The Weaton Challenge

Summary: Penny's new roommate gets along fine with the guys, surprisingly even with Sheldon. But when there's a dare, a reputation, and emotions on the line, friendships get strained and brains get turned to goo.

Rating: M

Disclaimer: I don't own the BBT cast, just the people I make up and the story.

A/N: Thought I'd take a crack as this. I've never actually seen a full episode, I don't know when exactly things happened but I've seen loads of clips and other stuff. This is like with my Supernatural stories although this one is AU and follows no real set time line. If I mess up with the characters, please forgive me and feel free to let me know what they might actually do in some situations.

Things weren't right.

They just weren't right at all.

His eye twitched as his hand gripped the dry erase marker. His eyes locked on the white board in front of him but his mind was straying to the sounds outside his apartment.

It wasn't quite as if the sounds were bad. On the contrary, the voice was rather nice and soothing, but Dr Sheldon Cooper needed to concentrate and the sounds were a large distraction. He mentally made a strike chart and added a dash as he rammed the lid onto the marker. He put it down and moved across his apartment to the door. Flinging that open just as the one across the hall closed. He paused for a moment to consider whether he'd be getting his peace now that the culprit was behind a door, but then music erupted from the other apartment. He mentally cursed this new distraction as he moved across the hallway.

All these problems and distractions had started a month earlier when Penny had come to the conclusion that she desperately needed a roommate to help solve her bill problems. Naturally Sheldon had insisted on being a part of the screening process. Of course, as it was Sheldon Cooper, he had found flaws in every applicant. And if he didn't, then the applicant ended up with the conclusion that they didn't want to live across the hall from a psychotic genius.

Sheldon still couldn't understand how this one had gotten through. Although he suspected Penny had interviewed people without him. He was shocked when he came home to find boxes in the hallway. He accused Penny of not valuing his opinion and she accused him of scaring away everyone in her time of great need. She had assured Sheldon that he would like this person.

He was surprised when she turned out to be right.

Sheldon truthfully couldn't find much of anything to complain about with this new roommate. She had never taken his seat, she always knocked before entering the apartment, always asked before she borrowed anything, always chipped in if she ended up eating dinner with them. She kept her music at a low volume when she knew someone else was around. She was a lot tidier then Penny. She even, once, tried to understand Sheldon's work and had been somewhat helpful, if not incredibly wrong, when offering suggestions.

And she baked.

Sheldon would never ever tell his mother or me-maw that their cookies were less tasteful then the ones he got almost on a regular basis nowadays from his roommate's girlfriend's roommate.

But right now she was just causing distractions and he had to work. He lifted his hand to do his customary knock on the door, pausing slightly to try and decipher what it was she was listening to before his fist connected with the door.

Knock, knock, knock.


Knock, knock, knock.


The door opened a crack and a blue eye surrounded by messy red hair was visible. Sheldon faltered slightly but since the door wasn't opened much, he could finish.

Knock, knock, knock.


There was laughing as the girl on the other side of the door opened it the rest of the way. She stood before him in a dark green dress that fell to mid thigh. Underneath she wore black leggings and a single boot. Sheldon figured she had to have been in the middle of removing her shoes and wondered vaguely if she had just been at work.

"Hello Sheldon, nice to see you." Marnie said. Her voice held an English accent and it was a nice sound to Sheldon's ears. It was something different from what he had to hear all the time. "Oh I'm sorry, was my music too loud? If I knew you were home, I would have kept it quieter."

"Thank you." Sheldon said, once again caught by a bit of surprise by how she knew exactly what he was after. Marnie moved into the room and the music volume was lowered before she returned to the door. "I need as little distractions as possible."

"Work?" Marnie asked.

"Yes." Sheldon said.

"Well good luck." Marnie said. "Let me know when you're done, I'll have some cookies made."

"Why thank you Marnie, that is very considerate." Sheldon said, not being able to hold back a slight smile. Marnie grinned. "Will you be joining us at the Cheesecake Factory tonight?"

"I think I can manage it." Marnie said, leaning on the door way in order to finally remove her second boot. She straightened up and smiled. "If I'm far enough in my work by that time that I can spare the hour or so then sure, I'll be there. I'll let you know when you come by for the cookies alright?"

"Very well." Sheldon said. "Good luck with your work."

"You too Sheldon, and sorry again about the music." Marnie said. Sheldon turned and walked away as the door closed behind him.

The strike list in his head was wiped clean.

When he exited his apartment later in the day, it was far more happiness then before. He smelled the air and let a smile cross his face at the smell of freshly made cookies. He wandered across the hall and knocked on the door. This time, however, when it was opened, he was faced with the blonde hair and green eyes of the original tenant.

"Hello Penny." Sheldon said.

"Hi Sheldon, come on in sweetie." Penny said, smiling as she stepped back. "Marnie told me you'd be coming over. She's in her room working on her computer right now."

"I was told there would be cookies." Sheldon said, glancing over at the room with the slightly opened door.

"Yeah they're right over here." Penny said, leading the tall doctor over to the kitchen. On the island was a plate and with a stack of chocolate chip cookies on it. "Marnie said to let you help yourself. So I guess you're done with your...sciencey stuff?"

"Yes." Sheldon said, ignoring Penny's incorrect terms as he focused on the cookie now in his hand.

"That's good." Penny said. Sheldon paused with the cookie in his mouth. He had gotten a little bit better at deciphering Penny's tones. He recognized the one she was using now as one that was leading into something that he wouldn't like. He slowly lowered the cookie and watched the blonde girl toy around with one of her own.

"Penny..." Sheldon said, slowly. "Is there...something you wish to say?"

"Well umm..." Penny said. "We sort this reservation in at work.'s...someone you don't like."

"Kripke?" Sheldon asked.

"No." Penny said, slowly.

"Well there are numerous people I don't like." Sheldon said. "The people are the bakery for instance. Oh your one coworker...Cindy." He mentally cringed at the name alone.

"Would me telling you make you cause some sort of fuss at the Cheesecake Factory later?" Penny asked.

"Well I don't see why it would." Sheldon said. "I could always just ignore this person that I don't like. I'm sure I won't even see them."

"Well then there's no point in telling you." Penny said.

"No, you must now!" Sheldon said. "You've already started, you can't stop. The door is open, the secret has to be revealed."

"Sweetie you really have to stop playing so many games." Penny said. Sheldon scoffed at her.

"Hey Sheldon, I see you've already gotten into the cookies." Marnie said, walking out of her room. Sheldon turned to look at her. Her hair was much neater then it was earlier and it was now tied up in a high ponytail. She had changed clothes and was now in faded jeans, a blue long sleeved shirt with a black vest over top.

"Yes, thank you again." Sheldon said.

"You're welcome." Marnie said, smiling. She took a seat on one of the stools and grabbed a cookie for herself. "So what are you two talking about?"

"Someone's made a reservation at the Cheesecake Factory and Penny is withholding information on who it is." Sheldon said. "But she's said it's someone I don't like."

"Kripke?" Marnie asked.

"Now see that was my guess too but apparently it's not him." Sheldon said.

"Just don't worry and don't go looking around." Penny said.

"But now I will look." Sheldon said. "You can't tell me not to do something and expect me to listen." Penny raised an eyebrow. Marnie laughed lightly as she went to the fridge.

"Sheldon just don't worry." Penny said. "His table isn't even going to be near yours alright? I'll make sure of it."

"So it's a man." Sheldon said. Penny sighed.

"So Sheldon, what was it you were working on?" Marnie asked, planning to distract the genius. It worked as he went into a long winded tale of his latest formula. Penny and Marnie basically zoned him out but stayed attentive enough to at least hear when he paused, at which point they would nod along in agreement. At some point, Penny realized she had to go and hurried to change. Sheldon left shortly after and Marnie was left to do a clean up and finish up some more work before meeting the boys in the lobby.

"Hey Marnie, are you coming with us?" Howard asked when he saw the redhead descending the stairs.

"Yep." Marnie said.

"You can ride with us, right Raj?" Howard asked, looking at his friend. Marnie tilted her head and grinned. Raj made a squeaking noise and just nodded his head.

"Aww thanks guys, saves me gas." Marnie said. "Shotgun!"

"Damn it!" Howard said.

"You have a girlfriend, pumpkin." Marnie said, smiling. She put her arm around Raj who went stiff under the touch. "More into tall, dark and silent here." She laughed at Raj's discomfort.

"We need to get going." Sheldon reminded them. No one argued as they went out to the cars.

Everything was fine until they got to the Cheesecake Factory and took in the larger then usual crowd. Marnie became the muscle as she pushed through people who were just standing around. They went to the usual table, all of them looking around to try and figure out what the crowd was for.

"Hey guys." Penny said, hopping over to them. "Usuals all around?"

"Yes." Sheldon said, speaking for the whole group. Penny turned to walk away. "Penny, hang on."

"Yeah?" Penny asked.

"Who is this mystery person?" Sheldon asked.

"Uh..." Penny started but was cut off by Bernadette rushing over here.

"You guys are not going to believe who's here." She said.

"The pope?" Marnie asked.

"No." Bernadette said.

"Darn." Marnie said, sarcastically.

"Well..." Bernadette said. She didn't notice the hand gestures Penny was doing to try and get her to stop. "It's not the's...Will Weaton!" Penny sighed and put her hand to her forehead. All eyes from the group turned to Sheldon who's own eye was twitching for the second time that day.

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