Sasuke knew.

Sasuke knew well that even after all the years he had trained with Orochimaru he still lacked the strength needed to defeat his brother. Though Sasuke was well known as a deadly fighter Itachi was far out of his league. So Sasuke came to the decision that he would cheat, even if his methods were dishonorable.

It took months to prepare, but what were a few short months compared to long years of waiting. Piece by piece the plan come together, then he was finally ready. He left in search of Itachi.

The fateful day came and the brothers met once again, both prepared to do what they must. As Itachi crouched into his fighting position Sasuke set his plan into action.

"Itachi, for the longest time I have hated you, detested you, and wished for nothing more than to kill you." Sasuke began, "No matter where I was or what I was doing it was always you on my mind. I continued to fight for my life because of you, to kill you.

"Shortly after I joined Orochimaru though, I had an epiphany! The reason you were always on my thoughts was not because of hate, but because of my love for you! Yes Itachi! I love you! It fills my heart with joy to say it! And not only brotherly love! Oh no, something much more wonderful! Itachi, I have fallen in love with you!"

With that said Sasuke swooped forward and pressed his lips to Itachi's with as much passion as he could muster. A minute later he pulled away…and grinned evilly at what he saw. Itachi had slid to the floor and was twitching violently while frothing from the mouth. A short while later the twitching stopped and Itachi lay silent, dead. Whistling happily Sasuke left.

Zetsu simply watched in horror at the defeat of Uchiha Itachi.

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