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Twenty-five: Home (pre "Ocean Alert")

Kira entered the Cybercafé wincing, bruises forming from the just ended battle against a group of Tyrannodrones. The guys had all gone their separate ways- Conner to soccer practice, Ethan to a gaming session, and Dr. O. to grade some homework. But she felt better when she saw Trent behind the counter, his black hair more ruffled than usual.

Waving awkwardly she approached him. "Hey, Trent."

"Hey, Kira," he smiled at her. Then his smile shifted into a frown. "You okay?"

"Yeah, I just fell down after school," Kira tried to brush it off, but his concern for her made her heart flutter. "How are you doing?"

"All right," Trent shrugged. "Dad's been so busy lately… I wonder what he could be up to."

Kira bit her lower lip. "Well, he is a scientist. Maybe he's doing something ground-breaking."

"My dad would do something like that," Trent sighed fondly. "Sometimes I think he wants to become involved with the Power Rangers and all their crazy science and magic."

Kira kept her eyes away from Trent's as she replied, "Yeah, that'd be pretty crazy."

"Hayley mentioned that Dr. O. is from Angel Grove- do you think he has any stories about the Power Rangers?" Trent wondered, leaning his forearms on the counter. Finally sitting down, Kira grinned, "I bet he would. Heck, why else do you think Conner, Ethan, and I hang out with him?"
"Because you are the teacher's pets?" Trent suggested, wide-eyed. Kira glowered at him, making him laugh.

"I was kidding!"

"Uh-huh," Kira smirked. "Maybe sometime you could join us."

Trent looked uncomfortable. "I don't know; you guys seem to have formed your own little group. I'd hate to be a fifth wheel-literally."

Now Kira was torn. She wanted to assure Trent that he wouldn't be a fifth wheel, but she had to admit that his presence would mean they would have to watch their tongues to make sure their identities as the Dino Thunder Power Rangers weren't revealed. Noting her hesitation Trent smiled lopsidedly.

"It's okay, Kira."

"Are you sure?"

"Sort of…?" Trent tried. With a sigh Kira conceded, "Well, I don't think Conner and Ethan would like having someone new joining our little group. But still…"

Trent shrugged, giving her an easy-going smile. "Don't worry about it; I'm fine here. It's like my second home."

"Me too," Kira had to agreed, staring at his dark chocolate eyes. It wasn't fair that she met her dream guy just after embarking on a journey to save the world.