Title: Sara's Birthday 2010

Genre: CSI Las Vegas

Disclaimer: Not mine. If they were, I'd let them have loads of fun.

Timeline: 14-16 September 2010 (Happy Birthday Sara)

Spoilers: None really, we know they're together.

Rating: NC 17 (please kids go read something else.)

Characters: Grissom, Sara and some mention of Nick, Greg and Catharine.

Beta: uh-uh not on this one.

Author notes: Fic written I one sitting, probably riddled with mistakes, oc, ooc (you get the picture)

Summary: What Sara wants and plans for her birthday.

Story Word Count: 2 282

Sara walked into Catharine's office at the start of shift. Handing in a request for leave. Catharine took it, reading the dates.

"Sara this is in two days, and you want two weeks!" Catharine exclaimed. Sara just nodded her head,

"Where are you… oh need I ask?" Catharine said looking at Sara's face.

"You miss him." Catharine stated. Sara just nodded her head.

"Have you made all the arrangements?"

"I've booked my flights I'll be back for shift on the 29th."

"Just go, I'll clear this with Ecklie."

"Uh Catharine… If Grissom phones you, please don't tell him, I wanted to surprise him." Catharine just nodded.

"When do you fly out?"

"I leave just after shift tomorrow morning, landing just after eight the morning on the 16th, Paris time. If there are no delays."

"That's a long flight"

"Yea, About fifteen hours worth."

"Well good luck."

"Thanks Cat."

"Yea, just tell him he owes me one, again."

"I will."

Tuesday morning directly after shift, Nick drove her to the airport.

"I was wondering when this would happen."


"You leaving suddenly to see him. You know Greg is going to be sulking again with his best playmate gone."

Sara just smiled, "He'll manage, I'm sure… Did Catharine tell you?"

"Yes, she did. If he calls we are not to tell him."




"Be safe."

"I will, thanks Nick."

Sarah checked her luggage and boarded before they made the final call for her flight. Settling herself in her seat, she was pleased to learn her neighbouring passenger was an elderly lady, who seemed engrossed with her book. Making the two and a half hour flight pass without any great disturbances. The movie shown she had seen before, but re-watching it passed the time.

Two and a half hours later the plane touched down in Seattle, she had a two-hour stopover before her flight out to Paris. Grabbing her backpack she made her way to the bookstore, intending on finding something to read if she could not sleep. It would be a ten-hour stretch before she landed in Paris. Selecting a few magazines she paid for them and then had a light lunch, never having liked airline meals. She boarded her plane as soon as the first boarding calls were made, having checked in her bag.

The flight was long, the student sitting next to her tiring. She often wondered why people thought one funny, should you try to sleep during the day whilst flying. She had ended shift, and was bone tired by the time the plane landed in Paris. Getting off the plane her body shouted abuse, having now been awake for over 27 hours. Customs didn't take all that long to clear, her visa still being in tact from her last visit. She had made sure to keep it updated.

By mid morning Paris time she was finally standing in front of their apartment door. Unlocking it she was greeted by an over exuberant Bruno, demanding some attention. Taking some time to lavish attention on him, she closed and locked the door behind her, carrying her bag and backpack to the bedroom. Lately every time she returned, it seemed colder, somehow more distant… like it was not her home. Walking into the bedroom she placed her bag next to the bed. Opening her closet, she looked for something to sleep in. Before making her way to the bathroom to shower, having fished her toiletry bag out of her bag. Bruno followed her to the bathroom door, then lay down outside keeping watch. Sara being almost asleep on her feet, managed to shower and dress before drawing the drapes and slipping between the cool sheets. Reaching for his pillow, she pulled it closer, taking a deep breath before submitting herself to oblivion.

Grissom arrived home flustered. Sara had not answered her phone on his last call, and when he had contacted Catharine about it, she had said that Nick had taken her home, and that Sara had been tired. Phoning Nick, he confirmed this and said that he had turned off her phone, because she had needed some sleep. He had hoped that she would've called him back by now, but he had still not received a call, which caused him some concern. He did not like her staying in Vegas without him.

He checked his watch again, it was just before two meaning it was around 7am in Vegas. She would be coming off shift soon. They had planned a Skype session at four. He had wanted to see her on her birthday. They emailed daily, spoke twice a week and had hour long conversations via Skype on her off days… But he still missed her.

Unlocking the door he stepped inside. Surprised not to find Hank waiting for him, and for a moment had to think if he had not left the dog at the sitters'. Shaking his head, taking a deep breath preparing to release a sigh, thinking he would have to go and collect the dog now. A frown formed on his face causing him to tip his head, as he took another deep breath, then he smelt it again. Dropping his keys on the counter he walked towards the bedroom. His heart started pounding as he noted the shadows in the room, knowing he had drawn the drapes the morning. Stopping in the doorway, a feeling of elation overcame him as he drew the sight of her in. His eyes dropped to Hank, who lying with her on the bed, his head resting on his paws as he kept watch over her. Grissom just smiled and shook his head at the dog, her self proclaimed protector. His gauze moved back to her. Nearly stumbling over his feet, he made his way to the bedside. Hank lifted his head to look at him, following his movements, as if to say do not disturb her. She was fast asleep, knowing how the flights wore her down. He knew that she would be out for the next few hours still.

Turning he headed back to the kitchen, pulling out his phone he cancelled his evening meeting. Then made his way back to the bedroom, stripping all his outer clothes before calling Hank from the bed, closing him out of the bedroom. Then slipped into bed next to her. His heart once again pounding as his skin made contact with hers. Careful not to wake her he replaced his pillow, then wrapped his arms around her. Feeling her move, he was at first alarmed, but then felt her snuggle into him like she had done so many times before. Closing his eyes he soaked up the sensations as he breathed in her scent. Her breaths lulling him to sleep, drawing the any sense of discontent from him. He released a sigh as his mind cleared of everything but the feel of her next to him, in his arms. Holding her, he allowed himself to slip away, having sleep claim him as well.

A few hours later, he slowly regained consciousness. To the feel of her fingers drifting over his chest. A familiar scent filling his nostrils as his body responded almost instantaneous. Wanting to keep his eyes closed just a while longer, to soak up the attention. He heard her.

"Oh Gilbert." Sara crooned, slightly above a whisper. Had his body not already had been aroused it would have reacted to that, instantaneously. He knew that tone. Knew what it meant… she wanted him, almost as much as he wanted her.

Opening his eyes they locked with hers. Within seconds he found himself lost within their depths, as she closed the distance between them. The kiss was instantly passionate, as both poured their longing, their need into it. He rolled her onto her back, devouring her with every kiss, as his hands erratically ran across her body, pulling her closer. He wanted to melt into her.

"Oh god honey! It's been too long." Grissom panted. As they started puling at what little clothes there were separating them. he had barely moved to lavish attention on her breasts, before she moaned.


"Yes dear." He panted.

"I need you." She barely breathed.

"How." He groaned in reply.

"Deep, fast." Sara replied, the words barely recognizable. She drew up her legs, allowing for him to hook his arms under her knees. Pushing himself up, he positioned himself. Bracing his arms his palms resting on he mattress next to her shoulders he moved forward, pushing against her. Feeling her the heat of her, before looking into her eyes. Their gazes always locked as he entered her. The moment they became one meaning more to them, than the actual pleasure they both derived from the act. He heard her gasp as he sank home, her walls tight around him. It had been a while since their last time. The minute he hit home he pulled back again, pushing forward again, this time eliciting a groan from her. Placing her feet on his shoulders, he pushed her thighs to rest against her torso as he drove into her, again and again. Her hands gripping the sheets as he drove into her,




"Let go Gil."

"No… I'll… hurt you… too deep… too good…" He groaned between thrusts.

Sara moved her legs, whilst Grissom continued thrusting. She knew that he was loosing all sense of self. Their first time after having been separated, was always the hardest for him to maintain any sense of control. He would loose himself so completely in her body, the way he had on their first time. Planting her feet on the mattress she pushed up against him, closing her muscles around him. Knowing what to expect she pulled him closer as he started thrusting erratically, pushing his forearms under her, his hands gripping her shoulders. Dropping down again she wrapped her legs around him. Gripping him closer, her head lifted to place kisses on his shoulder as her body started tensing, straining against his. A keening sound built at the back of his throat, as he started rocking her, no longer thrusting. She knew he was waiting for her, trying to maintain some control. Her head fell back, her body arched against him as she tipped over. Her body gripping his, as his name escaped her lips, like a chant. Pushing down hard against her, a hoarse groan escaped his lips, as he pushed her into the mattress. His body started shaking from the force of his release.

Grissom bore his weight on shaky arms as he closed the distance between them. Kissing her between pants. Sara closed her arms around him, encouraging him to lie down. Moving slightly he rested his head on her chest, before lowering the rest of his weight onto her. Sara's fingers tangled in his hair. Together they lay entwined, settling their breathing. After a while he started moving, but her hand stilled him, kept him in place. She was not yet ready to break their physical contact. They lay like that for a while longer before Grissom once again pulled away again. This time Sara allowed him up, allowing him to pull her up after him. Pecking her on the lips, before pointing her to the bathroom. Pulling on his shorts before stripping the sheets. Remaking the bed with new ones. Once Sara was done, he took his turn in the bathroom, before joining her in the kitchen for coffee. Then leading her out onto the balcony to enjoy the sunset together.

Wrapping his arms around her, he kissed her neck. "Happy birthday honey."

Sara looked at him puzzled at first.

"It's the 16th in the States,"

Smiling, she sipped her coffee. "I guess we missed our Skype date."

"I think we had good reason to."


"How long are you here for?" Grissom finally voiced the question most prominent on his mind, as she placed her coffee cup on the table.

"Two weeks." She answered, before gazing into the distance.

"What were you panning to do?" He pushed.

"I didn't plan much, other that seducing you." She turned her head, smiling back at him.

He returned the smile, pecking her lips. "You've been missing my body, haven't you?"

"Yes… Our conversations help… But I miss being held by you, loved by you." She replied looking into the distance again.

"Stay then, the others will understand." Grissom said tightening his arms around her, dropping a kiss on her neck.

"I can't, you know what happened last time."

"It's not for much longer. My time here is almost over."

"And then what do we do?" Sara asked, her body stiffening.

"We can find somewhere we can be together." Grissom replied, not sure if he was pleased with her response.

"Think about it, at least whilst you're here." He pushed on.

Sara's body relaxed as she leaned into him. Watching the last of the sunset.

"What would you like to do for your birthday?" He finally spoke up again.

"Just be here, with you."

"I have class in the morning."

"That's fine. I'll take Bruno to the park."

"Hank." Grissom insisted.

"Bruno." Sara replied, smiling.

"Are we starting that again?" Rubbing his chin against her neck, causing her to shudder.

"So did you like your surprise?"

"What surprise? "

Sara got all puffed up.

"Yes dear, I loved my surprise. Couldn't think of anything better I could have wished for coming home."

Sara smiled, reaching back locking her arms round him.

"How are the others?

Sara proceeded to tell him of the doings of the team, whilst daylight made way for the evening.

Okay a bit soppy for me, but hey I went with the muse. Or as in this case, the little devil on my left shoulder…