"Hey, guys!" Coricopat called, running up to his friends. He had convinced them to meet at the Drones, saying that he had something important to tell them. "Guess what?"

"You and Jemi are going to be parents?" Electra teased, watching as her calico friend turned a bright shade of red.

"No," he replied flatly, completely oblivious to his queenfriend's suffering. He quickly sat down at the table, motioning for the waiter to bring him a soda.

"Well, what's the big news, then?" Mistoffelees asked. Coricopat opened his mouth to say something, then closed it again. He repeated this a few times, before giving up and stating,

"I'm not sure how to explain it properly, so-" The silver tom stood after taking a swig of his soda, and grabbed a fork to use as a microphone. "I'll sing it!"

The assorted cats groaned. Not again!

"You guys know about that minority religion's evil dude, right?" Cori asked, looking at them.

"The minority that did Jesus Christ Superstar?" Tanto questioned. Her brother nodded.

"We know about that," they replied.

The psychic tom stifled a smile, before singing in a very solemn voice,

"Me and Lucifer,

Lucifer and me…" A huge smile broke free and spread across his face.

"Just like the angel that fell,

Banished forever to Hell,

Today have I been expelled

From high school heaven!" He pointed to the ground excitedly.

"Elevator going down,

Going down!

Everybody going down,

Going down, going down!" The silver tom's smile seemed to disappear from his face, although he didn't look at all sad that he had been expelled from High School for the Everlasting Cat. It was no secret that Coricopat despised going to school.

"This is my doom, my humiliation," he cried in mock horror.

"October, not June,

And it's summer vacation!

Such a disgrace!

How can I face the nation?

Why should this pain

Bring me such strange elation?" The other cats began singing backing vocals, Cori's grin widening to Cheshire Cat-like proportions.

Everybody going down,

Going down, going down!

Everybody going down,

Going down, going down!

Emancipation proclamation

Oh, Dr. Lincoln,

My head needs shrinkin'!

Lu-lu-lu-lu-lu-lu-Lucifer and me!

Doomed from here

To e-ter-ni-ty!

Everybody going down, down, down,

Going down!

Everybody going down, down, down,

Going down!" He carefully watched Jemima's semi-horrified expression.

"Forgive me if I don't cry," he told her.

"It's like the Fourth of July!

Thank Bast that angels can fly

Down, down, down,

Going down, down, down,

Going down, down, down,

Going down!" The silver tom smiled at his queenfriend after he finished singing, handing her his expulsion papers to look at. She carefully read over them.

"Uh, Cori?" the calico said at last.

"What is it, Jems?"

"You weren't expelled- you were suspended. You have to go back to school in a week." The grin was immediately wiped off of his face, and everyone in the restaurant could hear the young tom's cry of,



Hehe… I had fun writing this. It's just one of those oneshots were you go, "I really feel like writing this, and I don't care what anyone else thinks about, because I had fun writing it!"

The song is "Going Down," from Hair, and I could totally imagine Battle of the Bands Cori singing it. :D This is set in pretty much the same universe, but the band competition thingy isn't being held. Maybe this is set after the contest ends… hm…

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