Hey everybody!

I'm a HUGE fan of Dana Delany. I found the series "Kidnapped" and now I'm watching it on Italian television. I liked the idea of Knapp and Ellie together … though Conrad is very handsome too. But I'm always unconventional, so … I've written a couple of fan fictions. This one was really cute in my opinion, so I decided to try to open a new category. Here I am. Hope I'll not be the last!

Enjoy :)

A fool

Disclaimer I don't own Kidnapped.

Set After 1x07.

Pairing Ellie/Knapp


Summary Ellie finds out Conrad has cheated on her. She's furious … but Knapp will help.


He opened the door and slipped inside. She was curled up in bed, staring at the ceiling. Their eyes met, then she nodded at the cup he had in his hands. He stopped on the doorstep and showed her the cup, though she had already noticed it.

"Can I?" Knapp asked.

She nodded and turned her head on the pillow. He sat on the bed, glancing at her and then moving his eyes back in front of himself. Still, he kept the cup in his hands.

"It's a chamomile tea. Thought you might want it. And need it."

Ellie slowly lifted up, bending one leg under the thigh and picking the cup up from his hands. Their fingers met and she lowered her eyes, ashamed.

"I'm … sorry for before" she muttered.

He nodded, placing the elbows on his knees. The woman took a first, very small sip and then moved her head and eyes away.

"I shouldn't have shouted that way"

Knapp scratched his nape and shrugged.

"Don't mind. How are you?"

She closed her eyes, shaking the head.

"Not that fine … not, really."

"Where is he?"

"I don't know" she let go, before restarting to drink.

Knapp took a very deep breath and thought he should have been home, talking with Turner, forgetting that damned case just for the night. But he couldn't leave her there, he couldn't leave her that way. She'd been pissed at the whole world, half an hour before. She'd broken glasses and plates and cursed loudly. She was mad of jealousy.

"I'm … I feel so doubtful, now. I'm wondering why he's married me. I'm starting to think that maybe he really did it just … just …" she paused, the cup trembled between her fingers "just for the money"

Knapp turned and observed her.

"Why the money? Why couldn't have he married you because of your beauty?"

She chuckled, placing the cup on the bedside table and embracing her knee, pulling it closer to her chest.

"Agent, I …"

"Seriously. Once you go in a bar. You meet a nice woman, a stunning one. You have a chat. You like each other. You exchange your numbers …"

"Would you do that? Would you talk with me?"

She had finally turned and was now staring at him. He nodded.

"I would drive you home"

She couldn't help but blush. Somehow, that man was charming. She stretched a finger, touched his sweater.

"You shouldn't kid me, I'm not in the right mood."

"I am not." He reassured her.

Ellie turned again, glanced at his lips. Automatically, she leaned over him. She was staring at his nice, fleshy lips. He was staring at her face coming closer to his. Their lips barely touched, she tilted the head. He followed her. She leaned over again and they kissed. Tenderly. When their mouths separated, he moved his head downwards, reaching her neck. She closed her eyes and moaned as he touched it with his lips. A butterfly kiss. Another.

They fell on the bed.