A fresh dance club had just opened its doors in the bright city of New Orleans. The place was the sudden highlight of the city. Every night it was packed with people, sipping drinks and listening to the band. The club had only requirement for entrance. You must wear a mask. It was a bit of an annoyance; however it created a sense of mystery and intrigue. Drawing people in like honey drew flies. The club had been dubbed "The Swing."

The Swing had a main star, their head diva. She had the most luscious blonde hair, and the iciest of blue eyes. The Diva went by the name Vixen, for it was what she was. A beautiful, but dangerous creature, but on the night that the Shadowman made the choice to visit The Swing, Vixen had fallen sick with stomach pains.

The boss of The Swing was uneasy with sending in his favorite Diva's understudy. But he had no choice; he couldn't close down his club. That would only ruin him. So with reluctance he called for Stella and told her that tonight she would be taking the stage as the Diva.

Facilier walked into The Swing, scoping out the club for a place to sit. He found himself a cozy spot at the bar. He ordered some whiskey. Facilier felt at peace, glad that no one looked his way or even bothered to send him a look of hatred. The music thumped and played behind him, creating a pleasant background noise to the buzz of light conversation.

Suddenly the music became louder, curious; Facilier turned and looked over his shoulder. His eyes fell onto the figure of a woman being pulled on stage. She had onyx black hair; her skin was a light shade of caramel. The pianist began to play the introduction to the next song. Without any hesitation the girl grabbed the mike and sang. Her voice was rough, but in a way alluring.

With her hips swinging and her fingers snapping, the singer jumped off the stage and went around the club. Several men came her way, trying to get a dance out of her. But they had no success. She would simply sing. "Don't role those bloodshot eyes at me. I can tell that you've been out on a spree. Now it's plain that you're lying when you say that you've been crying. Don't role those bloodshot eyes at me."

Facilier stood slowly and walked over in the direction of the singer. One of the men again attempted to snatch her hand, but she spun away. And right into the Shadowman. With a sly smile, she took his hands in hers and led him on a merry dance. After getting over his shock, Facilier took up the role of the man and lead the dance. The musicians played their solo while the girl danced with him. Facilier spun her around and dipped her, bringing her back up. He ran his hands along her sides.

The singer gasped in slight surprise, but played along. Turning on his she grabbed Facilier by the front of his vest and pushed him backwards. "So I guess our little romance has finally simmered down."

With a carful shove, the woman pushed him into an empty chair. Without batting an eyelash, she placed herself on his lap. Facilier was in absolute shock of this woman. In that second of having the lady on his lap, The Shadowman took in the girl's features. Her eyes were like a dark oasis. And her lips were painted plum purple; they were plump but not too plump. The mask she wore matched her sea green dress, and the blue gems hanging from the edges of the mask complied well with her caramel flesh.

The lady smiled at him, and brought her beautiful lips just hair's breadth from Facilier's own lips. He moved forward an inch to meet them. But she pulled away, laughter in her eyes. Giving him a swift peck on the cheek she sang. "You should join a circus; you'd make a real good clown."

Facilier's hat was swept from atop his head; the woman placed the hat on her own head and winked at him over her shoulder. When she did this several men roared with laughter at Facilier's expense. Swaying her hips, the singer looked right at Facilier and sang. "Your eyes look like a road map; I'm scared to smell your breath." At this she waved a hand in front of her face, as if smelling something foul.

Wagging a finger at him, she sung. "You better shut your peepers before you bleed to death."

Turning she made her way towards the stage. "Don't role those bloodshot eyes at me, well its plain that you're lying, when you say that you've been crying." Two men lifted her onto the stage; the woman grabbed the mike and finished her song. "Don't role those bloodshot eyes at me, don't role those bloodshot eyes at me."

Removing Facilier's top hat from her head and swept into a graceful bow. Coming back to her full height, she eyed the club, searching until her eyes landed on the Shadowman himself. With a flirty grin she blew him a kiss and tossed him his top hat. Facilier caught it without fail. Looking at the stage, he graced the singer with his most charming gator like smile.

Seeing that the applause was never going to cease, The Swing's owner stepped onto the stage, and introduced the young lady "Stella Able ladies and gentlemen!"

Stella smiled and bowed again, enjoying the attention. After yet another bow, she left the stage. As Stella walked behind the curtain, she felt something brush along her fingertips. Looking down, she found a purple rose floating just out of the reach of her fingers. Gently she took the rose. Attached to it was a business card. "Dr. Facilier: Tarot readings, charms, potions. Dreams made real." Stella read aloud. Taking notice of something on the back of the card she flipped it over. Written in blood red ink was a quick message which read. 'From your road map eyed admirer.'

Stella bit back the blushing smile that so desperately wanted to take control of her face. Bringing the rose to her nose she took in its scent. It smelled divine. Smiling, Stella walked into her dressing room and placed it in a cup of water. Then she carefully stuck the business card into the edge of her vanity. Taking a seat she looked into her mirror, still smiling. "He had the most enchanting purple eyes." She mumbled to herself.