Chapter 7

Frodo moved out of the way as Legolas jumped towards him but Boromir and Aragorn grabbed him pulling the elf back.

"Legolas, a'mael, seere" Aragorn whispered to him as the archer continued to move forward to grab Frodo who hid behind Gimli scared of the elf right now.

Legolas calmed down not long after Aragorn whispered to him and Frodo calmed only after he was sure it was not going to happen again.

"My greatest apologises" Legolas bowed to Frodo before he grabbed at his legs pulling him down and starting to grab for the ring once more.

"Strider, Strider" Frodo yelled to Aragorn who was rotted to the spot, Legolas would not stop till he had the ring even if it meant that he ended up killing Frodo.

"Legolas i' korma, sinome" Aragorn said pulling out a ring that Lord Elrond had given to him when he was just a boy and it looked much like the one ring.

"My precious" Legolas said moving to grab the ring but Aragorn pulled it away causing Legolas's face to turn red with anger and he screamed pushing Aragorn onto his back and hunting the rangers pockets for the ring.

"What's it got in it's pockets?" Legolas's voice sounded like one mad with rage until Aragorn turned the tables ending up on top of Legolas.

"Beloved return" Aragorn whispered kissing the archer's forehead before placing Elrond's ring in-front of Legolas and the elf stopped.

For what seemed like an age, the fellowship, Haldir and Thranduil stood still waiting to see what would happen before Legolas groaned gasping.

"A-A-Aragorn" he croacked out hugging the ranger.

"Bless the valar, my son returns" Thranduil uttered clapping a hand onto Legolas's shoulder.

"Ada" Legolas whispered looking at Thranduil who's mouth split into a grin.

"Legolas, sut sai ve' lle atara lle en" Thranduil said causing Legolas's eyes to glaze over as if he were going to cry.

"My love, I hold your heart" Aragorn said sitting up and pulling Legolas up with him.

"It belongs with you" Legolas answered back before looking at the fellowship.

"We will rest for a few days, before we move on" Legolas finally said earning a sigh from the others.

"May you and your companions find rest here, Legolas son of Thranduil of Mirkwood" Haldir said before moving out the door in a way that made him look as if he were gliding along.

Once Haldir was gone, Thranduil clapped Legolas on the shoulder before moving off as well saying he would see him once he was home.

"Legolas, I shall take the ring to Mordor" Frodo squeaked out still slightly scared by the elf but knowing that he didn't really have to be.

"Aye hobbit, it must be done. Never before has one been so in harm" Legolas said speaking of himself being struck by the Morgul blade.

"Safer will it be in the hands of a hobbit of the shire" Legolas agreed knowing what must happen in order for the people's of Middle Earth to stay safe.

"I shall see it's destruction" Frodo said just as they decided to break their fast but Aragorn stayed with Legolas saying he wasn't hungry.

"Legolas, I only wish to see you happy. My love never falters" Aragorn spoke as soon as everyone else was gone.

"What do you wish young Greenleaf?"

"I wish to return to my home, my people need me" Aragorn nodded knowing that now that Legolas was no longer under control of the ring, he knew what to do.

"I make that wish..."

A loud shout made him stop mid sentence as he heard elf's screaming around them then the most cruel words reached his ears.

"Uruk-hai, they have broken through."

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