Title: Moments in Time

Author: AppleL0V3R

Beta-reader: Terror-Of-The-Crimson-Night

Fandom: Naruto

Pairing: Uchiha, Itachi and Haruno, Sakura

Chapter: One – One through Twenty

Rating: T

Type: Drabble Collection – Incomplete

Summary: 500 Short {crazy, funny, serious, angst filled, loving} moments between Itachi and Sakura.

Word Count: 2,664

Disclaimer: If you've heard of it before, then it's obviously not mine.

Note: Each skit is between 75 and 125 words. Also, they don't belong to anything (one-shots/stories/etc.) at this moment, but if you would like me to make them into something then please tell me.


1. Love (Itachi)

He loved her for so many reasons. So bright and supportive. She took nothing for granted, and treasured everything.

But for the same reasons he loved her, he found he hated her for them too. She was everything he could never be. And the traits he did share would only be his downfall, some already screwed up his life. Like loyalty.

So he found himself between love and hate for this slip of a girl who'd paraded her way into his life like she owned it. And he didn't know what to do, sometimes it was obvious other times it kept him up for hours with questions – such simple questions – that he could never answer.

How Uchiha, Itachi hated her. How he loved Haruno, Sakura.

2. Touch (Sakura)

His touch was feather-light; like he was afraid she would break. She wouldn't. He was the one with a chronic incurable disease. Not her. He was the one losing his eyesight at an alarming rate. Not her. So why be so gentle when everything about him was jagged in one way or another?

"Blossom." She almost didn't hear him. And she wouldn't have, had he not had his lips pressed against her ear.

"Love?" How was it she could hardly feel him when he was completely wrapped around her?

He shook his head.

"You can hold tighter."

A corner of his mouth lifted and he squeezed, but he didn't hold tighter.

She shook her head, quietly laughing. At least he'd always be here. Beside her.

3. Sex (Itachi)

Itachi watched his bed partner with half-lidded dark eyes. Seeing her next to him – feeling her curled around him with her face in his neck, hand on his chest, one leg in between his – left quite the exquisite feeling. And he loved it. He knew what their position meant to the both of them. Now she was officially his and she couldn't back out. Not that she would, but the woman was so painfully shy and naïve in such matters that she'd land herself in a mess much like she had the night before. Which had lead to the activities between them, so he didn't mind much. She shifted closer, nuzzling his neck and sighed contentedly.

He could definitely get used to this.

4. Kiss (Sakura)

How had this happened?

One moment she was ranting at the idiotic, insufferable man and the next he was kissing her. Not to say she didn't like the feel of it. But damn it, he'd pissed her off – like he had a knack for doing – and now he was kissing her. Probably just to make her shut up.

Eyes narrowing, she yanked away before she was swept away like she was wont to be. "Do you get off on this?"

Dark eyes stared back, amusement evident in every part of him "On what?"

"Ticking me off just so you can kiss me stupid." It was like he thought he could get away with anything!

"Yes." And he was kissing her again.

Okay, maybe he could.

5. First Kiss (Itachi)

Sakura was the type of girl who fantasized about her first kiss. Itachi had concluded that easily considering she told him all her fantasies since they're first conversation.

She had been hurrying down a staircase at school; he was at the bottom of it waiting for his brother since school was out for the weekend. She slipped and fell, crashing it him and marginally missing his lips.

Ever since, they had been joined at the hip. To the point that she'd call at two A.M. – 'to hear him breathe' in her words – and say nothing. They'd come to this point gradually, what with his caution and her busy schedule.

At some point he started writing her fantasies down.

All that's left was to fulfill them.

6. Adore (Sakura)

It was easy to be in awe of him, to be intimidated by him. He was after all a prodigy, and seeing that fast tactician mind of his at work as well as some portion of his skill did not help matters. But that was to be expected. After all, she was talented in her own right, the best medic in all five nations barring her sensei.

So it only made sense that most would shy from and shun him. She didn't want to though, she'd gotten to see a different part of him from the get go. Being one's doctor held that advantage. She had seen him at his weakest, and his strongest. And she found she felt not inferiority, but adoration and camaraderie.

7. Orgy (Itachi)

As the Uchiha clan heir, Itachi was never allowed to indulge in anything that could potentially distract him, this included a whole slew of things. But one that wasn't one was women – specifically finding a wife.

By the time he was sixteen they were pushing him to marry and at first he wanted to push back, necessary or not. But he'd already found a spouse and he would take no other, never mind that she was hardly more than his nurse. That fact was easily rectifiable and he did so within a few short months. But instead of having her enraptured he found himself prone to overindulging in her. He was wrapped around her little finger without her knowledge. Not that he minded of course.

8. Lick (Sakura)

Sakura was a bold individual, but also shy depending on the situation. And right now, she was definitely shy. In fact she was confounded, blushing and it was completely not her fault. It was his. He was the stranger – he was Sasuke's brother, but she didn't know him well and therefore a stranger – who decided to grab her hand and lick her fingers of the powdery substance on them. Sure they were in a secluded clearing by themselves, but what the hell?

And before she could react properly he leaned over and licked the corner of her mouth, humming as he pulled back.

She froze.

Amusedly he told her. "You look cute like that."

And sputtered.

Too dark eyes, "I think I like you."


9. Kinky (Itachi)

"I bet you, that boyfriend of yours gets off on more then a little bit of kinky."

Sakura blushed, "Ino!"

And he had to restrain himself from showing just how kinky he could be.

Ino grinned. "What? You know I'm right."

"I don't see how it's any of your business." She didn't deny either statement though and because of it he couldn't help the feeling that welled inside.

Blue eyes glinted wickedly. "You didn't say he wasn't your boyfriend."

The rosette froze in her tracks. Squeaking out a: "So?"

"And girl code makes it my business."

His little spitfire scowled.

Unable to stop himself, Itachi swooped in, pulling her into him before teleporting to her bedroom. "What was that about kinky?"

Emerald eyes wide open.

10. Suffer (Sakura)

Thirteen: Heard of him. Hate him.

Fifteen: Seen him. A little less hatred towards him.

Seventeen: Met him. Don't know how to feel about him.

Nineteen: Know him. Love him.

Twenty-one: Married to him. Will always love him.

Twenty-three: Has children with him. Can't live without him.

Within ten years she'd changed so much, because of him. She knew she affected him, too. When she wanted him to suffer, he didn't know she existed. When they came face-to-face, she didn't catch his eye. When they'd met she wanted to hate him but he made it so hard and she intrigued him. When she loved him, he'd been pushing her to realization. When they wedded, he would never allow her anyone else. When they had children he refused to lose her.

11. Lips (Itachi)

He watched her lips – cracked, dry – suck in air in uneven rhythms. One glance told him everything, a layer of sweat covering her body, flushed cheeks and she couldn't stay still. Sick. He'd left her side for a few days and returned to find her ill from mistreatment of her body. Dark eyes narrowed.

Part of him wanted to scold her for not taking proper care of herself; the other part knew he couldn't. After all, he was little more than her shadow, always there but never seen. He couldn't be seen, by her or anyone. And though he usually abided by the rules, when it came to her he was always right at the line.

But he would be there because she needed him.

12. Skin (Sakura)

She shivered feeling his hands ghosting up her bareback. This was how he greeted her sometimes, the sensation of too hot skin against hers. She loved it, but he did it merely to get under her skin. Admitting that it didn't might cease the habit. But she had also been on the verge of sleep that hadn't come in nearly a week. "What?" Irritation prominent.

Hot, amused, faded black – with touches of cobalt – eyes stared back. "I came to greet you good morning."

Her jaw dropped. It couldn't be later than four A.M. and she was exhausted. What the hell was his problem?

The amusement thickened. "And the couch isn't a place to sleep with your condition."

She was sooo getting him back for this!

13. Sacrifice (Itachi)

He'd given so much for those he loved. His whole world and then forced himself to suffer though life so that Sasuke could be a hero. He'd known ever since he was young that this was the path he would take. The one of loyalty and honor and sacrifice.

And then she came along. She was a giver as well, but a different sort. While he broke things, she fixed them. She walked the path of loyalty, compassion and humanity. Doing what she could and accepting what she couldn't change.

But she was stubborn as she was loyal. She gave him an alternative, gave him a second chance. She was his second chance.

And she became the one thing he vowed to never give up.

14. Sin (Sakura)

Sin was a subjective term to Sakura. There were the religious, moral and ethical sins.

And then there were those against one's homeland that were named as treason.


Loving the enemy for example was a sin, but not a crime.

And she was guilty on all accounts.

She shouldn't love him, for all the heinous acts he had committed no matter the reason. But she did. And there was no escaping that.

In her defense, it was all his fault. He was the one who had abducted her and then was all gentleman-like. He made her fall in love with him!

But in the end, she was in his bed watching him sleep. And she had violated the sin of irrevocably loving her enemy.

15. Cheat (Itachi)

Twenty-one and already his life was in ruins. Not by something like drugs, though. No, it was by loyalty to his heart and home. In some ways he felt cheated. But he'd been jaded of any real life from the get go anyway. He'd never had a life to give or a heart, it had died with his lover. Thinking about her always made his chest clench in agony. Pain and sorrow at not having been able to save her of such a fate.

That was why he wouldn't make the same mistake twice. Sakura would be different; she would get everything he had to give. But she never took more than she gave.

And because of her he would have a life. A heart.

16. Lies (Sakura)

"You're lying."

Why'd he have to make this so damn hard? "No, I'm not." She wished it were true.

Sable eyes that were almost blue stared at her intently. She never had been able to lie, not really. But never could she lie to him, not because she didn't want to but because he'd always call her on it. He'd let so many slide, not once demanding the truth. This one though, he wouldn't. He held on tenaciously.

She knew she shouldn't want him to, but seeing his eyes so dark and intense, it wouldn't be long before she broke. He was the master of breaking people; it made sense that someone like her wouldn't be an exception. She had been, but…

"I don't love you."

17. Family (Itachi)

Blue-black eyes stared into bottle green. When she'd broken the news to him, he hadn't known how to react. But now, with two big eyes – as big as his mother's – staring right back already lit with fire and warmth, he knew. It made him proud. It made him happy.

It was just the two of them and this forbidden child in a dangerous place. This child's life would be hard, perhaps harder than Itachi's. But he would have the family that Itachi himself had not. Things would be different with this child. His child. Their child.

"He looks just like you." His unofficial wife murmured softly from him side. She should be resting. "What will his name be?"

He meet her gaze evenly, "Hiewa."

18. Temper (Sakura)

"Yeah? And that's my fault how?" Sakura growled at the infuriating male before her. Her day had already been going wrong as it was between her family, friends, make-shift family and even her job. Now this man – Uchiha, Itachi – she barely knew past the few passing greetings – one-sided on her part – had decided that today of all days he was going to push her over the edge.

He wasn't the kind of man someone in they're right mind would pick a fight with. But she was still in her early twenties and had always had a horrible temper that even Sasuke tended to take shelter from.

"I didn't say it was." His tone was calm and amused.

It pissed her off all the more.

19. Relief (Itachi)

How many times had been told no? Not a lot, but always when it counted. It was enough to make him the slightest insecure.

And it was peaking now.

Here he was, kneeling on one knee to the only person he'd ever willing allow so much control.

And he was about to change both they're lives.

Her eyes were wide as she stared down at him, hands over her mouth and ridged. Ridged and Sakura were not things that went together well. But he wasn't going to back down form this. "Will you, Haruno, Sakura, marry me?"

He should have learned by then – especially when she didn't hesitate to tackle him to the ground, shouting yes with so many kisses – that she'd never say no to him when it counted.

20. Writer's Choice (Sakura)

She couldn't help it; Sakura chuckled at the look on her boyfriend's face. "You replaced me…with a cat."

She shook her head, pink locks flying every where. "No, I just get lonely when you're gone for months at a time. So this was my solution. Besides, he's cute and reminds me of you."

He met her twinkling eyes warily, "Of me?" When she nodded earnestly, he began to look curious, setting next to her on the love seat. As soon as he was situated the pure black fur ball jumped into his lap and seemed content to stay there. "How so?" He placed a gloved hand on the cat's head causing it to purr.

"Well…you've always seemed…catlike…to me. Tiger-ish really." She answered and kissed him.