Title: World on Fire

Author: Jenn11

Rating: K+ (just to be safe)

Just something that came to me. Set around the season 4 premier…

Why settle for a spark when you can light the world on fire?

Chuck cared for Eva. He really did. But even more than that he liked that around her he wasn't Chuck Bass. As he'd told Blair, he wasn't Chuck Bass without her. Blair and Chuck. Chuck and Blair. There was no Chuck without Blair. Just Henry. Henry who'd never been such a disappointment to his father. Never traded the woman he loved for an Empire. Never slept with Little J.

Eva wasn't a game. Games were something he shared with Blair, and Blair alone.

Chuck – Henry – cared for Eva. But his feeling for Eva were nothing compared to his feelings for Blair. A fan to a hurricane. A swimming pool to the ocean. A match to a forest fire. And he knew that whoever Blair was with, it was the same for her. For them, and everyone else, it was safer this way. Chuck and Blair left a wide trail of destruction in their wake at the best of times. At the worse… No one was safe. Especially not them.

Even knowing that, he'd leave Eva in a second to be with Blair. After all, he'd always had a self destructive streak a few miles wide. Why settle for a spark when you can light the world on fire?