A beaten-up black car smashed through the forest, the Ramones blasting out of the windows. The driver's door opened and a man with bleached white hair and a black leather trench-coat staggered out in a cloud of smoke.

"Right then, so what do you lot do for fun around here?" Spike lit a cigarette and looked over the group of teenagers that were standing around.

"Who the fuck are you?" Leah snarled. "Isn't Billy Idol dead or something?" Leah's unfriendly grin didn't reach her eyes.

"Oooh, now keep you knickers on love. Spike's the name, but you can call me William the Bloody," Spike winked at Leah. "That bastard Billy Idol stole his look from me." Spike pouted and inhaled smoke. "I should have killed him really, but Dru rather fancied him." Spike looked wistful for a moment, then flicked his cigarette and shook his head, his game face now on.

Bella gasped and swooned into Edward's chest.

"That's not the normal reaction I get from girls, must be losing my touch." Spike sauntered over to Edward and Bella.

"Buffy told me about you lot. Didn't believe her, mind. Vampires. Don't. Sparkle."

Edward snarled and threw Bella aside. Luckily, Jacob Black was there in an instant to pick her up and hold her to this naked chest. Bella swooned some more.

"You don't belong here," Edward said to Spike.

"And what exactly are you gonna do about it then mate?" Spike grinned. He loved a fight. "And don't you wolf boys even think about it," Spike said without taking his eyes from Edward. "I don't give a shit about you, I just want him. You can watch if you like."

Jacob Black hugged Bella more tightly, and a small smile spread across his face. Bella stirred in his arms and decided that maybe it was better to be snuggled up against the skin of her hot Wolf boy than shivering in a comforter next to Edward.

Edward leapt at Spike, snapping at him with his teeth. Spike stepped to the side and grabbed Edward by the hair as he flew past him. He pulled at Edward's hair and twisted his neck until his head came off in his hands, then dropped it to the ground and kicked it into the trees. Spike pulled a wooden stake from his coat and plunged it Edward's chest as he fell to the ground. Edward's body disintegrated into piles of purple ash.

Bella gasped and swooned again.

Jacob couldn't believe his luck. It seems that the ritual that he had performed last night to summon an avenging demon had worked.

"Right then. " Spike winked and smiled at the blushing Leah as he got back into his car and drove away.