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"I don't like it here, Max."

"Oh, come on Chase. It'll be fun!"

Max continued to walk towards the edge of the building. Chase held his arm tightly. Max smiled. He had always wanted to take Chase bungee jumping, but he didn't know if she'd like it. He looked at her scared face and noticed just how tightly she was squeezing his arm. Oh yeah, she was gonna LOVE this.

"Ok… Here we go!" Max dived bombed down the edge of the building with Chase screaming. Suddenly, she felt lighter. Max grinned. He had brought a parachute just in case. Chase smiled as she looked up at the stark white parachute. Max held her bridal style as they floated down. When they finally hit the ground, Chase yelped.


Max hopped up and grinned.

"See? I told you it was fun."

Chase ran and hugged him.

"Thanks, Maxy."

"No prob, Chase."


"Hand me the screwdriver."

"Um…what driver?"

Rita crawled out from under the engine and sighed.

"That one, Roddy. Thank you. You are SO smart."

Roddy shrugged.

"I don't know very much about this type of stuff. Your sarcasm doesn't help."

Rita stood up and wiped her hands on her pants.

"I'm sorry, Rodders. Just a little tense, you know. With all the new family members and stuff."

Roddy stood behind her and massaged her shoulders. His face twisted up in surprise.

"A little tense? Ri, rocks aren't even this hard! Are you ok?"

Rita leaned against him.

"Yeah. I just need some relaxation. That's all."

Roddy helped her to her bed.

"Go to sleep. I'm gonna go in town for a few minutes, and then I'll be back. Ok?"

Rita yawned and lay down.

"Yeah. Night, Roddy."

"Goodnight, Rita."

Roddy hopped off of the Jammy Dodger and ran towards town. As he ran, he began to talk to himself.

"Ok. If Rita's tense, I can't execute plan 'Kiss Rita So I Don't Seem like a Wuss'! I need a distraction. You know, something to throw her completely off so that I can swoop in at the weirdest time, and plant a nice one on her! Oh yeah!"

Roddy calmed himself.

"Calm down, Roddy old chap. Don't get too excited. It hasn't even happened… yet."

Roddy smiled and kept running until he ran into a small house.

"Hey, Zack! You in here?"

A blond rat in blue jeans and a tank top straggled in.

"Roddy? Hey man! It's be a long time! What's up?"

"Well, it's a Case #174."

Zack's eyes grew big.

"Man. I haven't been in a Case #174 in a while! Alright let's get busy."

Roddy walked into the living room and sat down on a couch. Zack came in with a pad of paper and a pen. He sat down opposite of Roddy.

"Ok. What's the subject's name?"

"Rita Malone."

Zack was about to write when he stopped.

"Rita Malone? As in THE Rita Malone? 'Runs a lot, never stops, smokin' hot, Rita Malone?"

"Watch it, man."

Roddy's eyes narrowed slightly.

"Sorry. But RITA MALONE? How did you…?"

"Hello! Saved the city? Her sidekick? I LIVE WITH HER!"

Roddy was glaring.

"Ooooo… Look who's getting' comfy wid Rita Malone!"

Roddy smacked himself in the head.

"Do you even remember what a Case #174 is?"

"Um… not exactly. Heh-heh."

Roddy sighed.

"A Case #170 is when you meet a girl that's stressed out that you really like. A Case #174 is when you meet a girl that's stressed out that you're dating and you need to make a move. Remember now?"

Zack grinned.

"Heh. I never would've imagined, you getting' comfy wid Rita. Much less her gettin' comfy back."

"She's changed a little. She's more open, and she likes to cuddle, and I have no idea why I just said that."

Zack took a long sip of his juice box. Roddy gulped down his.

"I would never have imagined that Rita would get lucky. Especially wid you." Zack grinned and tossed his juice box out of the open window into the water. Roddy jumped up and scooped the juice box out.

"What's wid you? We used to throw stuff into the water all the time when we were kids."


Roddy flipped the juice box over in his hand.

"Rita's changed me. I've learned a little about the water, so I feel as if I need to protect it. Rita taught me to keep that water clear of obstacles. Even though I know she's really saying that she wants the water clean."

Zack just sighed and continued to write as Roddy went back to his spot on the other couch. Zack started to ask Roddy questions.

"Hobbies that the subject has?"

"Um…cuddling, fighting, flirting, and destroying stuff."

"Those are hobbies?"

"Things she does frequently, yes."

"Ok… next question. Pet peeves?"

"Erm…people hurting me, The Toad, me when I don't cuddle with her when she wants to…"

"Is everything about her loving you?"


Zack sighed. This was gonna take a while.


Rita sat up and felt much better.

"Ah… that nap was good. Where's Roddy?"

She climbed out of bed and looked around. Nope. No Roddy.

"Grrr! I don't wanna lose him again…"

She climbed out of the Dodger and went looking for him. She ran into Max and Chase who were flirting with each other as they walked. They weren't very far from the Dodger. In fact they were standing near the hull.


Max and Chase ran over to Rita and Chase wrapped an arm around Rita's shoulders.

"Did he run off?"

"He said he'd be back, but…"

"Rita! Max! Chase!"

Rita looked up to see Roddy running towards them. Rita lunged at him when he got close enough.


"I knew that you had probably woken up and got worried that I had run off, so I hurried back. I'm sorry."

"This is such an overreaction. I should've known that you would come back. I just went paranoid."

Rita mumbled into Roddy's jacket. Roddy pulled away from her and smiled.

"I would never leave you, Rita."

"I know."

Roddy stared at Rita and they felt something snap. They both had the sudden urge to close something. They didn't know what to do about it, so Roddy flung Rita against the hull of the Dodger. Rita was in between his hands that were supporting his weight. He grinned and kissed her. It was slow at first, but became faster as Rita began to respond. They kissed carefully and longingly, as if they didn't want to forget it. Max and Chase cleared their throats when they saw that they were starting to go a little too far.

"EH-HEM!" Max and Chase gagged when they saw they long, thick string of saliva that stretched between Roddy and Rita's mouths. Roddy and Rita sucked up the string (NASTY!) and smiled sheepishly.

"Come on you two, before I see something gross." Max gagged.

"As if seeing you two drink each other's spit wasn't nasty enough! GROSS!" Chase laughed and hopped into the Jammy Dodger with Max.

Roddy and Rita laughed and shared one more little kiss, and then they hopped in after Max and Chase.

"That was pretty awesome, Roddy."

Rita said, as she turned the boat. Roddy stood behind her with his arms around her waist.

"Betcha didn't know that I was such a good kisser, did ya?"

"Of course. But, we may need to tone it down a bit on the saliva intake. It's a little weird."

"Alrighty then, Ri."

Roddy nudged Rita's side, making her look back at him. Before she could say anything smart, her lips were smothered by Roddy's in the… driest kiss Rita had ever experienced. She yanked away.

"Pah! What was that?"

Rita licked her lips angrily.

"You want dry, I'll give you dry."


Rita smiled as she continued to drive.