"Kurt!" Jean screeched. Kurt, who had just popped into the almost empty classroom, eyes widened at the site before him, and felt his heart clench painfully. Jean, the fiery redhead that he had recently grown to despise, was straddling Scott, his secret crush for a little over two years, with his hand down her shirt. Kurt thought he was going to be sick.

"Oh, sorry." He said faintly in his slight German accent.

"Why do you have to do that? Popping in and out of places! Not only is it irresponsible to do, because someone could see you, but it's annoying! Do you have any respects whatsoever for privacy?" The girl continued to rant. "Gosh, it's just so annoying, right Scott?" She turned blazing green eyes to the teen she was sitting on, who had since removed his hand, inquiringly.

Kurt swallowed thickly, he never was good when it came to keeping his emotions in check, and if Scott said yes he might lose it.

But the telepath sighed in impatience at the stoic boy's silence, continuing, "The Professor worked so hard on that image inducer for you to look normal. Being annoying, and popping from place to place like that isn't remaining normal. It's bad enough that you're some blue, freaky creature, but you're just downright annoying on top of top of that, not to mention you just can't take things seriously! How do you ever expect to fit in, to be in a relationship?"

Jean wasn't usually like this, in fact this was the first time Kurt her like this directed towards him. He knew she was right to be upset, and annoyed that he had interrupted their very intimate moment, but that was low. Everyone in the institute was aware of how insecure Kurt was about. To just come out and say it directly like that hit him hard. He snapped back to the conversation when Jean spoke again.

"I mean, don't you agree Scott?" Her eyes were fierce, suggesting that it would be a very bad idea to argue with her. Kurt unconsciously held his breath as he awaited the answer.

Scott looked at Jean, and then lowered his eyes saying, "Yeah, sorry, Kurt, but she's sort of right." He couldn't meet Kurt's eyes, but instead, settled for moodily glaring at Jean's lap, although it was hard to tell behind his sunglasses.

Kurt swallowed, trying to prevent the tears that came to his eyes. He laughed lightly, but it didn't sound even remotely like himself. "Oh, well I'm sorry. I won't be a bother to you anymore. I'll stop popping in on you, and make sure to keep my hologram on so you don't have to see my 'freaky blue self' as you put it." His voice cracked at the end, but he managed to mumble a brief farewell before quickly exiting the classroom. He heard Scott call his name, but he ignored it, running down the hall where he turned the corner, and popped out of sight.

Kurt ended up on the roof of the institute, knees curled up to his chest. He stayed there for about an hour, until a familiar car pulled up, and two people hopped out.

"Kurt?" Scott called.

Kurt, who had turned off his hologram, pressed the button on his watch, waved briefly, and transported to a different part of the room.

When he was sure that no one was around, he changed back, and sobbed into his knees. He was disgusting, why would Scott ever like anyone like him, he was a freak. How could he be stupid enough to fall for Scott; he was older than him, and probably straight. Not to mention he was with Jean.

Kurt remained up there, allowing himself to, for once, wallow in his own misery. Despite his usually happy demeanor, he felt things deeply, and didn't know how to handle it. He couldn't go to Scott this time, anyone for that that matter.

"Kurt?" a quiet voice came from behind him. He turned to see Scott, and quickly pressed the button on his watch. Scott sighted, and sat next to him, Kurt idly wondered how he had managed to climb all the way up there. "The professor says you should come back inside."

Kurt scowled, "Well you can tell the professor I'll be down in a minute. I'm fine."

Scott exhaled, and took a seat beside Kurt, who was hastily wiping away tears. Scott tentatively reached out, and pulled Kurt to his chest. The younger teen accepting the touch being too tired to protest, and honestly, he liked the feeling of safety, warmth, and how well they fit together.

"Kurt, about earlier, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said those things."

"Its fine." Kurt said quietly, "It's not as if they weren't true." Scott hugged him closer.

"No." He said firmly, "It's not okay, you're not freaky, you're cute, and cuddly, and funny. And you're not really annoying I was just upset because you interrupted me and Jean when . . ." He trailed off awkwardly.

"When you were about to get lucky." Kurt finished, stomach churning.

"Yeah," Scott said, "You know what it's like."

Kurt curled his legs under himself to further snuggle into Scott "No." He said plainly.

"You've never . . . ?" Scott asked surprised.

Kurt chucked, "No."

Scott made a small noise in the back of his throat, "Please, tell me that you've had the talk."

Breathing in his intoxicating scent of honey, lavender, and musk, Kurt smiled against the other boys throat "Yes, I know what sex is Scott," He said huskily "Very well." He could have sworn he felt Scott shiver.

"Really, well good, why haven't you?"

Kurt sighed, "Even if you don't mind, most guys aren't too interested in me, or at least the real me.

Scott tensed, "That's ridiculous, you're amazing . . . did you say guys?"

"Ja." Kurt couldn't help but laugh at Scott's surprised but then stiffened, "Does that bother you?"

"No!" Scott said hurriedly, "Look, I've never told anyone this, but I'm bi."

Kurt felt his heart speed up slightly, Scott was bi, he had a chance!

"Well, I feel privileged to know." Kurt said around a yawn, "I'm tired, will you spend the night?"

Scott winced, running a hand through his hair, "I would love to, but Jean and I have some . . . unfinished business to attend to that may take a while, possibly all night, if you understand."

Reality came crashing harshly back down on Kurt. Of course he didn't have a chance, despite everything, Scott was still with Jean.

"Sure." Kurt said, trying to keep the hurt out of his voice, "I get it."

Scott was silent for a few seconds, "If we erm . . . finish early I'll come by, okay?"

Kurt sighed, "Yeah, just shower first before you get into bed, please."

Scott laughed, "Okay. Do you think you can get us down? Jean sort of lifted me up here, but she left."

Kurt smiled, "Yeah." He hugged Scott and teleported them into the hallway. Kurt held on for another second, before mumbling a goodbye as the parted ways, Scott knocking on Jean's door, and Kurt heading to his own room, keeping the door unlocked.

As Kurt turned on the light, he jumped about a foot in the air when he found someone on his bed.

"Kitty?" He said looking at the girl in tears, "What are you doing here?"

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