Hey guys! Sorry for the lateness! I've been a little busy. Ok, a LOT busy. We have been moving and stuff so, we just now got the computer unpacked. Well, this story was done by me and my awesome little sister who is one year younger than me, and it has to be the LONGEST story I will EVER do. But it will be HILARIOUS! ENJOY!

Roddy's POV

I sat at the back of the Jammy Dodger watching Rita steer. Usually I didn't watch Rita, for fear of losing all of my limbs, unless she was teaching me how to drive. But right now, I had to. I noticed that her hair was strangely shinier and it looked softer than usual. I shook my head. Rita and I were just friends. And that was how it would stay. I tried my best to sigh quietly, but I guess Rita heard me.

"If you keep sighing like that, I'll start to think that something is wrong."

Rita put the boat into park and sat next to me.

"Everything ok, Rod?"

I looked up.


"Doesn't seem like it…"

"really. Nothing's wrong. You hungry?"

"Um… sure."

I got up and began to make breakfast when I heard a loud honk. I jumped slightly and spun around.

"Mail for Rita… St. James? When did you two get married?"

"We didn't. She's still a Malone." I said, coolly.

Rita was blushing hard as she took the letter.

"Thanks. Change that last name. It's Rita Malone. Not… the St. James thing."

The delivery smiled.

"Ok, then, Miss Malone."

Then he handed me a package with an envelope taped to it.

"Here's one for you, Mr.… St. James"

Rita's POV

When the mail guy mixed up my last name with Roddy's, I felt as if it had gotten 40,000 degrees hotter in the cold tunnel. I knew I was blushing hard, and I knew that Roddy could see it. What made me blush even harder, were that possible, was when Roddy said "She's STILL a Malone." As if there was gonna be a time when I wasn't gonna be a Malone. Grrr! I hate it when he makes me blush!

"What's that, Roddy?"

I had noticed that the mailman had handed Roddy a package. His hands held the box carefully and he turned his head slightly so that his hair flowed gently.

"I don't know, Rita."

I sighed. Whenever he said my name, I just melted. Of course I only did this inwardly, so no one else could see.

"Let's open it then!"

"Well, let's read the letter first."

Roddy tore off the envelope and read it, as I gently laid a hand on his shoulder.

Dear Rodster,

Waz up? Just wanted to let you know that I'm comin over for a little visit Saturday. Mom and Pop went on a vaca, and I needed a place to crash. I hope you don't mind. I also heard about you saving Ratropolis! Awesome bro! I also heard about your gal-pal, that Rita Malone. Man, she is smokin'! Can't wait to see ya!

Hasta Luego!


Regular POV:

Rita stared blankly at the letter until she heard Roddy mumble something.

"You have no idea, bro."

"He has no idea about what?" Rita said quickly with her hands on her hips.

"Um… about...us saving Ratropolis. Yeah! We'll have to fill him in when he gets here!"

Roddy chuckled nervously and stood up. He ran over to the stove and poured the steaming food into 2 bowls and set them down.

"Who's Max?"

Rita walked over and picked up her bowl.

"He's my twin brother. It's weird. He's absolutely opposite from me, yet we're twins."

"Yeah. That's a problem, mate. Luckily it's not my problem. So, what's he like?"

"Oh, same old, same old, full of him, thinks he's so cool. TONS of fan girls. See? Complete opposite."

They both sat down and began to eat.

"Aww… I bet he's 100 times worse than you, were that possible."

Roddy grinned. It was times like these when Roddy was glad to have stayed with Rita. He could always feel comfortable around her unless they were talking about her past boyfriends.

"Ha-ha. That's so funny, I forgot to laugh." Roddy replied blandly. "Rita! I can never be as good and cool as Max."

Rita stood up and patted his shoulder.

"I didn't want some cool and coordinated First Mate, I wanted you. Max may be cool, but no one van do all the things that Roddy St. James can do."

Roddy smiled and took Rita's dish. Rita lay down and fell asleep without saying anything. She felt as if she had said all that she had needed to say for one night. Shortly after Roddy had cleaned up, he went to bed with a smile on his face.