Title from the song 'Short Skirt Long Jacket' by cake. Listen to the song if you haven't heard it before so you can know where I'm headed with this. Suggested by kaloblack and chymom gave it a look over before I posted.

Based on Booth coming back with a girlfriend; there are no spoilers besides that. These will be oneshots on the things that make Brennan the girl with the short skirt and long jacket that's right for Booth; the one he wantsXD

Disclaimer: Bones belongs to Fox.

Booth and Brennan exited the SUV and crossed the street to The Founding Fathers. They'd just wrapped up an extremely long and tiring case and the partners were going to celebrate with drinks. It seemed like any other time, except this time Booth's girlfriend was already waiting for them at the door.

"Hi." The blonde greeted them. Well, she greeted Booth, hardly sparing a glance at Brennan.

"Hey." He said slowly. They closed the distance between them, their lips meeting in a sweet kiss. Brennan turned her gaze towards the street, waiting for them to end the kiss. At first Brennan wouldn't look away when they kissed, but she had soon found that it was too painful to see them kiss. She was trying to be supportive and be happy for her friend/partner and she knew that watching them kiss wasn't going to help her do that. It didn't matter what she felt; what she'd come to terms with in her time away. He deserved to be happy and she wanted to see him happy. But at the kiss-watching moments or watching them touch, her mind always reminded her, 'you should have when you could have'.

"Let's go inside." Booth held the door open for both of the women to enter. His girlfriend gave him a sweet smile and a pat on the cheek for the gesture. Brennan on the other hand rolled her eyes. Booth found himself smiling at Brennan; he'd miss the day when she wouldn't do an eye roll or point out that she was capable of opening her own door.

"I'm going to the men's room. I'll be back." Booth announced, heading the opposite way from the women. Brennan and the blonde sat at a table and the waitress asked for their orders. Booth's girlfriend was contemplating a whiskey for Booth when Brennan jumped in.

"Booth usually has scotch or a beer depending on the occasion. After a heavy case, he likes to relax with a beer." Brennan turned to the waitress and ordered Booth's favorite beer and ordered one for herself too. After placing the order, Brennan and the waitress looked at the other woman expectantly. Clearing her throat, the blonde ordered her drink. The waitress nodded and left.

"I'm back." Booth said, taking the seat between Brennan and his girlfriend. His girlfriend gave him another sweet smile and placed her hand on his arm.

"We can see that, Booth. I don't see the reason why you should announce it." Brennan said in that way Booth found utterly cute and adorable. Yup, if one day Brennan didn't say a thing like that, he'd take her straight to the ER for an emergency check up.

They were engaging in small talk when the waitress arrived with their drinks.

"Yes!" Booth said as he got his beer. "Just what I need." He said, eyeing the beer.

"Your girlfriend ordered it." The waitress said and Booth turned to his girlfriend and thanked her.

"Actually, Dr. Brennan ordered it for you." The waitress arched an eyebrow. Wasn't Dr.
Brennan the girlfriend?

"Thanks, Bones." He gave her his charm smile, the one that, even if he denied it, was just for her. Brennan returned the smile, their gazes holding for a few seconds. Brennan knew him well. Over the years, Brennan had observed the way how after a long and tiring case, Booth enjoyed a beer. She watched the way he tipped his head back just a little, allowing the liquid to wash down his throat. She'd dreamt of the way his tongue darted out just a little bit when he removed his lips from the bottle. Shit! Brennan caught herself watching again. Now she sat there all hot and bothered while his girlfriend could touch him and whisper in his ear.

"Tempe!" The sound of a male voice calling her brought Brennan out of her thoughts. She turned and found a tall, handsome man approaching.

"Rick!" Brennan's eyes lit up at seeing the man. The blonde watched with interest, wondering if the man was Brennan's significant other. Booth watched too; the line of his mouth becoming a tad tighter.

"How have you been?" Rick stopped in front of Brennan, pulling her in for a hug. When they broke their hug Brennan answered that she'd been good and asked him how he was doing. Booth watched the exchange, not missing the way they smiled at each other. Rick answered that he'd been good too. "You should stop by for a drink some time so we can catch up." The man continued smiling.

"Sure, I'd love to." Brennan answered, jotting down her number on a napkin and handing it over to him.

Taking the napkin with the phone number Rick said, "I'll call you and we'll set up a date for it." With another hug and smile, the man left the bar.

"Sounds like a good friend." Booth gritted out before taking another swing of his beer.

"Yes, Dr. Mckinney was at the Maluku project." Brennan stated, finishing up her drink. What Brennan didn't say was that the man was happily married and the 'date' included his wife, Annie. Brennan knew Annie from the times Rick and Annie had had their video chats when they were in Maluku.

"Nice." Booth said sourly, finishing up the beer.

The barman had seen the whole exchange and after seeing the partners stop by for drinks over the years, he could tell that Booth didn't look happy. Booth kept eyeing Brennan from the corner of his eye even as his 'girlfriend' spoke to him. The barman smiled as he served a round of drinks. That was one jealous FBI Agent. He chuckled softly, in his book the good Doctor 1, Blondie 0.

Yes, I know the girlfriend has a name but for this chap I decided not to include the nameXD

Is there interest? If there is, the next one will be on the friesXD