Title: Moments in Time

Author: AppleL0V3R

Beta-reader: SymphoniaFreak

Fandom: Naruto

Pairing: Uchiha Itachi and Haruno Sakura

Chapter: Twenty-Five – Four-Hundred-Eighty-One through Five-Hundred

Rating: T

Type: Drabble Collection – Complete

Summary: 500 Short {crazy, funny, serious, angst filled, loving} moments between Itachi and Sakura.

Word Count: 2645

Disclaimer: If you've heard of it before, then it's obviously not mine.

Note: Each skit is between 75 and 125 words.

Yep, I am officially finished with my Moments in Time drabble collection. I won't be posting any more skits for this under any circumstances, but I am still very open to requests for expanded versions of any of the five hundred. I decided to not put the gigantic list of currently requested drabbles, but for those of you who don't know, it is on my profile and it will stay on my profile until all the requests are finished and I feel I'm done with the expanded moments as well.

I hope you guys enjoyed all five hundred drabbles. And if you want to know what project I'm onto next, then visit my profile.

Edited on: January 16, 2011

481. Ugly (Itachi)

When she thought no one was looking, she skittered off to the side so as not to draw any attention to herself. Then she proceeded to tug up the sleeve of her shirt until her entire shoulder was visible. He swept the room, finding that no one was paying her any mind. Except for him, of course.

He carefully charted his path across the room to her, not wishing to catch anyone's attention either.

His gaze returned to the pink-haired young woman who was poking and prodding her shoulder, grimacing faintly. On her shoulder was a swelled bruise that seemed to still be turning a different, darker color despite its already deep purple pigmentation.

He frowned at the sight; she had been reckless again.

482. Delightful (Sakura)

She cleared her throat, mentally rolling her eyes as she did, took a deep breath, and pasted a large smile on her features. "Oh wow! I can't believe this, how…delightful." And she managed to sound one hundred percent fake, not to mention over the top.

The man standing opposite her narrowed his eyes into a look of warning. She'd been on the receiving end of it so many times now, it barely fazed her and she gave him a bored shrug.

"Sorry Itachi, I'm just not up to this."

A frown twitched at his lips. "What is so hard about being social?"

"Nothing. They just happen to be a bunch of stuck-up assholes is all."

"Then be coordinal at least."

She grinned.

483. Never (Itachi)

Life had taught him that there was no such thing as 'never' or 'impossible' but situations and circumstances taught him there might as well be. Because of who he was, how he'd been raised, there were some thingg that he would never be able to have no matter how much he wanted them.

He wanted his family; he wanted to stop feeling like a failed son, and he wanted his little brother not to hate him. But he wasn't able to have those things, not ever.

However, some things he shouldn't have were well within his possession. He woke up every morning to her curled into him, her breath soft and body relaxed.

She was one of the few 'never's that he ended up having.

484. Sensual (Sakura)

They were insane, the whole lot of them. It was one thing for Tsunade to order them to retrieve Uchiha Itachi alive; it was another to limit them to the fact that he had to do so willingly.

An impossible task to say the least, but one that had to be done for some reason the Hokage hadn't divulged.

To make matters worse, all three of her boys decided the best way to go about it was to lure Itachi into it. And they intended to use her as the bait. They were working off the idea that Itachi was male and Sakura could be seductive if she tried.

So where did that leave her? Seducing Uchiha Itachi into coming back to Konoha with her.

485. Jittery (Itachi)

The act itself was inconspicuous at best and barely worth noting at worst, but it didn't escape his attention all the same. It was duly noted and categorized every time it manifested itself. Each time it appeared, it coincided with anxiety. Because he knew from experience that Sakura fidgeted when she was anxious for any reason.

As a teenager, that meant she had term papers and exam dates to worry over. Her college years showed much the same reasoning, along with juggling work and family so she didn't go into debt. Now, it simply meant something was weighing heavily on her mind.

Considering the situation, he knew that this particular anxiety was related to the dead body on her table.

486. Bad Deed (Sakura)

"Saku-chan…I think you got scammed." The two almost-siblings looked up at the huge house that was nothing like it looked in the pictures.

The pictures must have been taken before the owners let this place go to hell, almost literally; no wonder it was so cheap to buy off the market. She was there for a reason and it wasn't the promise of the house.

And that reason was because of the demon who lived here; he had relocated after her run-in with him when she was a teenager. He asked back then if she would come live with him when she was old enough, so here she was.

So it was a fixer-upper. At least it had cliff-beach property and a lot of acres.

487. Drugs (Itachi)

Dark eyes were unblinking as he tried to remain as still as possible while the nurse poked and prodded. He could feel nothing but the innate sense that she was close because she had used morphine to completely numb his body. He'd refused to be sedated so she had settled for taking away any possible pain as she fixed whatever problems his illness had caused him.

When she'd first checked out the damage with nothing but chakra, she'd winced and refused to tell him more than the fact that it didn't look good.

But here she was hell bent on healing all the damage his body had suffered because she wouldn't let him die of his illness. So he would remain still and pliant for her, just because she cared.

488. Everyday (Sakura)

Sakura hated psychologists, especially ones that spent their life dedicated crime fighting. They always seemed to know when something was wrong, mostly when she didn't want them to know. Usually it was the little things, she knew, the ones she couldn't fake well enough to fool them.

She paused and looked over the bullpen, seeing all of her colleagues just beginning their day. It was a common sight, one that was usually comforting to her. But with the horrible way her day had been going on top of an already worsening week, she would rather go home.

And of course, that day would be the first day that her team noticed. She wasn't sure whether to be happy or not that they didn't notice beforehand.

489. Suck (Itachi)

When he entered her apartment, the scene he was presented with was entirely domestic. As a wanted criminal, he'd never had the time, let alone need, to attend to house chores. Even when he was younger he didn't see his mother do anything other than dishes.

Although Sakura did have carpet floors and it seemed that vacuuming was the best way to clean them.

He paused in the doorway, simply watching as she pulled the machine to and fro, oblivious to his presence. There was a good reason as to why he sought her out, but right then he found himself drawn in by the sight.

After a few more minutes, she turned off the vacuum. He took that as his cue to approach.

490. Succeed (Sakura)

She grinned. "Ha! I knew I'd get this darn thing to work." She then proceeded to dance around happily, and consequently, very ungracefully. At the moment though, she couldn't really care less what she looked liked.

The fact of the matter was her computer was no longer crashed and unusable. That meant she could get this paperwork done on time like she planned. In the end, that made her a very happy camper. Still grinning like a fool, she twirled around another time for good measure, stopping abruptly when someone caught her eye.

Across the room, standing in the door way, was her fiancé. An elegant, black eyebrow was raised and a look of pure amusement adorned his countenance. "And it only took all day."

491. Shiver (Itachi)

The cold wretched through his body, causing him to shake in a futile attempt for heat of some sort. He hated the cold; it left an unpleasant sensation of numb skin long after warmth had been reintroduced. But this cold, he knew, wasn't going away any time soon.

He shut his eyes in a futile attempt to think of other matters that needed his attention. The cold wasn't so easily forgotten though, and he found himself constantly straying back to it. Until there was something hot, almost scalding pressed against his back. Arms curled around his neck and legs outlined his own, with them a delicious warmth that forced the cold to recede.

Hot breath puffed against his ear. "Would you like a heater?"

492. Bronze (Sakura)

With a contemplative frown, she scratched at the metal. Beneath the golden color was a copper one, any lingering confusion was traded for indignation and aggravation.

He'd lied to her. He had right out lied straight to her face.

Green eyes narrowed and she yanked the bracelet off her wrist to further scrape at the plated metal. The bracelet itself wasn't a simple chain, but a inch-thick band. And the more gold she peeled off, the more she was able to see the intricate design on the bronze metal beneath.

When she finally cleared away enough, she realized just why he had lied to her.

493. Teach (Itachi)

Itachi realized two things: Sakura never had a willing teacher, and it was because she was too headstrong to deal with long enough to teach her anything. But she had more than enough potential to go far, and that was more than worth putting up with her stubborn tendencies.

Having a grouchy and prideful little brother had taught him how to be just that much more stubborn, or at least to have a hell of a lot of patience.

Of course, the other half of the battle was that she wasn't just stubborn, she was easily distracted. And right then, she was more interested in the fact that she had burned her tongue on hot tea directly after he had warned her it was hot. For the second time.

494. Arrest (Sakura)

"Ow," she muttered under her breath. Saying it loud enough for him to hear would just cause her more problems, such as tighter cuffs or more unnecessary roughness. Besides, she was fairly certain he wouldn't be very understanding of the fact that she was framed.

Of course, he hadn't exactly listened when she'd tried to explain that to him beforehand. She winced in pain as he roughly shoved her in the car. "Itachi-"

Under normal circumstances, being friends with a cop who was very good at what he did would be good thing.

He slammed the door shut on her face.

But his unflappable nature was definitely doing more harm.

495. "It's Over" (Itachi)

She went quiet, and he instinctively knew that he wasn't going to like what came next. After all, when Sakura was infuriated, she was vocal and just plain loud. "You're right, Itachi. We are different, too different. So, I guess it's over."

In a flash, he covered the distance between them and grabbed her shoulders in a grip that demanded she pay him heed. Without missing a beat, he locked gazes with her as he leaned down close enough to be in her personal space. "When we started this, we agreed there would be no end."

She looked right back. "We also agreed to be there for each other. Always."

496. Twice (Sakura)

There was no way in hell she was going to attempt escaping again. The first and only time she'd tried getting away from Itachi, she'd found herself all but chained to his bed and not completely sure whether she regretted trying to run in the first place.

So even when the opportunity presented itself, she stayed put and did as she was told. Granted, Itachi wasn't exactly watching her like a hawk anymore. And when he did, it had nothing to do with making sure she didn't run.

Kisame threw her a grin. "Not gonna try it, huh?"

She curled up against Itachi in response.

497. Under Estimate (Itachi)

Itachi didn't make a habit of under estimating his opponents; doing so could prove to be a fatal mistake that could have been avoided. However, she wasn't his opponent and they weren't trying to kill each other.

But he had little doubt that it was a challenge of sorts, one that had evolved into an unorthodox game. Unlike most competitions he found himself in, this one hadn't started with trying to one-up each other, but to build off each other in a certain way.

She had yet to cease surprising him, but this one just took the cake. He watched intently as she backed up a few inches to be able to see him clearly once more.

498. Over Estimate (Sakura)

It was a simple mistake really, and it was only made because she didn't count on one simple fact. She didn't even consider that there was a possibility being open to love or that her heart would choose him of all people. But that fact remained the pure and simple truth.

She shifted in her seat in the windowsill, no longer comfortable because the chakra wire around her ankle wouldn't let her move any farther away. Sakura thought about retreating to their bed where he was sound asleep.

She hadn't finished her cup of coffee though or reconciled her feelings to herself, so she didn't budge any further.

499. Strong (Itachi)

Periodically, he would wonder what strength meant, and with the passage of time the would change. Throughout his childhood, he thought it to be purely physical. After the massacre of his family, he thought it meant doing what needed to be done no matter the cost. Years of being a wanted criminal and working for Akatsuki had changed his mind to think it was an idea that didn't needed to be proven to be present.

When she stirred up his life, he decided it was all of those things and that strength was a concept which changed depending on circumstances.

500. Writer's Choice (Sakura)

In the end, she realized that throughout all the lessons and experiences she had undertaken, there was only one thing that truly mattered. To learn all the things she had and to experience everything she had, there was one simple prerequisite:

She had to be alive.

She had to want to live and learn; to hold tightly to what she had. She learned to savor every moment she was given and keep her precious people close to her heart.

Because it was those same precious people who had taught her this one lesson. But he had forced her to realize it when he had made room in her life as well as her heart.

He was dying, and only a dying man who had lost everything would understand that life was worth every breath.