The Essence of All Power

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Warning: This story is rated T and it will contain some violence as well. If you don't like that sort of thing, I advise you not to read this story.

Pairings: Mostly Pearlshipping (Satoshi/Hikari) with minor Questshipping (Kenta/Marina) & Contestshipping (Shuu/Haruka)

Rating: T

Genre: Suspense/Romance

Summary: Aura, the ultimate power. But in the wrong hands, the ultimate evil. When the supposedly vanquished Rocket Gang resort to terrible measures to regain power, it's up to three heroes to stop them and save their friend.

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Does anyone think it's unfair how Satoshi lost two freaking legendary Pokemon? I mean, that Darkrai is bad enough but a Latios too? Who would have he have sent out next? Mewtwo? Or Arceus? That is so not fair! Ughh, what's with these writers? Why do they always have him lose? Ok, I'll shut up about that now.

Well, here's chapter 1 of The Essence of All Power. Enjoy 8D..)

The Scene: Nagisa City

"Wow, it sure has been a while since we've been back here." A young girl with blue hair said as she and her two traveling companions; a young raven-haired boy, and a medium height teenage boy.

The black-haired boy named Satoshi, who has a Pikachu perched on his shoulder, nodded. Satoshi was a boy who dreamed to be the best and nothing but the best. Having won the Orange Islands tournament and reaching top eight in the Saiyu Conference and the Shirogane Conference, and top sixteen in the Sekiei Conference, he's already become quite the Pokemon Trainer. He wore a red hat with the emblem of a blue Pokéball and a black band across the middle, and on his hands, he wore black fingerless gloves with a green outline. He wore a white T-shirt beneath a blue-collared shirt with a yellow stripe curving across the top, blue jeans, and a pair of red and black sneakers.

"Takeshi, where is the Pokemon Center again?" The blue-haired girl, Hikari, asked. She and Satoshi are exactly the same age. Unlike Satoshi, she competed in Super Contests and aimed to become a top Contest Coordinator, like her mother. She has dark blue eyes, two hair clips to keep her long blue hair back, and a white hat with the pink half of a Pokèball emblemized right in the center. She wore a tight back shirt, an extremely short skirt, long, black stocking that reached before her knees, and a pair of pink boots. Around her neck, she wore a pink scarf, and she wore a pink Pokètch, a high tech watch, around her wrist.

The oldest one, a medium height young man named Takeshi who already had traveled through three regions with the Sinnoh Region being his fourth, took out a electronic device called a Pokegear that looks like a large watch, "it should be around here somewhere." He has brown spiky hair, dark tan skin and his eyes refused to come out of a slit-like appearance. He wore a green T-shirt with an orange and brown vest over it, a pair of khaki pants, and a pair of light blue and white sneakers.

The trio had just made it back to Nagisa City after Satoshi competed in the Suzuran Conference but lost in the final round. One thing he was happy about is that he had finally beat his rival, Shinji. He had battled Shinji several times in the past and this was the first time he had ever won any of their battles. After that, Shinji had gained some respect for Satoshi and the two had somewhat became friends.

The trainer that had knocked him out was an astounding trainer named Benjiro. He could see how good of trainer Benjiro was and he felt that he deserved the victory. The outcome of the battle didn't seem to bother him one bit.

"I wonder how Denji-san is doing." Satoshi said, looking up at the sky. "Maybe we should stop by the gym and say hi before we leave."

"Yeah, we should," Takeshi said, looking at his travel mates.

Both Satoshi and Hikari nodded in agreement. "Yeah," they said in unison before the trio made their way through Nagisa City towards the Pokemon Center.

Should I tell them now? Satoshi thought to himself, looking at both Hikari and Takeshi. I wonder if they'll come with me? Well, I'll never know unless I ask. He had been thinking about this subject for a long time too. After Enishida, the owner of the Kanto Battle Frontier, had told him they opened a Battle Frontier in Joto, he became very excited. He really wanted to go challenge the Battle Frontier. Plus, he would get the chance to go back to Joto. He really wants to go.

But at the same time, he was worried. He couldn't help but wonder if Takeshi and Hikari would go with him. He's really enjoyed his journey in Shinou and he has such a good friends in Takeshi and Hikari, he really would like them to go with him.

But then again, the choice was theirs.

The Scene: Nagisa City Pokemon Center

The three friends walked into the Pokemon Center, to see a young, beautiful woman behind the counter with pink hair. "Konichiwa." Satoshi said as the three made their way to the counter.

"AHH! Joy-San!" Takeshi exclaimed and ran towards the young beautiful nurse, accidentally pushing Satoshi to the ground by doing so. He grabbed her hand in his as he got down his knee. "The angels of fate have brought us here together today. Surely, this means a romantic dinner for two- ACKK!" He stopped abruptly, falling to the ground face first. His own Pokemon, Gureggru, appeared behind him, snickering as he fell to the ground. Gureggru grabbed his foot and dragged him away while the nurse looked on.

Neither Satoshi or Hikari had seen it though. Hikari was a little busy helping Satoshi up after he got knocked to the ground by Takeshi. "Satoshi, Daijobou?" she asked, concern evident in her voice.

"Yeah, I think so," Satoshi said, bring himself into sitting up position. Hikari knelt down behind him and laid her hands on his shoulders. "My head is really pounding though." Satoshi said, clutching his head with his hand.

"Oh my," The young nurse said as she came over and examined Satoshi. "Are you ok?"

Satoshi looked up at her. "Yeah, I'll be fine."

"That was a nasty fall," she said, checking him over. "You sure you're gonna be fine?"

Satoshi stood up and turned around to look at her. Pikachu had jumped back up on Satoshi's shoulder. "Yeah, I'm sure. I'll be fine."

"By any chance, you guys wouldn't happen to be Satoshi, Hikari, and Takeshi, would you?" The nurse asked them.

Takeshi, having waited out the effects of Gureggru's Poison Jab attack, recalled Gureggru to his Pokeball and walked over to Satoshi, Hikari, and the nurse. "Yes, we are."

"Oh, I've been looking for you guys," she said and smiled, looking over at Takeshi. "Takeshi, your parents called looking for you earlier. They told me to have you call them as soon as you stopped by the Pokemon Center."

Takeshi looked at confused. "Oh, did they say what it was about?"

Joy shook her head, "no, I'm sorry. They didn't mention that," she said, looking up at him. "They just told me to tell you that it's important."

"I better go call them," Takeshi said, turning around. "I'll be right back, ok?"

Both Satoshi and Hikari nodded. "Yeah, we'll be here. We're not going anywhere." Satoshi said as Takeshi walked away from them, towards the phones.

Satoshi took a seat on the couch. Pikachu jumped off his shoulder on right onto his lap. Hikari took a seat next to him with Pochama in her arms. "I wonder why Takeshi's parents called him." he said, looking over at Hikari.

Hikari smiled. "Daijobou, Satoshi," she said, using her popular phrase. "Everything will be fine."

"Yeah, you're right." Satoshi said, looking over at Hikari. Should I tell her now? He thought to himself. I wonder if she would to come to Johto with me.

Hikari looked at Satoshi, "Hey Satoshi," she said, catching his attention. He looked at her. "I've been thinking about this for a while now and I've decided that I want to go to Joto and compete in the Contests there."

Satoshi looked at her excitedly, "That's great, Hikari. You should," she's going to Joto. Should I ask her to travel with me? "Hey Hikari, I've decided to go to travel Joto too. Enishida told me about the Joto Battle Frontier and I think I want to go give it a shot."

Hikari beamed at Satoshi excitedly. "You should. Go for it. You want to travel Joto with me Satoshi?"

Satoshi smiled and looked at her. "I was going to ask you that," he laughed. Hikari laughed as well, "But yeah, I'd like to travel with you again."

"So that settles it, we're going to Joto?" Hikari asked, earning a nod for Satoshi. "Yes, I'm so happy now."

With that, Takeshi came back over to the two. He looked like something was troubling him too. Both Satoshi and Hikari grew worried about him when they saw his face. "Is there something bothering you Takeshi?" Satoshi asked him.

"My parents are going on a cruise for a while," he said, looking away from them.

Hikari looked at him, she didn't understand what was bothering him. "What's so bad about that?"

"They want me to come home and take over as the gym leader while they're away." He said in a sad tone. He couldn't bring himself to look at Satoshi.

Oh," Satoshi and Hikari looked sadly. Yeah, they knew that their travels with Takeshi wouldn't last forever. He's been such a good friend to them. They didn't want him to leave. But it seems like he didn't have a choice. They understood that he had to go back home but that doesn't mean that they wanted him too.

"I'm sorry, guys," Takeshi said, looking up at them. "I don't have a choice. I have to go back." Satoshi and Hikari nodded. They understood. "My ferry leaves tomorrow morning. I'm sorry."

"Daijobou, Takeshi," Hikari said, "It's not your fault. We understand," she looked over at Satoshi, who nodded in agreement. "Satoshi and I are going to travel the Joto region. It would have been nice if you could come but you need to go back to the gym. We understand."

"Thanks guys," Takeshi looked over at them. "I guess we only have one more day together."

Both Satoshi and Hikari nodded. This was all really happening. Takeshi had to resume his duties as gym leader and he had to go back to Kanto. They looked at each other sadly.


The Scene: Mt. Suribachi

Many would probably say the Joto Region was free of any major criminal activities these days and for the most part, it was the truth.

Until years ago, however, Joto had been plagued by the heinous activities of the nefarious Rocket Gang. It had originated in Kanto, but it's evil influence had extended to it's sister region as well. They now treated Joto as their center of operations because of it's more prominent status.

The organization's leader, Sakaki, had imposed a cold fear over the citizens of Joto by dispatching many of his agents to steal, not only valuables, but Pokemon.

This is where the officials began to look upon the Rocket Gang as a threat. Since the dawn of crime, no group had been so bold as to steal Pokemon. Many considered the wonderful creatures a way of life. In the case of Trainers and Coordinators, that was the case.

But the Rocket Gang met police opposition with equal force when necessary, otherwise making use of their notoriously well-hidden bases. More than once, a simple street shop could be found sheltering members of the criminal gang.

But then, almost suddenly, this infamous group was put to an end by perhaps the most unlikely person possible. A mere boy.

A Pokemon trainer of no more than fourteen, had single-handedly infiltrated the Rocket Gang HQ hidden in Kogane City and defeated Sasaki himself in battle. Stunned and in complete disarray, the gang had been disbanded. Scattered. They were nothing more than petty pockets of crime which the police could easily control.

Perhaps it was no surprise when the very same boy ascended to the title of Champion of the Joto Region. He was gladly welcomed and now led a glorious life.

This was the public story. The present truth was known to none.

In the depths of the fiery Mt. Suribachi, no one would guess that evil was beginning to brew...

The mountain had long been a landmark of the Joto region. People often found themselves both awed and frightened of it for it's rare but violent volcanic activity.

Still, it wasn't as if people weren't frightened beyond passing through it once in a while. Or at least, that was how it used to be.

Visitors would often be confused about the lack of tourists even near the mountain. When asked, locals would simply say: "You haven't heard the rumors?" and then scurry off. Rumors indeed had plagued Joto, but very few would suspect the purpose behind them.

The so-called rumors suggesting that the mountain was more unstable than before, and that a powerful Pokemon now wandered the caverns within were no more than lies. Lies, spread by the remnant of the Rocket Gang.

For not all had abandoned the organization. Two of the more resourceful agents had been united under a more patient, subtle leader than Sasaski called Apollo. They were only three, but Apollo felt numbers were irrelevant now. It was best to operate covertly with what little resources they had left.

Despite their admittedly poor situation, Apollo intended to revive the Rocket Gang with a single mighty blow to the Joto Region. His new employees, codenamed Buson and Basho, had stayed true to the legacy of the Rocket Gang, creating small pockets of chaos wherever they could without being compromised.

Now, with Buson and Basho before him, in a deep chamber in Mt. Suribachi, Apollo was saying, "I applaud your efforts, my dear friends." He walked over to a fairly large machine in the middle of the large cavern. "This is indeed a fine product of engineering, more than worthy of the Rocket Gang." The walls of the chamber were a rusty brown and veins of lava could be seen cutting through the rock at multiple points. It was hot and stuffy, but the criminals had more important things to worry about.

"It's what we do, sir." Buson replied gruffly. "But now that we've completed our work on this... thing, I think you should explain what you plan to do with it. Not only did we build it, we sacrificed much secrecy retrieving needed parts from throughout Joto."

Apollo was silent for a few seconds, then looked at Basho. "What comes to your mind when you look at this machine, Basho?"

After studying the mechanism, the long-haired criminal turned to Apollo. "Well, there seems to be an enormous amount of energy being focused on that pad." He pointed at a large, alloy pad positioned under focusing beams. "In addition to that, there is an empty compartment here, which is placed in a rather vital position." He took a deep breath. "Sir, I would guess this is used to materialize, in full form, a living thing from what was at first a mere fragment."

Apollo laughed, but it was not a mocking laugh. "Very good, Basho, it is clear you knew what you were doing."

"So, what then?" Buson inquired. "Are you planning to summon a Pokemon of great power?"

"It seems I chose the right people for this job. Bravo, gentlemen." Apollo commended. The duo of Buson and Basho did nothing to acknowledge this compliment. Apollo continued, "For years we have worked on this machine -years that shall prove to be worthwhile, I assure you- and you have loyally carried out my wishes. For that, I thank you."

"You seem dependable." Buson said. "That's enough for us, since Sasaski is no longer in power. In addition to that, your fellow Executives have been captured by the blasted officials."

"True." Apollo allowed. "They were careless, reckless. I shall not make their mistakes. Back to the subject of this machine's purpose; I plan to focus an extraordinary amount of energy which will create an entirely perfect clone of a Pokemon from even the smallest amount of DNA in this very room." The other two raised their eyebrows, either impressed or under the impression this was a fool's hope.

Then, Apollo sighed. "But, I fear these years have construction have not solved the problem I face: I have heard of no source of energy in Joto, natural or artificial, which can hope to achieve the magnitude of power we require. Not even the fires of this mountain will suffice." He gestured around the chamber.

"What about the DNA of the Pokemon we need?" Basho asked.

"That will not be an issue." Reaching into a pocket of his long-worn uniform, Apollo withdrew a small, but tough-looking, keypad-locked box.

Entering the code he alone knew, the box opened and the Executive took out a small green scale, lined with bright yellow.

"This magnificent object," Apollo explained. "is a scale of the Pokemon who rules the heavens above. He who rests in the Ozone layer; Rayquaza, Lord of the Sky." He stared at the sparkling dragon scale, no doubt imagining what he could achieve if his plan was successful. "Think! With such a power at our command, the Rocket Gang shall be reunited, with me at it's head and you at my sides!"

"Rayquaza would indeed be a great asset to our cause." Buson nodded. "Provided we can control it."

"Well, even I can only guess why exactly it will obey; these blueprints merely state it is so." Reaching into another pocket, Apollo pulled out a small holoprojector, which displayed a fully three-dimensional image of the machine which now stood fully-constructed in this very chamber. "I wonder why this was never constructed in the first place, seeing how I retrieved it from the abandoned HQ in Kogane. Aside from the power requirements, of course..."

After nearly a full minute of silence, Basho spoke, "So... how to you intend to find a suitable power source? Sir?" He added when Apollo did not respond.

"That is the question I have been working on for as long as we have been working on this." He waved a hand at the summoner. "I have come to the conclusion that we cannot do it alone" He held up a hand before either of them could bring up the obvious question. "I am well aware our list of supporters is very thin. Even if there are still agents truly devoted to our organization, I do not expect any to have knowledge on this particular matter. No..." He walked over to the machine, running a hand over it's sleek surface. "We require help from the greater minds of this world."

"What? The Pokemon Professors?" Buson chuckled. "Somehow, I doubt we'll get their aid through negotiations."

"If that is the case, then we shall turn to aggressive negotiations. But I intend to present Professor Yukinari Okido with an offer he won't soon refuse." Apollo declared.

"Okido? The Professor of Kanto?" Buson asked. "Is that wise? To travel while the organization is in such a dire situation?"

"If I was willing to take risks, I may have decided to head to Wakaba Town to visit Professor Utsugi." Apollo explained, "Okido definitely has the highest reputation amongst the Professors. If we intend to find a power source potent enough to operate this machine, I feel he will be the one to act. For if there is a power source of such power -and I assume there is- it will be either of natural or philosophical nature."

"Philosophical?" Basho asked, raising his eyebrows.

Apollo smiled. "Of course. Never underestimate the capabilities of the Original One. He must have created a power above all others available to humans, even if not readily." He began pacing the length of the chamber. "I assume we still have salvageable disguises available." The others nodded. "Good. You may leave the prospect of transportation to me."

He walked over and sat down at the only terminal they had managed to salvage and began typing, a small smile on his face. "For at first light tomorrow, my friends, we make for Masara Town of Kanto."

Well, that's it. For now at least. As for the translation, you guys know who Satoshi, Hikari, and Takeshi are? If you don't, you don't deserve to call yourself a Pokemon fan.

Apollo: Archer
Buson: Attila
Basho: Hun
Masara Town: Pallet Town
Nagisa City: Sunyshore City
Kogane City: Goldenrod City
Mt. Suribachi: Mt. Mortar
Professor Okido: Professor Oak
Professor Utsugi: Professor Elm
Sakaki: Giovanni
Denji: Volkner

If I missed any, just let me know. OK? I don't about EarthBolt-Infinite but this is my first time writing a story using the Japanese names. I've always wanted to use the Japanese names but I was so used to the English ones so I said, "what the heck? why not use the Japanese names?" so please kind.

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