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A lot of life is dealing with your curse, dealing with the cards you were given that aren't so nice. Does it make you into a monster, or can you temper it in some way, or accept it and go in some other direction?
~Wes Craven


Everybody sees something different when they gaze into their reflection. Even identical twins have some physical differences, albeit small ones. So it begs the questions: what do I see when I look at my reflection?

Answer: I see a monster.

Physically, I'm perfect. No, I'm not arrogant or vain. I'm simply telling you the truth.

I am perfect.

Wavy, almost straight, dark brown hair surrounds my heart-shaped face and runs down to my chest. I have extremely pale skin, but somehow the paleness compliments my soft features. My lips are full and blood red. My teeth are a pearly white. I have a flawless nose, perfectly arched eyebrows, a wide forehead, prominent cheekbones, and a slightly pointed chin.

I am perfect.

When you look at me, you see an…angel. That's what I look like. A gorgeous, young, innocent girl. From my heart-shaped face to my beautiful smile, you immediately label me as a sweet, kind girl. But have you ever heard the expression don't judge a book by its cover? Or beauty is only skin deep? How about looks like a butterfly, stings like a bee? I smile sardonically into the small stream I'm staring into. Yes, you would never expect that behind my pretty face lies a monster. I grin even bigger, showing my razor-sharp, white teeth. I can see the hint of my fangs. Oh? I didn't mention my fangs? My bad, it completely slipped my mind. Yes, I have fangs. But don't worry, they are really subtle. You can only see them if you look really closely. And trust me, you don't want to get close to me.

Another small, tiny thing I forgot to mention—my eyes. Now you would assume that since I have brown hair, I would also have brown eyes, or maybe even blue eyes. Green eyes? Possible. But neither is the case. I have deep, bright red eyes.

So when you see me, don't look at my inviting, enticing smile or even my innocent, soft face. Look instead at my fangs, ready to sink into to your neck. Look instead at my red eyes, burning with hunger—hunger for your blood.

Have you've figured it out yet? I told you I'm a monster, but do you know what type of monster I am now?

I am a vampire.

I place my pale, smooth hand into the slow-moving stream. It's the middle of winter, so you would expect the water to be freezing cold. Yet I feel nothing. I don't feel the cold. I draw circles in the water with the tip of my pointer finger before I angrily splash away my perfect reflection and turn away in disgust. I stand up from the forest floor and brush off leaves and twigs from my body. Oh yes, the stream only showed the reflection of my face, not my body. Well go on, go ahead and guess. If you had to describe my body in one word, what would it be?

Yes, my body is…perfect.

I have a long, graceful neck, rounded shoulders, muscular arms, round and perky breasts, a smooth, flat stomach, flawless hips, and well-defined legs. Currently I am wearing tight, dark-washed skinny jeans, a pink tank top, a small, brown, hoodie jacket that is zipped up half-way, and black converse sneakers. Dressed like any normal seventeen year-old, huh? Well yeah, if you look past the dirty jeans, ruined sneakers, muddy tank-top, and the brown jacket with its sleeves ripped off. Oh, and I'm not wearing any mittens or a scarf or a hat even though it's lower than 20 degrees Fahrenheit. If you weren't paying attention earlier, I can't feel the cold. I'm an unfeeling monster. Am I proud of it? Hell no. I want to die. I tried killing myself already, but apparently I'm indestructible. Figures.

I look around at my surroundings. I have—yes, you guessed it—perfect vision. I can see everything. Before, I had twenty/twenty vision. Essentially perfect…for a human. But now? I can see millions of times better. Everything is clear now.

I am in the woods…somewhere. I don't know where I am, actually. I shrug. Who cares? All I know is that this is my life now. I'm going to live in these woods. Huge, towering trees are all around me, their branches blocking the view of the sky, but if I had to guess, I'll bet that it is late in the afternoon. The trees are leafless and bare. Dirt, twigs, and little insects make the forest floor. This is my home, I decide, nodding in approval. I listen carefully. I can hear little bugs crawling everywhere, birds chirping in the distance, the swaying of the branches in the harsh wind.

I sigh. Besides the icky bugs, I am alone. I bite my lip. But this is good, I remind myself. I can't have company. I can't have anyone near me or I won't be able to stop myself from killing him or her. I stuff my hands into the pockets of my jacket and rock back and forth on my heels. Dammit. I've been here for no more than twenty minutes and I'm already bored. I purse my lips. I guess I can run around a little bit. Yeah, I should get to know my home more.

With that decided, I begin running. I go at a human-pace. I know I can go faster, a lot faster, but the less I use my monster-powers the better. So after jogging north for two miles, trying to enjoy the passing scenery, I hear it.

Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump.

The unmistakable sound of a human's heartbeat.

I gasp in surprise which is a big, big mistake. That's when I smell it. Blood. Tantalizing, rich, enticing blood. I immediately stop breathing, but that just serves to heighten my other senses. I can hear him breathe in and out. I can hear him walk towards the place I'm standing. I can hear his heart pumping out blood. Red, alluring, beckoning, mouthwatering blood.

Against my wishes, venom pools into my mouth and I instinctively crouch. Without conscious thought, I sniff the air. The smell is so strong and close, I can practically feel the rich texture of the blood sliding down my throat. I gather that he is no more than a mile away from me.

My throat feels like it's on fire. I feel something deep in my chest and with some surprise, I realize that I am growling. I cover my mouth with my hand in shock and straighten from my crouch. I take a step backwards, horrified with myself. I was just about to kill an innocent human. He could have a family, a wife, a kid, a career, and I was this close to murdering him. I shake my head in disgust and take another step backwards. But I can still hear him walking in my direction. And with each step he takes, the more I lose myself in the addicting scent of his blood.

I am so hungry. So so hungry. Surely just a little taste wouldn't hurt, right? I groan with frustration when I realize that I'm crouching on the ground again. I grind my teeth together and close my eyes. I desperately scratch at my throat. It feels like its burning. It literally causes me such crippling pain to resist. I'm fighting against all my instincts, against the monster I really am.

I'm so hungry.

But I have to resist. I have to. I can't murder an innocent man! The guilt and remorse I would feel afterwards would be millions of times worse than the pain I feel now. In my head, I quickly concentrate on making a list of all the reasons why I shouldn't kill this unlucky man. But the foolish man keeps walking towards me, not knowing that he is walking straight towards death. And, as if it happens in slow motion, I hear him trip over a stray log.

I listen to him fall down and hit the ground with a thud. The sound of his head connecting with a boulder thunders in my ears. The contact immediately causes blood to pour out from his new cut. Just a drop of blood oozes out, but that's all it takes for me to take off in his direction. Gone is reason. Gone is logic. Gone is my list of reasons to not kill the guy. The only thing left is the smell of his blood.

He. Is. Mine.

I growl as I run full-speed towards my new food. I am a predator and this man is about to be my prey. In a blink of an eye, I see him. He's groaning on the ground, clutching his head in pain. I unconsciously lick my lips as I get closer and closer to him. All I see is red. All I hear is the thump thump of his heart. All I think about is my teeth slicing through his weak, fragile neck.

I'm ten feet away from him now. He still hasn't seen me, but that is about to change. I crouch low to the ground, and then I pounce. I am half-way there when someone crashes into me. As he tackles me the ground, I am aware of one thing.

Another vampire has found me.

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