hair to the Kamelot Estate like Sheryl.

"Well when father is out that makes me the Master of the House. And I think you need to learn to read and write."

"Tyki, what are you doing up here? You are supposed to be down tending to the horses." a soft but stern voice spoke up from the door. Tyki turned and offered his mother an apologetic smile. His mother was a beautiful woman, who had long curly black hair and soft light brown eyes.

One of the Lord Kamelot's long standing favorites among the servants that were owned and called the Kamelot Estate home.

She scowled at him and then bowed to Sheryl before speaking again. "I'm so sorry young Master. I hope my son was not bothering you?" Her voice a pleading whisper and eleven year old Tyki huffed at the implication that he had been the one bothering the young nobleman.

Sheryl only smiled and chuckled lightly. "He was not bothering me at all Rose. He was just helping me with something. But if I am keeping him from work then I'll let him get back to it."

"Thank you Sir." his mother whispered and kept her eyes low as she moved forward and took the young boy by the arm and then dragged him from the room. Tyki frowned as he was dragged down a flight of stairs and out into the yard. His mother didn't speak until they were most definitely out of ear shot of any who would care to listen. "This kind of behavior will earn you a beating." his mother hissed as she let go of his arm.

Tyki again huffed. It was not his fault that Sheryl insisted on teaching him things like reading and writing. His half brother was fond of him, and had been sense before he could remember. Tyki was the only real family the young nobleman had according to him, because their father was…

Well the Master of the house was a cold and uncaring man.

The young nobleman liked to spend time with him, whenever time would allow, and this made Tyki's life easer on the Kamelot Estate. He never had to do all that much work when he was with Sheryl. He would be allowed to do things that he couldn't do when he was not with his half-brother. Like actually try riding the horses that he spent a good time caring for. Or eat some of the food that was only for the Master and Sheryl, like the sweets that were kept in the high cubbered.

Sheryl always said it made him happy to be around Tyki then around other nobles, and that made him happy. One of the reasons was because the smaller boy never lied to him, or so his half-bother said. The young portuguese man always stressing the fact that sense they were brothers they could talk to each other freely.

Tyki knew that to Sheryl, there was no social class between them. Tyki was not the bastard son of the Lord of the House, and Sheryl was not the Masters son. He was just Sheryl's little brother when they were together. Nothing else. But he was always careful to not let himself get to carried away with everything. He knew how much it hurt Sheryl to see him get himself beat by the Master when he forgot himself…

His mother didn't like it, how much time he spend with the young Master of the House, but sense Sheryl was the Masters only (legitimate) son there was little she could do.

Tyki felt a dull throb in his temple and the feeling slowly started to spread to the rest of his brow. His flinched as the pain became worse for just a moment. A pained hiss escaping his lips. His mother turned and looked at him with concerned eyes, and Tyki smiled to reassure her that he was fine.

It was happening more frequently, Tyki off handedly realized. The pain in his forehead was happening more often, and the pain was slowly getting worse. Thankfully it lessened quickly this time, and he was ushered off to finish his work in the stalls by his irritated mother.

It was late in the day when Tyki saw his half brother again. The young man smiled at him in a sly manner as he entered the kitchen. Sherly leaned against the counter and silently watched Tyki move some boxes of food into the large kitchen from the open side doors to his right.

Tyki was only half surprised when Sheryl started to help after a short while of just watching. He frowned and stuck out his tongue at him, not minding the help, but not about to let Sheryl know it.

Sheryl grinned and then laughed at him.

The young nobleman was an odd one. Helping him with his chores and work. Though it did make everything go much faster, and that would give them more time together at the end of the day. Sheryl was supposed to teach him a new card game tonight, and young Tyki was exited. He liked it when Sheryl would teach in fun things...

And that was how it had always been. Sheryl had always been there looking out for him and helping him. The young man would remind him that they where brothers, and as the oldest it was his job to do these things. Tyki remembered a long time ago, he thinks he had been six at the time, one of the other servants telling him that before he was born Sheryl had been almost as cold as the Master. That the young nobleman had never once smiled and had never been kind.

Tyki supposed that being raised by uncaring nannies and fearful servants could make life lonely. And that when he had been born Sheryl finely had someone to call family…

His mother kept telling him to not get to used to it though. That the young nobleman would get bored with him and move on at some point.

But Tyki didn't believe her. Sheryl had always been there, would always be there.

"Just wait until I become head of the house. You and your mother will not have to do anymore of this slave work." Sheryl sighed as he rummaged through the boxes and removed an apple. Tyki raised an eyebrow and smiled crookedly at the young man.

Sheryl was always saying things like that. Always promising that once he had his own house or so on, that Tyki and his mother would have a better life. They would not be servants, and that was way he was teaching Tyki to read and write. Because he would need those skills once they left the Estate.

The young Master was what his mother liked to call a dreamer. But Tyki liked to hear him talk. Liked to dream with him about what it would be like to have a title, and not be nothing more then a bastard son of a servant and a Nobleman.

Sheryl would always frown at him and scold him if he ever voiced those kind of thoughts, though. So Tyki stopped voicing then long ago, he instead settled on being what Sheryl liked to refer and treat him as, a little brother...

Sheryl tossed him an apple and Tyki caught it, blinking. It was against the rules to eat the food in the kitchen, Tyki knew this. The Lord of the house was very adamant that it was not for the help. But then again, Sheryl would be upset if he didn't eat after he had given it to him.

Sheryl smiled and bit into his own apple and Tyki smiled back just slightly. The young nobleman never treated Tyki like what he was, instead he treated him like a caring older brother would treat a younger.

And it was nice. Life was good for the small portuguese boy.

It was always the best when the Master was gone. Life was always good then for everyone who lived on the Kamelot Estate.

Tyki really hated it when the Master was home, though. The man was a cruel human being, and Sheryl hated the man and would often come to Tyki raging about something their father had done…

Tyki didn't like the moods that Sheryl would get into when the Master was home. His half brother would always get better though, once he was done venting to him. Tyki would listen quietly, until Sheryl had calmed down from his rage, then he would smile and joke and try to make Sheryl smile back at him.

Which was never to hard to do. He was Sheryl's little brother after all. If it was Sheryl's job as the older brother to make Tyki's life better, then it was his job as the smaller to make Sheryl's life at least bearable.

He really hated it when his mother would be called upon late in the night. It was always the worst when the Master had been gone for a while…

She wouldn't come back to their room for hours. When she would finally stumble in she would be in tears and shaking. Most of the time that would be the worse of it, but sometimes she would come back beaten and bruised and Tyki hated the Lord of the house more each time it happened.

Once Sheryl had his own house then it would all stop, because his half brother promised that it would.

Tyki hissed as the pain in his forehead flared up again, the pain becoming so great that he dropped the box of food that he was moving. He dimly heard Sheryl call out to him, dropping his own box that he was moving. He was saying something about blood before Tyki's world became dark.

When he awoke the sky was dark outside his small window. His mother was kneeling at his bed side whispering pleading prayers. Tyki had to fight to get any words pest his dry throat, his head hurt and his vision would not focus for a few terrifying moments. "M-Mothe-?"

He barely forced his body up from the bed when the door to the small room was thrown open. The one person that Tyki despised more then anything stood in the doorway scowling in anger. The man was then saying something but Tyki couldn't hear, the pain in his head burning until he was almost blind and deaf to everything around him.

Suddenly he was pulled from the bed by his upper arm, the grip painful and bruising. He was dragged down the halls of the main house and before he could force his foggy mind around the fire in his brow he was thrown forward, stumbling on his unsteady feet…

Tyki hit the dirt covered ground hard, and dimly he could hear his mother crying and begging with the Master. Cold words were hissed out and he forced his light brown eyes open. He was finally able to hear some of what was being said…

"Devil spawn-!…Evil-!…out of my house…Don't come back until-!"

Then trembling and frightened hands were tugging him to his unsteady feet. Tyki hissed and his eyes finally focused on the terrified face of his mother. His chest clenched at the sight, his young mind not understanding what was happening.

His hand lifted and pressed to his forehead, the source of his pain. His small hand came back stained with blood. His mother was whispering and pleading with him to get to his feet. So Tyki painfully forced his tired body up from the cold ground. His mother helped to steady him as they stumbled forward into the dark night.

Tyki wasn't sure how long they walked and stumbled, his small and thin mother supporting most of his weight. They soon found themselves at an old stone church. His tired and pained almond eyes looking at the old building before he turned questioning eyes to his distraught mother.

"They can help us." She whispered in her soft voice and Tyki frowned, but didn't fight as she helped him up the stone steps. The door opened before his mother could raise her hand to knock. His body started to shake, and he didn't know way.

Was that fear he could taste in the back of his throat?

The young sister that had opened the large heavy door gasped, her eyes widening. This only made the fear in his heart worse. "Stigmata…" She whispered and then she was calling back into the church.

The head priest was at the door and ushering them inside within moments. And for the second time that night Tyki was roughly pulled forward, out of his mothers soft supporting hands. He barely registered that he was being held up by two man dressed in black, before he was forced to stumble up a small flight of stairs and pushed down on his knees.

The hands didn't let go, their grips only becoming more harsh.

His head burned and his eyes had a hard time focusing with all the moving. his head hung limp and so did the rest of his body, the pain and fire in him taking any strength that he might have had. The head priest started chanting and offering prayer from behind him and Tyki's lips twisted into a frown as he felt an odd feeling in his stomach rise.

Cold unforgiving hate rose to mix with that bitter fear…

"Oh holy father please hear our prayers! Cleanse this child that has been possessed by evil!" the older man called in a deep and commanding tone, his voice full of sickening devotion and praise. Tyki weakly lifted his head, his eyes slowly focusing on the clear pool of water that he just noticed was in front of him. His lips twisted down and then he was forced forward.

His mouth opened in a startled gasp as he found his head and upper body thrust into the cold water. He hadn't had time to get air into his lung and the water flowed down his windpipe as he sucked in a desperate breath. He was held down with his whole upper body submerged under the biting water. He panicked and struggled, but he was only an eleven year old child, and his captors full grown adults.

His lungs were burning and he thought they were going to explode, when the hands holding his arms pulled him out of the water. An unkind hand took a fist full of his dark purple hair and pulled his head back harshly.

He chocked and his body spasmed with the effort to expel the water in his lungs. And still he could hear the priest calling for him to be cleansed, to be freed from evil. His heart twisted as he heard other voices join in with the chanting, cold seizing his very core as he heard his mothers voice among them. Panic twisted in his heart as the man called for him to be submerged in the holy water again.

"Be gone demon!" the old priest declared in a load and booming voice.

Tyki barely chocked back a fearful cry as his head was pushed back into the water. He fought harder this time, trying to escape the painful hold on his arms and hair. His panic and desperation giving him strength, but still it wasn't enough. He fought to hold his breath as his lungs began to burn again. His eyes wide and burning from the water, the water before his eyes tinting red from the wounds on his forehead…

He didn't understand what was happening. He had been in the kitchen, talking with Sheryl and then the pain…

He was going to die…

He felt it then, felt it rising up from deep within him. It was burning, twisting and whispering something, hissing the words like a curse. He could barely hear it through his panic and fear. He could feel something there, right behind his eyes. Clawing and writhing to get out…

Just when he thought he couldn't hold his breath for another second, his consciousness slipping into the black that was waiting to swallow him whole, the hands holding him down were ripped away.

He pulled back, ripping his head from the water, gasping for air. His body fell to the side of the pool and convulsing and trembling as it tried to force water from his aching lungs. His body trying to cough and breath all at the same time. Tyki barely registered the terrified screams from within the church, his ears still ringing from almost drowning.

His throat burned as he coughed and gagged. It wasn't until he heard the twisted and broken giggle from the center of the church that he manage to look up. He froze and his heart twisted. He could taste bile rise in the back of his throat at the scene that greeted his wide eyes.

There, standing at the center of the twisted and mangled bodies of priest and nuns, was Sheryl. His half brother was laughing madly as his body twitched and shook were he stood.

Dark black light twisted around Sheryl's shaking body. That insane laughter rose and ripped from the young nobleman's throat, his whole being shaking with the force of the sound. His once dark brown eyes were now a deep burning gold. His tanned skin now a dark gray.

He should have been afraid. But he wasn't. He felt…

He felt calm and then giddy…

All he could hear was that voice whispering in his ears and his brothers insane laughter…

He forced his own shaking body to his feet and stumbled down the stairs. His eyes narrowed and he fell forward only after a few painful steps. He caught himself before he could completely fall to the cold stone floor of the church, fall into the pools of blood that now covered the floor.

His hands taking fist full's of Sheryl's once clean white dress shirt for support. The younger of the two dimly noting the fabric was now stained heavily in the red that was now everywhere.

As soon as they touched the laughter died and his brother stopped shaking. His crazed gold eyes blinked and finally seemed to focus on him. Tyki offered a weak reassuring smile for his brother before his world fell into darkness again.

It was ok now, Sheryl was right there. He wouldn't let anything happen to him. Because Sheryl was always there taking care of everything, promising that everything would be alright. That was his job as the oldest after all…

Tyki awoke sometime later. The sky tinted pink as dawn came upon them. Tyki groaned and blinked open his pained light brown eyes. He was draped over Sheryl's back, the young man walking down the road that would lead them far, far away from the place they both called home.

"Sher- Sheryl where are we going?" he crocked out through his dry and aching throat. His brother only giggled oddly and shifted him back up when he started to slip.

"I don't know. Anywhere but here." was all Sheryl said, and Tyki noted that his skin was still that odd gray. But it didn't bother him. The fact that his mother wasn't with them didn't bother him. That voice in his head now loader then before as it called to him.

"Don't forgive…don't ever…" it whispered darkly.

"You could always come with me~." A happy sounding voice sang out from in front of them. Sheryl's steps forward became still, and Tyki knew that his eyes were narrowed at the man that stood before them. The man was large and odd looking, but he smiled at them with happy golden eyes. His skin was dark gray, just like Sheryl's…

The sun broke the horizon and Sheryl grinned wide. That odd giddy and calm feeling in Tyki's stomach became even stronger. He did not fear this man, something within him saying that they could trust him, and he knew Sheryl felt the same.

"I am Adam, also known as the Millennium Earl. Welcome back to the Clan of Noah, we've been waiting for you Desires and Joyd~!"

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