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It was a quiet autumn. The leaves on the trees were darkening with brilliant reds, oranges, and yellows. It was as if nature was preparing itself for the long sleep. The streets were filled with a dewy smell entangled with the mixed scents of the flowers and fallen leaves. The warm tones of colors created a picturesque sight, capturing the hearts and minds of passersby.

One in particular, who had fallen as a victim of the enticing scenery, was a young man with hair that shone like the night sky with eyes that held such depth and sincerity. He wore a simple maroon polo shirt with some buttons lazily undone. It was paired up with what seems like a dark colored school uniform pants. On one side of his shoulders was a backpack casually hanging with one arm securing it in place and around his neck was a camera.

"This is a perfect spot, no distractions, and a perfect angle."

He held his camera to his eyes. One hand held the camera in place whiles the other carefully focusing the lens for the perfect shot. As his view through the camera slowly sharpens from twisting the lens to and fro, something catches his eyes. He zoom his lenses a bit further up the hill of the park and saw something golden. If he had to make a quick guess of what it was he would say it was the sun.

With curiosity biting hard on his neck, he hesitated up the hill. His hands tightly holding his camera that hung around his neck. As he came closer to the top, the golden had revealed itself as hair dancing with the winds. Of course with hair it came with a head, a body, and a full figure. Before him was a girl about a good few feet away from where he stood. Her back was to him, but he can tell she was tense. Her shoulders straight and stiffed and her hands to her side balled in fists. She was a petite girl who he assumes that would be a head shorter than him.

He did not know what made him hold his camera up, what got him to focus his lens onto the golden haired girl, and what bewitched him to get his index finger to push the button. At precisely a second before his finger pushed the trigger, she turned around facing him. With that in a click and a subtle flash, Athrun Zala got the perfect shot.

"Do I have to report you pervert," glared the golden girl.

Athrun stood dumbfounded. Not only was her hair seemed like it was spun from the sun, but so were her eyes. It held such fire with a gentle molten core. Her face held a delicate beauty to it. Pale with slight tint of rosiness on her cheeks and pink lips tightly pursed together. To Athrun she looks awfully …

"…beautiful," breathed Athrun. Embarrassed he looked down as if his shoes were interesting.

And that was how he fondly remembered her as. She chased him down the hill after he just stood there when her skirt lifted up from the whip lash of the winds revealing her oh so pink undies. Typically being a gentleman, he'd look away, but instead he silently thanks the gods for the nosebleed, and a bruised arm.

It was a bit of a win win, minus the bruising.

With a sigh, Athrun banged his head on the table, startling a certain tanned boy and his dorm mother's cat.

He was in his friend's dorm room, for the usuals. It was too early to retire home. And he needed to nurse his sore arm. But after reminiscing today's encounter…

He was like a pile of jelly with sudden outbursts.

"Hey watch it will you! You'd anger the…," Dearka's eyes darkened and he whispered, "the walls."

Athrun being absolutely annoyed and indifferent he threw one of Dearka's text book onto the wall causing an eruption of threats and pounding.

"HEY KEEP IT DOWN TWERP," yelled very angry voices from the other room, with a few more pounds onto the poor wall, a few poster came falling down.

Dearka who sat across from the table to Athrun, glared at him. With new found determination, "You know I think it's time I stand up for myself! One of these days I'll get back on them, and I can count on you to have my back!" Dearka gave Athrun his self proclaimed winning smile and a thumbs up.

"Yeah yeah I'll be there to stab you well." With a smile and thumbs up was countered back.

Dearka being not so bright and fast did not pick up the clever pun, feeling like he had the utmost support from his ever so supporting friend, he started venting out his plans with powerful fist pumps and pelvic thrusts emphasizing how fool proof it was. But it was obliviously nonsense. Nonetheless Dearka never fails to startle the cat and disturbed Athrun even more.

Athrun did not know why he hung around with someone like Dearka. But they do have something big in common, and that was they had nothing better to do. Besides the tanned teen only made Athrun look so much better.

With a soft chuckle Athrun turned back and glanced out the window. Stars were scattered onto the dark blue canvas of the sky, sparkling very brightly. The dark haired boy smiled. He always loved the night sky, and how the moon brightly showed its face to the world. But after today… Picking up his camera and opening it to review his "perfect shot."

With amusement clear in his eyes, Athrun ran his hand through his hair. The picture was of the golden haired girl, with eyes that held such bewilderment and fire. She herself was like the sun, captivating and warm.

"I'm starting to like the day more." With a smirk and a flash image of a certain pink undies. His life was starting to unfold quite interestingly.

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