Into Darkness.

The night is quiet for the first time since beginning of the trial. A soft hum slowly breaks the silent ambiance as a Yautja transporter ship enters the atmosphere. Darkness falls as the fight with the Xenomorph queen ends in a painful victory for the two interstellar warriors. As the icy waters swallow their common enemy, Lex and Scar breathe in a moment of peace as the enemy's body crushes under the pressure from the depths of the sea. The fight for life is over for the enemy but for Scar and Lex, however, the fight for life is far from over.

Barely able to move from exhaustion, Lex lay beside the powerful Yautja. She watches in horror as Scar's body slowly shuts down for repairs. Her body and mind succumbing to a bleak numbness, Lex does not even notice the tear until Scar slowly reaches up and wipes it from his mark on the side of her face. Lex could not stop a panic from building inside of her while staring into his human like emerald green eyes.

What is happening to Scar? Is he dying? Yesterday this bizarre creature was completely foreign to her. Today, these formidable monstrous beings arrive to take her life so a group of teenagers can become men. One such life, one very dangerous Yautja, gave his own life to protect hers. "Please don't go" she whispers into the damp dreadlocks of this giant warrior. Unknowingly, Lex presses her hands on his massive chest as if to hold on to Scar as long as she can.

Scar can feel the tiny, shaking hands of this extraordinary female on his body and wishes with all of his being that he could place his hands over hers and carry her aboard the ship. Not able to coherently communicate with this valiant female ooman, Scar purrs a soft trill with his little bit of breath hoping Lex could hear it. With the last of his strength, he reaches up to touch Lex's face. He just needs to feel the mark of his clan on her body as he feels himself collapsing into darkness. Victory! The cold is setting in and his mind is faintly flashing back to making of the warrior's mark on his brave ooman as a transporter lands and uncloaks. Scar's mind is blackness as the clan Elder materializes before them both.

Many hunters begin materializing all around them to carefully collect their champion. Time is of the essence in order for the medics to immediately remove the parasite in Scar's chest and allow his body to repair. The Yautja bodies are made for battle, as they live in a society where only the strong survive. Knowing this is the last time she will ever see Scar, Lex is reluctant to rise.

The Elder slowly approaches Lex. Although she is severely alarmed by the number of these creatures beginning to appear, Lex stands her ground. "I earned the right to stand beside them" she reminds herself as a large Yautja approaches. She watches as the large Yautja respectfully collects Scar's hunting gear. Lex maintains eye contact with the obvious leader and stands firmly in place. As this being approaches, she stands strong and faces him. "Now I see what you will look like when you get older" Lex thinks of Scar as the moment passes in front of the older warrior.

In a gesture of respect, the Elder offers Lex Scar's spear. Unknown to her, this particular weapon has been passed down from generations through the victorious bloodlines of Scar's family. From watching the events of the day on the viewing screen aboard the transporter ship, the tribe Elder knows all too well how important this tiny little creature is to Scar. He would want her to have this.

After handing over Scar's spear the Elder turns around and walks back to the ship, leaving Lex to standing alone in the icy Antarctic. Although this incredibly brave human female deserves a better chance to survive than this, the Elder knows all too well the complexities and pain of an inter-species mate. The strength of such a bond is unbreakable, even in death. The door closes behind him and starship begins to ascend. "It is better this way. Someday you will understand why this has to be, my young Yautja" the clan Elder speaks to the silent Scar as the starship softly soars into space.

As the words are spoken, a pain pierces through the Elder's chest as his mind takes him three centuries back to his own trial. His mind is back to another beautiful, brave, little human female.