Written super quickly at a time when I really don't have time to write – just had to go with it when it all started to come out!

Disclaimer: I don't own anything to do with Lie to Me, sadly

Stumbling in the Dark

It's like stumbling in the dark half the time, being with her. Should he let his gaze linger on her figure in the way he desperately wants it to? She might smile, might be flattered, might flirt back a little. Or she might frown and disapprove and push him away.

Can he be as reckless, as thoughtless, as arrogant as he so often is? She might chide him for it, but gently, might calm him down in the way only she can, might understand, better than anyone, why he does every single thing that he does. Or she might be angry; might rebuke him for his attitude, remind him, crossly, that he must be more responsible, sigh and roll her eyes and fold her arms and give him that look, the one that makes him shuffle his feet and hang his head and mumble some awkward apology.

Should he just be brave, and blurt out his feelings? Grab her hand one day and tug her into his office, press her against the wall and show her with his hands and his lips and his tongue everything that he feels for her? Should he take her out to dinner, or cook her a meal at his house, and casually drop into the conversation that he's hopelessly, ridiculously, incurably in love with her? Should he just let his mask drop – let her read it on his face, all the lust and love he feels for her washing over him like a tide – should he just let her see it all?

She might be shocked; might be horrified. They're business partners, they're best friends, they've built up a life together that is based on a million things, and none of them are romance. If he tries to change things, if he pushes too hard, then she might flinch, pull away, retreat. But she might not. She might reciprocate. Might wrap her arms around his neck and return his kiss, might smile at his declaration of love, might warm his heart with similar words of her own.

But how is he supposed to know? He reads the rest of the world without even thinking about it; he sees their joy, their sadness, the secrets they're hiding. And he sees a lot with her. He calls her on her lies, can identify her mood from a split second glance, knows what makes her smile, makes her laugh, makes her cry. But the one thing he wants to know more than anything about her is invisible to him. Even when he tries to see it, he can't. Maybe it's her mixed signals, maybe she's deliberately trying to block him out, maybe he just can't read her because she's too close. She is, perhaps, his blind spot after all.

He wants to see, wants to know - needs to know, if he's ever going to move forward - but he can't. When it comes to her, he's just stumbling in the dark.