A Game of Love and Seduction

In the game of seduction, There is only one rule: Never fall in love.

What you can't have, you can't resist.

Old enough to know better, too young to care.

First Chapter: The Party

It was a normal night – as normal as it could be in one of the wealthiest districts of the city.

Enormous houses with gardens big as public parks, garages the size of small houses filled with expensive cars from all around the world. The houses – neither with less than two floors, with numerous wide windows – were all different, having almost nothing in common.

Behind those windows were rooms the size of two space apartments, filled with new and ancient furniture, paintings, statues, vases and much more expensive decorations. They were just like the rooms you see on the TV or the ones in the magazines, the ones that you wish to have, the kitchen your mothers desire, the living rooms your fathers wished for – to watch matches and slouch on their couches – dinning rooms capable of containing small armies, bathrooms, bigger than normal apartment room.

On this side of town houses like that weren't something new or bizarre.

Neither was the party going on in own of those manors.

Most parties here weren't made for a special occasion – they were just for having fun. And "having fun" in the so-called high society involved a lot of people, drinking a lot

of alcohol ending up either drenching wet from falling in a pool or spending a few ours in the

local police station because of being too drink to distinguish the police-man from the plumber

or chimney-sweeper.

This party was one those – the "having fun"ones.


Kichiki Rukia was also present at that party but she was there for another reason.

It was her last day of freedom and she had decided to make the most of it.


She had woken up early – like always – and took a nice refreshing shower. After that she got ready for the day and went to the kitchen to eat breakfast. Her yummy chocolate cereal was waiting for her on the counter. There was a little milk left in the fridge so she mixed it along with the cereal in a glass bowl.

Her luggage was ready – clothes, neatly folded and separated; books and drawing utensils, organized; all "girly" items placed in-between her clothes; her laptop along with all the rechargers and mp4 players she possessed, were put in the respective bag. A total of two big suitcases, the laptop bag and her own purse where she kept her phone – headphones plugged in – and her cute little Chappy wallet with some money in it.

After finishing her breakfast, Rukia took one last look around the apartment, checking if she wasn't forgetting something and also saying "goodbye".

She stood next to the big window-wall and looked outside it, trying to memorize the view since it was most probably the last time she was going to be here.

"Farewell life… and freedom." She sighed and prompted her self on the window closing her eyes.

The next second the doorbell rang and she rushed to the door.

* End of Flashback*

Rukia just wanted to make some money for herself which she could use freely, without having to hear lectures about who made them and gave it to her.

She was currently behind a bar, responsible for the music and sometimes passing a few drinks.

Her hair was up in a loose bund with a few strands at the sides of her face. She was wearing a white fitting tank-top with a Chappy the Rabbit printed on it, a pink zip-up sweatshirt with white patterns on the back, one side of the front and opposite sleeve. Long light loose jeans hung from her hips – she had both them a few months ago but had lost some weight during the summer – and she had put on her newest pink and grey high sneakers. It was still summer but the weather was getting colder so she wasn't dressed like all the girls at the party around her. All of them were wearing short summer dresses or short skirts with revealing a lot of skin blouses, not to mention the louds of makeup that made them look more like a very failed child's drawing than a human's face.

Rukia was having fun with her current job. She loved music so this was more of a pleasure than actually work. And she was going to get paid – paid for having fun, you don't get that everyday do you?


A silver metallic Lamborghini Gallardo parked in front of the party house. A tall boy, clad in tight black dress-pants and an also tight black dress-shirt came out with his phone in hand. After checking the time he put it away in his pocket and started towards the car.

People stopped talking or moving when they saw him and just stared.

"Kurosaki-san! Kurosaki-san!"

Girls shouted at him.

"You look amazing tonight!"

"Your hair is so cool!"

"You look great in those clothes!"

Ignoring all sounds and voices around him, Kurosaki Ichigo entered the house.

What he didn't expect was the big breasted woman that appeared in front of him and literally glued herself to him.

"Hey, handso-some!"

Her hiccup and the smell of alcohol mixed with some heavy perfume coming from her, made it clear for the boy that she was drunk.

"Those clothes are s-so tight on you…" her hands moved to the top of his shirt and she grabbed his collar, "Why do-don't we go fi-find a room and I'll fi-fix that?"

Rangiku Matsumoto flashed him a drunken smile and tried to unbutton his shirt while moving closer and closer but was stopped by a strong grip on her wrist.

"You're drunk." Ichigo stated with a calm, cold voice, "And I think I told you I'm not interested. Now get lost!"

With that he pushed the astonished girl aside and continued on his way.

More girls tried to talk to him and made comments on his looks but he ignored all.

Finally after locating his friends, he went to their table and sat down.

"Wow, Ichigo! You're more popular with the ladies than ever!" a red-haired boy whistled.

"Shut up, Abarai! At least they like me and they are the ones chasing after me, not the other way around!" Ichigo said to his friend.

"Shut up! And… and at least I found the girl! Not like you!" the red-head defended himself.

"Oh, really? But she doesn't think so, does she?"


"Will you to stop it? I want a fight-free night at least once." A boy with black hair and glasses told his friends.

"What about you four-eyes?" Ichigo turned to him, an evil smirk on his face, "What about that girl you've had a crush on? Aren't you gonna tell us who she is? Or… did you make her up?"

"That is none of your business, Kurosaki!" the boy with glasses said but there was a light blush on his face.

"Hey! What cha' doin', guys?"

A boy with black hair and a "69" tattoo on his face suddenly appeared between Ichigo and the red-haid.

"You know Abarai, I just saw some guy hitting on your girl." The new-comer said.

"WHAT? Where?" Abarai Renji was on his feet.

"There." The male with the tattoo pointed in a direction.

And with that Renji was gone.

"Hey, Kurosaki, you up for a challenge?" the new guy asked.

"What's in it for me, Hisagi?" Ichigo asked.

"Depends on how fast you do it." Hisagi Shūhei smirked.

"Do what?" the orange-head narrowed his eyes.

"See the girl at the bar?" Shūhei asked pointing towards the said place.

"The DJ?"

"The same." Hisagi turned towards Ichigo, "The faster you make her fall for you, the more money you get."

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