It was a stalemate. Both teens stood facing each other in the hall outside of Scott's room, tension tangible in the air between them.

Scott was the first one to break it, "Jean" he sighed, running a hand through his hair as he looked carefully at the redhead, "I can't do this anymore. I know that things have been difficult lately, and I also know that that's a serious understatement, but I don't want things to stay this way. They can't stay this way. Kurt . ." he cleared his throat as the words choked him slightly, "He's really hurt, he's been in a coma for a week, a week Jean! And you did that to him. He used to be both our friend."

Jean's face remained impassive though Scott swore he saw a flash of regret in her eyes. "It's his own fault" she said, but her words that had sounded so convincing to her days ago, were horribly weak even to her own ears now.

"We used to be best friends before we started dating Jean. And I admit, maybe we shouldn't have framed you, but, lately, you've more than deserved it."

Jean swallowed, feeling hopelessly cornered despite the other's relaxed stance before her, "I loved you Scott. I still love you. I know I didn't show it much . . . I don't know. I guess, I mean, I thought that if I put a lot of importance on sex, I wouldn't have to face the worry of losing you. And now I have, and I hate that it was so easy for you to just stop loving me, if you ever did."

Scott felt a tinge of pity and genuine care for the girl in front of him, for a moment recalling why he had once cared for her so much. "I did love you Jean, but then you changed, and I changed too. I still care about you but I moved on, and so should you."

"Scott, I-"

"Scott!" a voice called from down the hall, interrupting Jean. Pietro soon came into sight as he rushed over to the two. "Kitty just called Lance, Kurt's awake! We've been looking for you everywhere!"

"He's awake?" Scott asked, relief washing over him at Pietro's nod.

"C'mon!" Pietro said, speeding away in a blur as Scott hurried after him, leaving Jean alone with her thoughts.


Yellow eyes tiredly fixed on the people before him, head hurting slightly from all the voices speaking at once.

"Hey, give the elf some room" Logan said gruffly, casting a particularly stern look at Kitty who had opened her mouth to speak.

"Are you okay blue?" Lance asked softly, genuine worry in his tone as Pietro materialized to a stuttering halt beside his boyfriend.

"I think so" Kurt croaked, voice rough from disuse. "What happened?"

There was a silence in the room before Rogue spoke, "Jean threw you into a wall" she explained, her words delicate as if she thought Kurt would break.

"Oh, right" Kurt murmured, the memories slowly beginning to come back to him. "How long have I been asleep?"

"A week" Pietro said, looking over his shoulder and stepping aside as Scott came hurtling through the doorway, steadying himself as he managed to catch his breath.

The room was silent as Kurt digested the information, a frown gracing his features.

"Maybe we should, like, give Kurt some room. He must be tired' Kitty said, tugging Lance and a protesting Pietro out by the backs of their shirts as Logan and Rogue followed behind her silently.

"Scott" Kurt said, a smile splitting is lips even as his voice came out so faintly that Scott had to strain to hear it.

"Hear" Scott murmured, pouring Kurt a glass of water from the pitcher on the bedside table and putting it to his lips, "Drink this."

Kurt drank gratefully; Scott setting the glass down once Kurt had drained it.

"Are you okay?"Scott asked, sitting on the side of the bed as Kurt sat up, smiling reassuringly at the brunette as he propped himself against the headboard.

"Yeah, I think I'm fine. Professor X was in here earlier but not for long. He said I didn't have a concussion or anything, so I'm in the clear." Kurt grinned.

Scott smiled, bringing his hand up to caress the side of Kurt's face as he leaned in to place a gentle kiss on his lips. "I love you"

Kurt smiled softly, "I love you too" he said, leaning up expectantly for another kiss.

"Mmm, I missed you" Scott murmured, deepening the kiss as Kurt willingly opened up for him.

"Well, I'd say I missed you too" Kurt sighed, "But I wasn't really alert enough to do so" he said with a small smile.

"I see, well, should I show you just how much I missed you then?" Scott murmured, rolling his hips into Kurt's and earning a gasp from the smaller teen.

"Oh my gosh" Kurt groaned, pushing Scott off him a bit and lifting the covers up an inch. "I'm in a hospital gown! Where'd they even get this! I'm in a dress!"

"I think it's sexy" Scott purred, nibbling on Kurt's ear lightly making the other shiver.

"Scott" Kurt protested as the older teen began placing soft kisses along his jaw line, moving down to lightly lick a trail up his neck, "Someone could walk by" he gasped, clutching onto the back of Scott's shirt as he ground his hips down."

"Then let's go somewhere they can't" Scott suggested, grinning as the next moment they were on Kurt's bed. "You were right" he murmured, "I think I like this much better."

Kurt couldn't help but agree as Scott leaned back down to claim his lips once more, hands ghosting along his body, caressing his waist before they crept to his back, skillfully undoing the ties of his gown.

Kurt gasped, face flushed and panting for air as he broke the kiss, quickly trying to cover himself up.

Scott chuckled, gingerly taking Kurt's wrists in his hands "You're beautiful Kurt" his words only serving to increase Kurt's flush.

"Why am I the only one naked here?" Kurt murmured, letting a pleased purr escape his lips as Scott smirked, hastily taking off his own clothes as he tossed them aside to lie carelessly on the floor along with Kurt's discarded gown.

Kurt gasped as Scott pressed their bodies together, their erections brushing together sending bursts of pleasure up Kurt's spine, his legs wrapping tightly around the other's waist to increase the friction.

Scott rolled his hips against the smaller mutants', Kurt throwing his head back with a low moan at the contact as Scott took one of his hardened nipples lightly between his teeth.

Scott gave the same treatment to its twin, loving the quiet mewls and whimpers Kurt made as he left a trail of smoldering kisses down his chest and stomach.

"Scott" Kurt whined as the other stopped, arching his hips only to have Scott teasingly move out of reach. "Please?"

The brunette smirked, "Please what?"

"You know what" Kurt huffed, toes curling as Scott's breath ghosted teasingly over his member.

"I'm not sure I do . . ." Scott teased, but decided to go easy on his boyfriend, leaning down to lightly take the tip of Kurt's erection into his mouth, teeth grazing across the underside as Kurt mewled in pleasure. "Tell me if you get too tired" he murmured, earning a nod and a quiet insistence for him to continue.

Using one hand to hold Kurt's hips down he held three fingers up to Kurt's lips expectantly, the other taking the digits into his mouth somewhat shyly.

Once properly coated with saliva Scott pulled them out tracing down the length of Kurt's oversensitive body as he began to circle a finger around Kurt's puckered entrance, slipping it in and groaning at the instant heat that surrounded it. Scott soon added a second and third finger, Kurt wincing slightly as he was stretched further than he'd ever been.

Scott smirked as Kurt gasped; a near scream escaping him as the brunette carefully found his prostate, stroking over the spot again as Kurt shuddered.

His smirk only widened at the whine of protest he received when he removed his fingers, lining himself up with Kurt's stretched entrance as Kurt brought him down for a needy kiss, his cry of pain muffled by the other's lips as Scott slowly pushed in.

"Sorry" Scott murmured, feeling bad that he had hurt the younger teen as he placed soft kisses over Kurt's face, letting him adjust to the intrusion once he was finally in. After a minute Kurt pushed back experimentally, this time finding the full filling he experienced a bit pleasurable instead of just painful as a small whimper escaping him.

"Move" Kurt breathed, nails digging into Scott's back as the older teen pulled all the way out before snapping his hips forward, brushing Kurt's prostrate as he did so.

"Fuck!" Scott hissed as Kurt tightened around him, pleasured moans spilling from his boyfriend's lips as he continued to hit that spot.

"So good," Scott panted, leaning down for a desperate kiss as Kurt's legs tightened around his waist.

Scott's thrusts became erratic, a hand coming down to pump Kurt in time with his thrusts as Kurt babbled incoherently, keening noises escaping him as he pushed his hips back to meet Scott's.

Kurt tensed, back arching as he tightened impossibly around Scott, moaning as he came harder than he ever had before between them, Scott following shortly after and spilling his seed into Kurt's twitching hole.

Slowly, the two came down from their highs, panting for breath as Scott collapsed on top of the smaller boy, rolling off of him and to the side so as not to crush him.

"That was amazing" Kurt murmured, snuggling up to Scott as the brunette draped an arm around him, pulling him to his chest while he worked the covers up around them.

"Are we interrupting something?" Came an amused voice from the doorway, Pietro hopping into the room and taking a seat by the bed, Lance right behind him.

Scott groaned, burying his face in Kurt's neck before he was forced off of the embarrassed boy who then pulled the covers up and over his head, "I thought you two left."Scott grumbled.

"Well, we were going to, but we thought you two would want to hear the latest gossip!" he said with a smirk, Lance rolling his eyes at his boyfriend's antics. "But" Pietro said, stretching the word out, "considering your state of undress, we'll give you sixty seconds to situate yourself."

Pietro sat on Lance's lap, covering both of their eyes with his hands as he began the countdown, occasionally throwing in an impatient comment for the two to hurry up as they scrambled to put on their clothes, Kurt muttering a complaint about the nightgown.

"What did you mean by latest gossip?" Kurt asked once he and Scott were dressed and situated back on the bed.

"Jean. She ran out on you X-dorks" Lance said, Pietro having moved his hands but remaining comfortably in his lap. "We saw her throw all her bags in the car and take off, she told us to tell you all goodbye. We were going to wait until later, but Pietro insisted on breaking the news" Lance sighed.

"What?" Kurt asked, still seemingly confused.

"She left, flew the coop, took the money and ran so to speak" Pietro listed. "But I don't think she's coming back."

"Why would she leave now?" Kurt asked, "The professor told me he talked to her, and put her on probation, but it's not like he'd make her leave or anything."

"Maybe it's best, actually" Scott murmured, "if she wants to she knows she can come back, but I don't think we should worry about it. Things may actually go back to normal around here."

"Shades is right" Lance said, "Personally, I'm glad to see her go."

"Looks like Junior year's looking up after all blue!" Pietro grinned.

Kurt couldn't help but agree as he settled back into Scott's chest as warm arms wrapped around him, a grin gracing his features "Yeah, it is."

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