Harry: Seeker for Puddlemere United and playing under Oliver Wood again. He left Ginny shortly after the final battle because he found her slipping love potion into his coffee one morning.

Hermione: The new Minister of Magic and the first woman to have the position. She left Ron after she found him cheating on her and shortly after she found out, he tried to hit her.

Their kids:

James: Replica of his father, from personality to looks. He's also one of the best seeker Hogwarts has seen since Harry and has been on the Gryffindor Quidditch team since his first year. Captain of the team. 7Th year.

Sirius: James's identical twin. Exactly like his brother. He's in Ravenclaw and has been their seeker since his first year. Captain of the team. Being in separate houses doesn't stop them being worse than the Weasley twins when they're together. 7th year.

Lily: She looks like Harry but was the only child to get Hermione's eyes. She constantly gets the same comments that Harry got, "You look exactly like your father, but with your mother's eyes". She also gets told that because of that, she looks just like her grandfather. She is very much her mother's daughter, she loves to read and learn, and can be bossy. She's also daddy's little girl. The only daughter. She's dating Draco Malfoy and Pansy Parkinson's son, which Harry is not happy about. She's in Gryffindor and is the peace keeper between her brothers on days when Gryffindor and Ravenclaw play each other. Like her mother was, she's the brightest witch of her age. 6th year.

Remus: He looks and acts just like his mom but has his father's eyes. He's definitely mommy's boy. The only thing he got from his father is his love of flying and Quidditch. He has been the keeper for Ravenclaw since his second year, one of the best since Oliver Wood. He loves to read and learn. Often found in the library doing some "light" reading. His goal is to read every book in the library by the time he graduates. 4th year.

Oliver: Remus's twin brother, but they couldn't be more different. He is all his father. Cares about mainly Quidditch but makes some time to study. Like the person he's named after, he's very dedicated to the game. He's the keeper for Gryffindor and a little bit better than his twin (only because James works the team slightly harder than Sirius works his). 4th year.

Colton: Looks like his dad but has his mom's hair. He's the perfect mix between his parents. He is a chaser for Gryffindor but doesn't let it rule his life. 3rd year.

Liam: Looks like Hermione but has Harry's eyes. He's in Gryffindor and plans on taking James' place as seeker next year. Loves to read but absolutely hates going to class, especially Potions. 1st year.

Taison: Liam's fraternal twin. He looks exactly like Harry. He's loves school and everything that comes with it. If it weren't for him, Liam would be failing every class. Knows that he'll be taking Sirius' spot as seeker next year as no one has been able to match his skill. 1st year.

Draco: Works with Hermione at the Ministry. He and Hermione became friends but he and Harry are having a bit more difficulty.

Pansy: Hermione's secretary. She and Hermione became really close, really fast. She's the Potter kids' godmother. She and Harry have a truce for Hermione's sake.

Their kids:

Anthony: Slytherin Quidditch captain and seeker. He is his father's mini-me, without the air of superiority. He's the top student in his class. Has a like/hate relationship with James and Sirius. They're friends because of Hermione and his parents but the tension between Harry and Draco transferred down to them, even if they've known each other their whole lives. 7th year.

Dominic: He's also his father's mini-me. He's the Slytherin keeper and going to be captain next year. He's been dating Lily since their second year and is still head-over-heels for her. He is in second, far second, for top student, after Lily. He's far better at being civil with James and Sirius than his brother is. 6th year.

Marius: He has his father's face but his mother's dark hair. He's a book worm and the perfect student. He has no interest in Quidditch, which his father attributes to him spending too much time with his Aunt Hermione. He often gets irritated whenever anyone around talks about Quidditch too much. 5th year.

Corbin: Looks like his father but has his mother's brown eyes. He hates when his father's past is brought up, like his brothers and the Potter kids, and has gotten plenty of detentions for defending the Malfoy name. He'll be taking over for Anthony as the Slytherin seeker next year. 2nd year.

Ron: Keeper for the Chudley Cannons. Got Lavender Brown pregnant and therefore, was pushed into marrying her. He treats her horribly. He cheats on her every night, but believes that she's clueless. He no longer talks to either Harry or Hermione.

Lavender: Owns a fashion boutique in Diagon Alley. She still has a good relationship with Hermione and often gives her free clothes. She has lunch with Hermione once a week and attends the Sunday dinners at the Potter's every week, as well. She cheats on Ron almost every night, she knows he's clueless and doesn't care. She met a guy and officially began a steady affair with him. She's going to leave Ron in about a week.

Their kid:

Porfirio: He's in Gryffindor and hates his father because of how he treats Lavender. His name means purple which Lavender did to spite Ron. He is Marius' best friend, despite all of Ron's attempts to ruin the friendship. He refuses to play Quidditch because that would make him like his dad. He looks exactly like his mother but got the Weasley height gene.

Ginny: Not married. She's the potions mistress at Hogwarts and completely resents all the Potter kids, especially Liam. She can't stand the sight of them because they remind her that "her" Harry is still happily married.

Luna: Head of the Department of the Treatment of Magical Creatures. She helps with the kids a lot.