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Adam's Nightmare

Adam ran in to the main entrance at Thames House, he knew he was cutting it fine for the morning meeting. Wes had slept late for school and the ensuing rush had been made worse by the September rain. He smiled to himself as he remembered seeing his son run from the car to greet the young girl that was waiting for him. Wes would be thirteen in a couple of weeks and was turning in to quite the lady's man. But then he remembered Molly had been Wes' best friend since year 6, it was hardly surprising she had made herself late so they could be in trouble together. Luckily the children had made it with minutes to spare so Adam didn't have to ask Carrie to pick Wes up after detention. He had not been so lucky. Harry glared as he entered the Briefing Room.

"Ah Mr Carter, so nice of you to join us" He spoke quietly as Ruth smiled sympathetically. It seemed something had happened to put Harry in a bad mood. The rest of the assembled spooks remained quiet.

"Sorry Harry" Adam offered no explanation for his lateness. He knew whatever he said would not wash with his boss. Harry sighed as he returned to the business in hand.

"Tariq, you were saying?" All eyes were suddenly on the youngest member of the team. He looked at his notes as he tried to calm his nerves. He didn't like being the centre of attention, especially at the start of an op where information was vital. He glanced at Malcolm who just sighed.

"Yeah, um. Well it seems that one of the men Ruth heard about from her contact at GCHQ really might be a problem. I've had a little look at his face book and My Space accounts" He watched as Lucas frowned.

"Terror suspects are on social networking sites?" He almost laughed as Harry nodded.

"The modern age" He felt very old. If it wasn't for Catherine he would have no idea what either networking sites Tariq had mentioned really were.

"Yeah" Tariq nodded. Ruth smiled at him; sometimes the age gap between him and the rest of the team was plainly obvious. She tapped her pen against her notepad.

"William Ashgrove is 29 years old and very technical savvy." Ruth started as the picture on the smart board turned from the general map in to a picture of a young man. "Released from prison eighteen months ago in some sort of deal to ensure the peace talks in Edinburgh wasn't derailed. He was supposed to be watched" Ruth continued. Harry remained silent as Ros sighed; her morning sickness had abated slightly, only to be replaced by heart burn. She wasn't happy.

"By supposed to be I assume the clowns lost him" She watched as Harry caught her gaze. She was right.

"Yes, until two days ago when this message was picked up from GCHQ. They were concerned enough to pass it on to us" Harry's voice was low. It didn't betray his distaste but everyone in the room knew about the case where Ashgrove had been the mastermind behind one of the most audacious cyber terrorist plots on the UK mainland. It had only been Ros and Malcolm's quick thinking that had stopped him blowing Central London to Kingdom Come.

"What message?" Adam asked. Zaf passed him a slip of paper.

"I translated it from ancient Greek" Ruth explained as Adam glared at the piece of paper. "It has been years since I had to use it so it may be a little inaccurate" Ruth sighed.

"The end of time as you know it. Times to change, those that worship money will find false Gods will abandon them. As he said so it shall be" Adam read it out loud, he had no doubt Ruth had translated it perfectly. "Who's the signature belong to?" He referred to the old fashioned looking word written on the bottom of the note. Ruth sighed.

"It's a name of a group I think. It's Syrian Adam." She watched as his face darkened. Adam cursed. It seemed as if his demons really were back to haunt him.

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