Er. Is this thing on?

As many of you have noticed, this story isn't updated any more.

I apologise for that, especially for leaving just when I had started it.

Now, I hate leaving things unfinished. I also really dislike having lovely feedback from people – two years after I abandon a story, no less, which is humbling to say the least – when all I can offer in return is a very unfinished story with plenty of cliffhangers.

I've been thinking about this story a great deal since I abandoned it and when I had finished DA2 I knew what I would like to happen to Hawke and some of her friends, as well. When I now read the first spoilers for DA3, it strikes a note in me since it's fairly similar to what I had thought would/could happen, some of it actually very close to my own ideas for Our endless numbered days. I'm not very much into steering too far from canon since the fun in writing fanfiction for me is to stay within the borders of whatever universe I'm playing in and still trying to tell my own story, so some adjustments will have to be made as far as far-fetched plots go.

While I'm going to discontinue this particular story I am going to finish Elissa's (and Loghain's) tale - in a different way perhaps, but still actually quite similar to what I had planned the first time around. These chapters will be taken down and rewritten and I'll post a short story that will serve as a bridge between Cartography and the new story.

Now, I don't really expect anyone to still care about these two stubborn Wardens, but if you do, I'm glad to have you along for the ride. If you don't, well hey, writing for myself is fun too. :)