Contrary to most story beginnings, it was not a fine sunny day where our story starts. In fact, it was raining heavily at the exact moment that Ema Skye was scorned. The scientifically driven detective had no idea where this day would take her: no equation in the world could have prepared her for what was coming her way.

Ema was grumbling to herself, leaning against the desk, as she made one final note on the files she needed to hand in to the chief. It was at that precise moment that a certain prosecutor happened to walk by and caught sight of her round derrière.

His lips lifted at the corners into a cheeky smile that signalled a particularly mischievous thought had crossed his mind — one that would definitely leave the detective in a foul mood. It was no surprise, therefore (to anyone who was watching him) when he made around the desks so that he had to pass hers…

…and his hand connected with her bottom in a gentle spank.

Ema yelped, rounding on the spot and stumbling, her eyes searching for the culprit. She found him in the form of Klavier Gavin who was walking backwards, laughing, and blowing her an extravagant kiss.


"Mein Fräulein Detective," he said, placing his hands on his chest, right over his heart. "You have made my evening!"

"YOU STUPID GLIMMEROUS FOP!" she yelled, paralysed with anger and embarrassment at the way everyone was looking at her.

Klavier was halfway out of the door now and he paused to throw her a grin. "You desired it, ja?"


"Now now, Fräulein," he interrupted with a fiendish look, "let us reserve this manner of talk for the privacy of our bedroom, ja?"

And then he was gone, leaving a tomato-red Ema fuming among a room full of snickers and stifled laughter. She glared murderously at the exit he'd left through and she made up her mind to humiliate him the way he had her. She would get him back, not just for this but for every single time he'd invaded her space and ridiculed her. Vengeance would be hers!

Unfortunately for Ema, her little plan for revenge would backfire on her in the worst – and best – way possible.