Crikey. Here it is- the fourth Fluff Epic of the Power Rangers! (applause track) Feel free to check out my other 3 Fluff Epics: Billy & Kimberly (MM; now at 48 one-shots) RJ & Fran (JF; currently at 28); and Nick & Madison (MF; 2nd youngest at 13). Admittedly this particular one-shot is more angst than fluff but it'll be more fluffy than my RJ/Fran Fluff Epic, promise.

I wish I owned the Power Rangers, but Saban owning them is the next best thing as he and Nickelodeon are practically doing a PR channel with all the reruns as well as a new season next year.

One: Worst Case Scenario (post "Fighting Spirit")

"Trent! Trent, wait up!" Kira called. It was before the first bell had rung, so students were milling the hallways. But the White Dino Ranger kept on walking. It wasn't that noisy, so Kira knew he had heard her. Rolling her eyes she loped up to him.

"Hey, Trent."

"Hi, Kira." Trent adjusted the straps of his black backpack uncomfortably. The Yellow Dino Ranger still made his heart beat faster whenever she was around. But whatever romantic feelings she had had towards him must have been crushed by his deeds when he and the White Dino Gem were corrupted by the evil side of the Power. After all, they had nearly ended Dr. O.'s life. How could she still retain any affection towards him after that? Most days Trent had a hard time keeping himself from hating himself.

Wishing that her fast heart rate was just from her quick sprint Kira zoomed in on what she wanted to discuss with her teammate.

"Why didn't you come with me, Conner, Ethan, and Hayley to the hospital with Dr. O.?"

"Well, someone needed to keep an eye on the Cyberspace while Hayley was gone," Trent explained lamely. Kira gave him a look that had him turning away.

"If anything worse had happened to him… it would have been my fault."


"It would have been my fault," Trent repeated stubbornly. "If I hadn't been so curious…"

"A glowing neon green portal in my dad's study? I would have gone through it too," Kira tried to joke it away. Trent couldn't hold back a slight smile.


Kira's tone gentled.

"Dr. O. of all people understands what you went through, Trent. I mean, he was the first evil Ranger. He knows there's hardly any fighting it. And I do too."

"I know."

"See? And he says that's just good strategy- take out the mentor. He did the same thing when he was under Rita's spell. He disconnected the consuls enabling Zordon to communicate with the other Rangers."

"Yeah, but Zordon didn't nearly die because of it!"

Kira so badly wanted to give Trent a hug but knew it was against school policy for there to be hugs exchanged between students. She really wished she could kick Principal Randall's butt. So she settled for a hand on his shoulder.

"He's okay now, Trent. Deep down, you wanted him to live. That's why you didn't just blast him into oblivion. You didn't want him to die. You've always been good deep down, Trent. Why else did you hold back from hurting me when you beat me up to the point where I demorphed?"

Uh… because I'm in love with you? Trent mentally replied. Then again, love was innately a positive emotion so maybe Kira was on to something. He smiled wanly.

"Thanks, Kira. I wish Conner and Ethan could forgive me as easily as you can. Tyrannodrones, I wish I could forgive myself as easily as you find it!"

Kira sighed and just squeezed his shoulder tighter.

"Dr. O. said it took a while for the other Rangers to forgive him… but sometimes he still has nightmares about it. But you can't let it hold you back, Trent."

Trent's mouth twisted sourly.

"I know, I know. It's easy for me to say. But seriously, Trent, Conner and Ethan are going to keep berating you as long as they see you berating you."

"I still feel so guilty. I hurt Dr. O. and you so badly… as well as Conner, Ethan, and Hayley," Trent added hastily. Kira wanted to reply somehow, anyhow, but then the first bell rang and they had to separate in preparation for their day at school.