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A New Transfer Student

"You wanted to speak to me otou-san" Fifteen year old Hinata Hyūga walked into their family's dojo. She sat on her legs waiting for her father to speak.

"Hinata. You still have not met my expectations. So from now on you shall attend school. You're grades have always been great so perhaps you can make a life for yourself that way." Her father Hiashi ordered expressionless.

"B-but otou-san, I have already gone to school." Hinata replied in a calm manner knowing not to defy her father.

"Not a school for shinobis. I signed you up for a school that is not in a hidden village. I bought you an apartment, left a card there that will have more than enough money for you. You will quit being a shinobi and learn at Ouran Academy. It is a prestigious school with the best facilities. Although it is the high school branch. The year is already half way through so I thought there was no point for you to be in the middle school section, at lease not with your grades. It is in Tokyo and you shall leave tonight and start attending tomorrow." He explained then waved his arm signaling her to leave.

'I don't want to go. But there is no defying him. Even though he doesn't want me to be a shinobi I will continue to practice until he accepts me as the heiress of the Hyūga clan' Hinata thought. Hinata went to her room and packed a few personal items before leaving. As she left she had a sad smile. 'I will make you proud.'

As she arrived in Tokyo she found her apartment. As she entered it was oddly quiet. She missed hers friends. Hinata unpacked the few things she had. As Hinata was organizing her things she saw a note that was left on the table.


Here is your card. It has plenty of money so you shouldn't run out.

But that doesn't mean go around spending it recklessly. I had a

hunch that you would feel awkward in a dress so I got you a boy's uniform. Do well in school.


'Well at lease I don't have to wear an uncomfortable dress.' Hinata thought. "Well I guess I'll just go to bed" Hinata spoke to herself as she looked at a picture of her friends.

The next morning Hinata had woken up getting ready for school. She made herself some breakfast then made a bentou. Sure she could have bought food at school but Hinata was a good cook even if she herself was modest about it.

"Ah I have to go early to pick up my schedule." She spoke to herself once again. Hinata dashed out the door.

As she arrived at the school, students were getting droped off in limos. 'Do they always come in fancy cars?' Hinata questioned in her head. As she looked at the school she would now be attending she was partially in awe and kind of disturbed. She felt smaller than she normally does. She only had about ten minutes to get her schedule and get to class. Being Hinata she was never late for anything. Usually early not wanting others to wait for her.

`As she ran into the school and around the corner she almost ran into a boy with brown orange-ish hair and brown light brown eyes. Luckily for him Hinata is both flexible and has fast reflexes. Letting her foot spin thus letting her run around him. "Gomennaisai." Hinata had told the boy without looking back.

As she continue to run, the boy simply blinked. Then thought 'How did she do that? And who was that? I don't think I've seen her around. Well if I'm not mistaken Hikaru and I have some fresh meat.' followed by a grin as he headed towards his class.

Hinata was bowing to the chairman who had wanted to talk to her before class. "A-arigatou c-chairman-san." And took her leave.

Hinata had shown up to her class 1-A before the bell rung. As she walked into the room her classmates payed attention to her. Whispering things like 'Is that a girl or boy?' 'Kawaii'.

As she heard some of the comments she blushed. As she looked around it was the boy she almost bumped into. Being the nice girl Hinata is she went over to him and bowed. "Gomennasai f-f-for earl-lier."

The boy waved his hand "It's fine. It's not like you did anything." Then the twins got an idea. "I'm Hikaru Hitachiin."

"And I'm Kaoru Hitachiin." They each stood on one side of her with an arm around her shoulder.

As Hinata started blushing as they were getting too close. "A-ah so I almost b-bumped into you Hikaru?" she questioned as she felt very uncomfortable.

"No you bumped into me, Kaoru." Hikaru said as they were playing one of their games.

Hinata stopped blushing for a moment. "But I'm positive a almost ran into you." Hinata stated as she pointed to who she assumes in Hikaru.

Then the twins were hit in the head from girlish looking boy. Hinata is smarter than that though and knows he is really a girl. She just didn't know why. "Stop trying to confuse people with your stupid games." She looked over at Hinata. I'm Haruhi Fujioka. Don't let these two fool you. That's Kaoru and that Hikaru." She said pointing at the right twin.

"So i-it real-lly was Kaoru?" Hinata stuttered.

Kaoru puts his hands behind his head "Yeah but even if you didn't know our names you still knew who you I was. So it was no fun."

"But how did you know?" Hikaru asked.

Hinata played with her index fingers. "A-ano I can just kind of tell." Although Kaoru and Hikaru were not satisfied with the answer they let it go. Hinata faced Haruhi "F-fujioka-san"

"You can just call me Haruhi."

She blushed "Haruhi may I ask you something?"


"W-why are you-" She was cut off by the bell and the teacher entered.

"Sit in your seats. As you can see today we have a new transfer student, Hinata Hyūga. May you come to the front of the class Hyūga-san."

"Ah h-hai." Hinata walked to the front of the class and bowed. "M-my name i-is" Hinata took a deep breath to help gain some confidence "My name is Hinata Hyuuga. I'm only 15 because I skiped a grade but I hope you will all be nice to me."

"If you have any questions for Hyuuga-san you may ask now." The sensei announce to the class.

A girl put up her hand. "Are you a boy or girl?"

Hinata blushed at the question. "I-i'm a-a-a girl."

Then a boy raised his hand and asked "Then why are you wearing the boys uniform?"

"Because I f-find it m-more comfortable."

"Thats enough questions. Let's see. Hyūga-san you can go sit in front of Fujioka-san."

"Hai" 'I guess I will just have to ask her later.' she thought.

The bell for lunch rang and only Haruhi and Hinata remanid in the room.

"Aren't you going t-to go buy your lunch?" Hinata asked Haruhi.

"No, it's not like I can afforded it anyway. How about you?"

"I-i made my own lunch. B-but h-how c-can y-you not afford i-it?"

"Oh I haven't told you. I'm a scholarship student. But it's hard to believe that someone besides me brought their lunch, let alone made it themselves."

"I-i enjoy cooking." Hinata started to feel comfortable around Haruhi. "Bef-fore I forget Haruhi about m-my question."

"Oh yeah you did have one."

"Why are you d-dressed like a guy?"

"Huh! I am a guy."

"No you're not."

"Well I guess I'm figured out. But please don't tell anyone. I broke a vase and now I have to work it off. But I can pay it back much faster if people think I'm a guy."

The twins entered the room. "What are you two doing in here?" Two asked in unison.

Haruhi replied slightly irritated as they already knew the answer "What do you think. We're eating."

"Well of course you can't afford the food." Kaoru started.

"But why is Hinata-chan here?" Hikaru finished.

"Because I-i made m-my o-own lunch."

Kaoru walked up to Hinata who was sitting in her desk. Picking up a piece of food from her lunch. "You should just go buy food at the cafeteria. It should be better than this." Kaoru put the food in his mouth. "Ano are you sure you made this?"

"How good could it be?" Hikaru went to try it too.

"The both of you are being rude eating Hinata's lunch without permission."

Hinata shook her hands at Haruhi "It's f-fine I-I don't r-really mind."

"This is great. Are you sure you are not a professional chef."

Playing with her fingers again a slight blush came across her face. "I-I'm not really that good."

"Are you kidding?" Kaoru said. "Here Haruhi try." Haruhi looked at Hinata for permission before eating her being the polite one.

"This is good!" Exclaimed Haruhi.

After a while the twins got another idea. "Are you doing anything after school?"

"Don't involve her guys." Haruhi try to defend Haruhi.

"Actually I was thinking about doing some training" Hinata muttered. But all the others heared was training.

"What kind of training?" Asked Haruhi.

"Um, it c-can w-wait. I'I'm free."

The twins shrugged. "Then" Hikaru stated "come to" Kaoru continued "The third music room after school." They finished in unison. Haruhi slapped herself in the face. 'Oh great' Haruhi thought.

"O-okay" Hinata replied confused. After their conversation the warning bell rung for the next class.

After classes Hinata made her way to the third music room. As she opened the door rose petals fell and seven well six and Haruhi stood there. 'W-what is this?' She thought.

"Welcome to the Host club" They all said.

The tall blond one came and bent down on one knee. 'She's cute' He thought. But on the other hand he thinks most girls are. "I'm the king of this host club Tamaki Suou. My what a beautiful young lady. Now why would you want to wear those closes that hides your figure." Hinata blush as he was getting to close. But from Tamaki's perspectice she was falling for his act so he moved closer. "May I ask this princess' name?" Hinata's face was all red now.


"Yes milady."

"T-too close." Hinata did what was natural for her and pressed one of his pressure points. Tamaki fell uncautious. When Hinata discovered what she had done she kept apologizing forgetting the fact that he can't hear a word she is saying.

Kyoya and Mori moved Tamaki to the couch. After the rest of the club introduced themselves.

"Kyoya Ootori"

"Mitsukuni Haninozuka. But you can call me Hunny. Oh and this is Takashi Morinozuka. But call him Mori."

"And you already know the other three." Kyoya said. Kyoya smiled and Haruhi meant that was no good. "If you don't mind me asking why did you come to this school. Or afford it?"

Before Hinata got a chance to reply Haruhi cut in "Yeah right senpai. Knowing you, you probably know everything about her." Everyone else nodded in agreement.

"No Haruhi. I actually don't. I know the basics like name, height, and that since she has joined us this morning she has already gained two fan clubs. One with guy admirers and one of girls."

"She has two fan clubs." Haruhi sweat dropped. "Honestly that is all you know."

"I'm afraid so. Her files are protected. Even the ones I hack into are no help."

As Kyoya stated that everyone except Hinata who was oblivious and Tamaki who was still uncautious thought 'He hacks into things! I never want to be on his bad side. Who knows what he actually knows about us.'

And again before Hinata could answer again Tamaki finally woke up. "What happen?"

"You were uncautious milord." The twins replied.

"Gomennaisai, Gomennaisai, Gomennaisai" Hinata started apologizing. Then she headed out the door without answering the previous questions.

After she left Kyoya said "This could be troublesome."

"What's wrong Kyo-kun."

"Yeah besides me being knocked out by a 16 year old girl."

The twins ginned ear to ear "Milord she is only 15"

"Oh great" Tamaki fainted again.

"The problem is those fan clubs. Hyuuga-san boy club doesn't concern me but the girls' club does." Kyoya explained as he pushed up his glasses.

"How many girl fans could she have. I mean she is a girl." Haruhi wondered aloud.

"The problem is her female fan club consist over a hundred females. Even if she is a girl her appearances and personality attracts people."

Tamaki got up from his faint. "No no no. That can't be true."

"But it is" Kyoya tried to make Tamaki accept it.

He then shouted "Then there is only one thing to do.

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