It had been three hours since Katelyn had arrived at the hospital. She thought that maybe the doctors could give her some kind of drug to make it go away. However she was eight months pregnant. A.K.A she was more than ready to have a baby. She felt bad for Erin. Her hand had already started to show the bruises that Katelyn had given it during her contractions. Of course she wasn't dilated enough so she couldn't have any drugs. She felt horrible.

"It'll be over soon Kate. And then you can meet Zig." Erin tried to tell her enduringly . Little did Katelyn know that Erin was texting Kendall with her other hand who was desperately trying to get news on the baby.

"Miss. Tarver may I come in?" Asked a voice.

"Yeah." Katelyn grunted.

"Hi. My name is Christopher. I'll be your nurse for your delivery." Said the doctor.

Katelyn was taken aback by the doctor's looks. He was young (probably one or two years older than her). He had a chiseled face and looked like he belonged in a Calvin Klein ad rather than scrubs.


It was two hours later when Katelyn was finally given the ok to push. She was terrified but Erin and Christopher (who she had been trying to make small talk with) were there.

"Are you ready Katelyn?" The doctor asked.

"No, but when will I ever be?" She asked with a small chuckle. It hadn't hit her up until then that she was going to be a mom. She was going to bring this baby into the world.

Meanwhile across town Kendall sat drumming his hands on the table anxiously waiting for the next text from Erin.

"Hey babe." Jocelyn said sitting on his lap.

"Hey." He said.

"What's wrong? Come on, dance with me." She said pulling on his hand. However he felt his phone go off in his pocket.

From: Erin To: Kendall: She's about to start pushing.

"What are you looking at?" Jocelyn asked.

"Look. I have to go." Kendall said.


"I can't explain right now but I can't miss this." Kendall said as he drove down to the hospital.

He ran up to the front desk.

"I'm having a baby! Where do I go?" He asked. The secretary looked confused.

"Sir who are you looking for?"

"Katelyn Tarver."

"Room 145."

"Thanks." He rushed over to see Erin outside crying. "Erin what's wrong?"

"Kendall!" She hugged him. "It's happy tears. She had the baby. Congratulations."

"What?" Kendall asked excitedly yet disappointed. He had missed his child being born. He went inside to the room to see Katelyn on the bed holding a bundle in his arms.

"Kendall?" She asked. Her eyes were red from crying.


"I want you to meet someone. Come here." She said with a smile. He walked over. "This is your new son. Kody Jaden Schmidt. I know that the whole K thing is important in your family."

Kendall couldn't help but feel tears sting the back of his eyes. His son. He had a son. He marveled at how he had his striking green-blue eyes, the dark eyebrows, and his moms features.

"Wow." He said.

"I know. Listen Katelyn there's something I've been wanting to tell you.." He said.

"I have your coffee. Two sugars right?" Interrupted a voice. Kendall turned around to see a strikingly handsome doctor.

"Yeah. Thanks Chris." She said. "Kendall this is Chris. The nurse that helped me deliver Kody."

"Pleasure to meet you." Kendall said looking back down at the ground. He was about to tell her that he loved her, and she had moved on in only a day. Where could they go from there?

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