Tony was walking through the halls on his way to the bathroom. He stopped outside the door and was about to enter when he heard "Get a hold of yourself Gibbs. He's your subordinate, he's a he! And he will never love you like you love him."

Tony started, which caused the door to squeak slightly. He quickly fled to a nearby empty conference room. He tried to process what he just heard. Gibbs loved someone. A male someone, that worked for him. Hope flared in his heart. He tried to stomp it down before it spread too far. There was still a chance it wasn't him. It could be McGee, he reasoned with himself, or ducky, or palmer. But tony couldn't help feeling that it could still be him.

He spent several moments calming down and finally came up with a plan. Tony decided to seduce Gibbs and maybe he would be right and everything would end well.

Mean while Gibbs was trying to figure out who had been at the door and how much they heard. If they had heard him confess his love for Dinozzo. A worst case scenario popped in his head. What if it was tony? And then he would quit and it would kill Gibbs to lose the one he loved.

Gibbs spent the rest of the day even more paranoid than normal, and tony spent it thinking of the best way to seduce his boss. The day ended and neither had made any progress. Ziva and McGee had left earlier, after turning in their final reports on that day's case. Gibbs headed for the elevator and Tony saw his chance and took it. He slipped in right before the doors closed and smiled at his boss and (hopefully) soon to be lover.

Gibbs barely glanced at Dinozzo before staring straight ahead again. Tony slid in next to Gibbs, a little closer than normal. He slid his hand into Jethro's back pocket and gave his ass a firm squeeze. Gibbs jumped, had Dinozzo just goosed him? He had to be hallucinating, but then he was pressed against the elevator wall and tony was nuzzling at his neck. Gibbs was in heaven. He'd had so many wet dreams that started like this. Tony pulled back and looked into his eyes. He was smirking. Gibbs loved that smirk, wanted to kisses it. That smirk that said I know something you don't want me to. And then Gibbs realized, it was Tony that had heard him, had to be, and now he was taking advantage for a quick lay from his boss.

Gibbs felt sick, how could he ever think tony wanted him too? Gibbs pushed the younger man away, a bit harder than necessary. Tony fell to the ground at the other side of the elevator. He looked confused and just a bit scared. The doors dinged open. Gibbs felt like a fool and a pathetic old man, and most of all he was angry. Angry at tony, but mostly at himself for thinking he could have what he wanted. He stormed out of the lift and without looking back yelled 'get the hell away from me and stay there!' with that he got in his car and drove home.

Tony sat in the elevator so long the doors closed. He didn't understand. Gibbs had kissed him back hadn't he? He felt ill; he'd just lost the only family he had. The elevators went back to the bull pen. He stood up and exited it. He looked around not seeing anything. It took a while but then it sunk in. 'get the hell away from me and stay there!' Gibbs wanted him gone, off the team. The blood in Tony's veins turned cold. If that's what Gibbs wanted, it's what he'd get. It was the least thing he could do for him. The broken man walked to his desk, sat down, and began to right up his resignation.

It took 20 minutes, mostly editing. He had to get it right; everything he did in the next 6 hours had to be perfect. As to why he was quitting he just said personal emergency. He printed two copies and placed one on Gibbs desk with his badge and gun. The other he took up stairs to the director's office. He left it on the secretary's desk. There was one good thing coming from this, director morrow would finally get what he wanted, tony off the team and out of NCIS.

He couldn't leave his stuff here, that would only piss Gibbs of further when he came back for it. So he would have to pack it all tonight. But what about his apartment, because there was no way he was going to be able to stay in this town and not go see Gibbs. He would need to leave tonight. The ex special agent sighed. At that moment if anyone had seen him they would see a fragile little boy. He pulled himself together and made a phone call to one of his frat brothers. He was going to need help moving and he was lucky to have several people nearby that owed him a favor.

That taken care of, all that was left was to clean out his desk and rap up his reports. This would make things final, would mean he was leaving for good. He set to work. Most of it was paper that he promptly filed in the cabinets behind him. When he was done, all his stuff fit in one box. All that was left was the drawer that held the lock box with every metal awarded to Gibbs while Tony had worked at NCIS. He couldn't give them to Gibbs. He would only throw them out. But he couldn't bring them with him. It wouldn't be right. The ex agent glanced at the desk next to his. It was his only option. Give them to McGee. He would have to look out for Gibbs now.

He placed the box on probie's chair and left a little note on top that said the password and under that 'don't tell Gibbs' He had no doubt McGee would follow his instructions. He was a good agent. Momentarily Tony regretted not telling McGee that more often.

When all this was done he went and finished all the paper work on his open cases. When he finished the sun was just barely rising. Gibbs would be coming soon and he needed to be as far away as possible. With that thought, tony grabbed his things and went to his car and drove.