This will be the only time I will ever refer to Green as Blue, because the creepypasta's title only makes sense if he is called Blue. Otherwise, I shall call him Green.

Yes, this is from yet another creepypasta. I don't like this one nearly as much as Glitchy Red. In fact, it's my least favorite creepypasta. However, the idea wouldn't leave me alone, and I decided to write it from Blue's perspective.

Also, you will see "you" referred to thousands of times. This does not mean Red. Red is "him," not "you." You will see who "you" is referring to at the end. It's intentionally confusing. And yes, all "you"s were intentional. You'll figure it out when you get to the end.


I've been robbed of everything…

My title as a champion…

My grandfather's respect…

Even my Pokémon are dead because of you…

I won't stand for this…

I will come and find you.


Too many graves. It hurts me to look at them. Many dead Pokémon, lying beneath the soil… gone. They will never be able to speak to their trainers ever again. They will never be able to see sunshine ever again. They will never know what it's like to love again.

My Pokémon are among them. Dead, because of him. He couldn't just stop at my Raticate, oh no. Of course he couldn't. You can't imagine how it feels, to lose someone close to you. No, you could never, ever understand it the way I do.

And why am I so certain of this?

I think you already know the answer.

You do. You just don't realize it yet.

I stay standing there, staring at the graves for several minutes. My heart hurts too damn much to will my legs—yes, okay, it's the brain that tells one to move his or her legs but… but my heart is blocking the will, okay?


I hear background music. But it doesn't matter. Nothing does, except for one thing.

I clench my fists.

"… This ends today… for the both of us." I don't realize that I'm talking. But what does it fucking matter, anyway? I wasn't at the graveyard to talk.

I leave the tower. I just can't stand the damn sight of it anymore. And I have a job to carry out.

youaredonefor xx.

I stay still for several minutes.

I know you're watching me. But maybe I shall play a game with you. You can help me with my goal, after all.

"… Fly…"

My speech is slow. I can tell you're taking note of this.


So, maybe I am. Whatever.

Take the damn hint. There's a Pidgeot in there—yes, there. In my party. Why are you—okay, fine, check its stats, see if I care. Yes, all its stats except for its HP are zero – can we get going now? Yes, the only attack it knows is Fly. The command I just gave, yes. You know what I want you to do – I can see it in your eyes. Don't think I'm not aware of it.

You know where this is headed, don't you?


I feel the Pidgeot pop out of its Pokéball, and I start to feel a smile spread across my face – yes, you and I are good partners. Ha, you don't even realize what you're doing, do you? You just watch me for your amusement as I hop onto the Pidgeot's back and Fly away.

I see you skip around the map and see only one destination – Mt. Silver. I can see your surprise there; yes, it does seem illogical that Mt. Silver would exist at this time, doesn't it? I assure you, it's perfectly logical. If you were looking for an ordinary adventure, you have been fooled. Not that I care about your woes. No, of course I don't care. Because I only care about one thing – are you catching on yet?

I hop off the Pidgeot's back as soon as it and I arrive at Mt. Silver. You seem surprised – instead of seeing me replace the Pidgeot's "sprite," I instead move to the side of it. Well, don't be.

I break Pidgeot's Pokéball. "Fly away, you're free…" I say. It listens as it disappears off of the face of Mt. Silver, and I give a tearful smirk, one that you can't see. It's time to take care of business. And you will help me do it.

I turn toward Mt. Silver's entrance. "… I'm coming for you…" No, not you. You will find out what part you play soon. And now I'm sure you realize what I meant by "him" now. And if you don't, well… that's a shame. Not that I care about your woes, of course.

I'm totally focused on my own.

You realize it, don't you?

Yes. This is a mission of revenge. I'm glad you're catching on.

I notice you checking my bag for any items—yes, indeed, that is a KNIFE. –"Not yet." No, I'm not using that knife yet. You will see what it's for – be patient.

I move on my own – your part is done for now. You have seen at least some of my intent – now it's up to you to connect the pieces. I'm not waiting for you to finish realizing – I have come here to do my job, and my job I will do.

I can hear the cries of Pokémon – but I ignore them. They won't stop me. Neither will you.

I enter the chamber – and I see that familiar red hat that I have been pursuing. You know who this is, don't you? You faced him before, in previous adventures, as different characters. Yes… I can see the recognition on your face. This is Trainer Red – my rival, and possibly your favorite "video game character." Psh. You're wasting yourself.

He faces me, but I can't see his eyes – and this bothers me immensely. He doesn't speak, only greeting me with ellipses…

How dare he.

How dare he do this to me and then… and then and then and then and then


"Don't ignore me like you have everything and everyone else!"

I take out the knife from my pack, facing a wide-eyed Red who stares at me like as if I've grown two heads. Like as if he has any right! Like as if he has any right to treat me like… treat me like I'm alien, like as if I have no heart, like as if I have no right to do this! He never had a right, and he never will – I will make fucking sure of that.

"This is for everything!"

I revel in the sight of your horrified eyes, and the sound of Red's high-pitched screams.





See you in hell…

youredeadasmuchasiam xx.

I scream as I stab myself.

Less viciously than I had toward Red.

But enough to kill myself.


Because it's not, dear gamer. It's not, dear reader.

It will never be over.

Because you're still here. And as long as you're still here, it will never fucking be over.

Not as long as you keep torturing me. Not as long as you keep torturing Red. Not as long as you keep torturing whoever the fuck you keep torturing in those stupid new adventures as Red and I are forgotten.

With your stupid fucking glitches and your stupid stupid stupid fucking stories and the names that you call me and yourself and others around you and thinking this is all a fucking game

Well it isn't.

And I will prove it to you.

I finally got my revenge.

The life you ruined has now faded away.

But don't think it'sover yet.

My suffering has ended, but yours has only begun.

I will be watching your strife



grin on my face.

And when it all ends…

I'll see you in hell.


yes, you. The reader. The one who played this game. The one reading this fucking fanfiction. I have a question.

Are you bleeding yet?