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Catastrophic Crissy

"Ma'am. Ma'am. Miss Edwards. Clare. Can you hear me?" A faint voice called through and woke my hazy mind.

With whatever meek strength I had, I opened my eyes and flinched at the bright flourescent lights above me. Eventually the giant blur in my vision became a defined and familiar face. I felt my lips tug upwards slightly and I opened my mouth only to turn it to the right as I coughed violently.

"You know, I don't like how often you're coming in here, Clare. This room practically has you're name written all over it." Keith said as he took my wrist into his giant hand, his other watching his wrist intently."You're vitals are fine, expect you're white blood cell count is abnormally high. Dr. Harris says you have a mild case of pneumonia, and that along with fatigue caused you to faint."

"I fainted?" Was my stupid reply.

"Well yes, why do you think you're in here?" He laughed to himself, while placing my arm down and picking a clipboard up. "You've been out for a whole day actually."

"Where's Eli?" I asked, suddenly remembering what happened.

"He went to get some lunch, he stayed with you the whole night." Keith said with a smile. "Ah, teen love. Enjoy it while it lasts."

"What?" I asked and Keith snapped his gaze from the board in his hands with a horrorstruck look.

"Nothing. Just talking to myself." He stuttered and left the room quickly just as a certain dark and brooding figure came into the room.

"Great. You're up." Eli chimed as he placed a big tray of food beside me on the rolling table.

"Yeah." I muttered as my mind drifted off on what my mother said. The last four words playing through her mind like a broken record 'when we get married'. "I can't believe she's marrying him."

"She said when, Clare, they haven't even officially started dating." Eli said, grabbing my hand while I spaced out with the window to my right.

"Exactly, Eli, she said when. Not if, but when. Forgodsake's, she spent the night with an unmarried man! She never did that, or does that, or whatever." I stated, feeling my eyes water. "Eli, what if she forgets about me? What if this is her way of starting over and she forgets about me? And she'll have kids with Billy and she'll forget about her fucked up traumatized daughter...and...and..."

I choked on a sob and tugged his arm, motioning him to lay with me. After much manuveuring, I was curled up in his chest, crying quietly at the thought of my mother having a new life. Because deep down it felt wrong, even though my mother is divorced and my father is in jail. Maybe it was my preachings from when I was younger controlling my reasoning of right and wrong. Divorce is bad, sex before marriage is a sin, don't commit adultry, thou shall not kill.

Yet everyday married couples divorce, young couples have sex before they marry, men commit adultry, and hundreds of people are killed. It was all a lie, God and the Bible and those god-damn angels that I prayed would save me from Fitz. He never stopped my father's fists, He never stopped Fitz from taking my innocences, He never helped me when I felt like dying.

"It's all a god-damn lie." I mummbled into Eli's chest, my pale fingers clutching the dark material.

"Shh...I've got you." Eli muttered, wrapping his arms tighter while kissing my head.

"I love you, Eli, forever and a day." I said while looking up into his green eyes.

"I love you too, Clare, forever and a day." He whispered, pressing a chaste kiss to my lips. I let out a whimper when he started to pull away so I grabbed the back of his head and pushed his face back.

He hummed in response and moved his lips against mine, I felt his tongue brush my lower lip and my stomach tightened, the heat return to my abdomen. His left hand found my cheek, his fingertips grazing the flushed skin. I leaned into his touch and felt my body buzz with pleasure.

"Ah-hem." Someone cleared their throat and both Eli and I pulled apart.

I noticed the red creeping up his neck again, as I felt my own blush flood across the smooth plane of my cheeks. I turned my gaze to see a prestigous looking man in the doorway, his own cheeks somewhat red with embarrassment.

"I'm afraid you'll have to get off the bed, sir." He said, bright hazel eyes looking at us through his halfmoon eyeglasses."I'm Dr. Harris, by the way. I was looking for your mother, she has to sign some papers."

"She's outside making a few phone calls last I knew. She should be back any second." Eli replied while sliding out of my grasp, though I kept a tight hold on his hand.

"Just tell her to go to the main desk when she gets here." Dr. Harris announced while walking out of the room hurriedly.

"You little devil, I could've gotten kicked out with that stunt of yours. Worse yet, that could've been your mom." Eli chuckled, kissing my knuckle sweetly in his seat to my left.

"Let her catch us. I don't care anymore." I said, my head rolling to the right as I felt a spur of coughs coming on.

"I got you some chicken noodle soup, crackers, and ginger ale if you want it." Eli said quietly, drawing figure eights on the back of my hand.

"You're too good to me." I said as I looked back over at him, his green eyes so overpowering that I felt the need to swoon.

"Clare, I'm not good enough compared to how amazing you are to me." He said with a deeper tone in his voice. "You're just...I can't explain it. Everyday it's like I have a reason to be here. I thought I lost my purpose once Julia died, but now I realized you're the reason I'm here."

I smiled faintly and brought my free hand over to place it on his cheek. My thumb brushed his cheekbones and his eyes fluttered closed as his head tilted into my hand. I leaned forward and pressed a long kiss to his forehead.

I pulled away with a smile on my lips, one appearing his as well once I pulled away. I felt Eli fiddle with the hand in his grasp, pushing something cold onto my finger and gripping the whole hand tightly.

"This is my promise to you, Clare Edwards. And proof, that I will love you, forever and a day. Through thick and thin, through your mood swings and my god-awful attitude, and throughout however long you'll have me. Even if it means watching you fall in love with another. As long as you're happy, Blue Eyes, I'm happy." He finished the speech with a kiss to my ring finger.

I glanced down and saw a silver band adorn my slender finger, the ends seperated and linked by two different stones. One was a small topaz gemstone, the edges held by a silver heart. The other stone was identical, though it had a garnet gemstone instead. Next to the blue on the left was the word 'forever' and next to the green on the right was the words 'and a Day'.

"Elijah Goldsworthy, you fool, I could never fall in love with someone else."

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Catastrophic Crissy