"Absolutely not." Neville hissed as Blaise pushed him against the wall, attacking his neck with kisses. "Harry and Draco will be here any minute!"

"Don't worry, I locked the door." Blaise murmured, nipping at the tan expanse of his boyfriend's throat softly.

"And we're not going to look debauched when we see them!" Neville protested, holding Blaise off long enough to breathe a counter charm on the door and carefully slip back into the main part of the Three Broomsticks.

"Neville." Blaise whined, though of course he'd never admit to being capable of such a sound as he took his hand, Neville giving a tiny amused smile.

"If you behave," Neville enunciated, "then we can continue this later. Honestly, you were so proper earlier today, and now this. Like I've said, you're full of contradictions."

"And you love it." Blaise smirked, "Besides, we were visiting you're parents. If there was even a hint of misbehavior on my part I'm sure half the healers on the floor would have flayed me alive in some misguided notion of protecting you, I think your mum would even get in on it, and I've told you that I think your dad's always been suspicious of me."

Neville chuckled, tugging Blaise over to their booth and smiled as Madam Rosmerta sat two butterbeers down in front of them.

It had been a year since they had left Hogwarts. And since then not only had the two moved in together but Blaise had insisted on getting to know Neville's parents. The more recent visits had actually had a sort of healing quality on Neville that he hadn't been aware he needed.

Neville still occasionally felt bad that Blaise had given up so much for him. After the Daily Prophet stunt and the letters he had sent out to his mom and a very brief one to her new husband, which number he was he couldn't quite remember, he'd been just about disowned in everything but title. But, according to Blaise, it had all been more than worth it.

"Well I'll flay you alive if we cause Draco to make another comment on things, last time was mortifying."

Blaise struggled to hide his smirk as he remembered the teasing Draco had given them a few days prior as Harry and he had accidently caught them in a rather compromising position in the bathroom. And, now that he thought about it, their current situation was rather similar.

"Fine, as you wish." Blaise said somewhat sullenly as Neville gave him an affectionate peck on the cheek.

"Don't look so disappointed, I promise you it'll be worth the wait." Neville said with a mischievous smirk, once again pleasantly surprising his boyfriend.


"We're going to be late you know." Draco pointed out, voice breathier than normal as he placed a steadying hand on the top of Harry's head.

"Well, if you're all that concerned I suppose we can stop."Harry grinned innocently, pulling away from the hem of Draco's boxers and making to stand.

"Don't you dare." Draco hissed, hands gripping firmly as he jutted his hips forward, taking in a sharp breath as Harry mouthed at him through the thin material. "It won't hurt to keep them waiting a few minutes."

"Well, if you're sure." Harry practically purred, humming in satisfaction as he finally pulled the garment down, making Draco's knees shake ever so slightly.

Harry grinned teasingly as he began a light trail of kisses around the base of Draco's cock, Draco growling his displeasure at the slow pace.


"Mhmm?" Harry murmured distractedly, taking the tip into his mouth and earning a sharp gasp.

"Faster." Draco growled, trying to sound dignified despite the slight whine in his voice, grip tightening subtly.

"Faster what?" Harry asked with a smirk, tongue darting out to lick a line up the length of Draco's member.

"Faster . . . please." Draco said, a faint blush heating his cheeks.

Harry grinned, taking him down to the hilt prompting a sharp intake of breath and a long groan.

"Fuck, Harry."

Harry hummed in agreement, bobbing his head up and down and occasionally drawing back to tease the head with his tongue before taking him all the way down again.

Harry knew Draco was close as his fingers in his hair kept clenching and unclenching sporadically and it was getting harder and harder for Draco to hold back the temptation to just thrust into Harry's mouth without care.

He sped up his pace, loving the way that he could make the normally so composed Draco come apart under him as he sucked harder.

Draco hardly had time to issue a proper warning before he was shooting down Harry's throat, earning a small surprised splutter, before Harry managed to swallow the rest.

Draco groaned at the sight Harry made as he helped pull him to his feet, regretfully wiping the small amount that had escaped from his chin as he leaned in for a slow kiss, humming at the taste of himself on Harry's tongue.

"Come on." Harry sighed as he deftly zipped and buttoned Draco's trousers again and attempted to make his own hair look presentable, "We're nearly half an hour late; I can only imagine what Blaise will say."

Draco smirked, knowing that Harry was most likely right about Blaise but not able to bring himself to be sorry.

"Oh please, I'm sure if Blaise had his way he and Neville would have been just as late as us, it'll be fine." Draco reassured with a quick kiss before he wrapped his arms around Harry and disapparated them away.


"How nice of you two to finally show up!" Blaise said, "Though, if I'm to be honest I expected you'd be walking with a limp Harry. But from the satisfied grin on Draco's face I'm sure my speculations aren't too far off."

Draco ignored the heated glare Harry sent him, smiling instead as Blaise winced at the sharp elbow he received from Neville as he pulled Harry into the booth alongside him.

"Sorry about that . . ." Harry said, noticing Neville's surprised stare and quickly moving to tug his sleeves down a bit further over his wrists. He'd forgotten that they had had to settle for conjured restraints instead of their usual silk ties the other night.

"Anyways." Harry said with a cough, attempting to salvage some of his dignity as his face worked frantically at redistributing his blood back to the rest of his body, "How have you two been?"

"Fine, great actually." 'Thoroughly cockblocked' Blaise added in his mind, and from the raised eyebrow Draco gave him he was sure it hadn't needed to be voiced.

Harry and Draco both murmured their thanks as Madame Rosmerta set two cups before them, Harry grateful for the distraction from the amusing yet perverted atmosphere that seemed to come when they were all together.

'Slytherins' Harry thought as Draco and Blaise appeared to be having a rather hilarious mental conversation between the two of them, Neville giving him an exasperated yet fond look. Really, what were they going to do with those two?

"So, have you decided yet?" Blaise asked, breaking the wordless discussions going on at the table as he looked inquiringly to Draco and Harry.

Draco grinned, Harry nodding as Draco said, "Yeah, we'll go, it sounds fun actually, even despite having to see your ugly mug every day. Though we do have one demand . . . a room in a separate wing. It was ridiculous enough back at Hogwarts when you two forgot to put up a charm, we will not relive that again."

"First I'd like to start off and clear the record that my face is gorgeous and you're lucky you've been fortunate enough to get the rare privilege of seeing it as often as you have. And second, it's not as if you two were without fault last year mate." Blaise waved away, grinning, "But we'll see to it, glad you said yes."

Blaise and Neville had decided to go to France for a moth in hopes of finally getting rid of some of the attention they had somehow continued to get even a year after the article and had asked Draco and Harry to accompany them.

Blaise said he could use time away from St. Mungo's where he was training to be a healer and Neville could take as much time as needed since he was currently only an assistant until Madame Sprout retired in a year.

Blaise had even extended the olive branch and invited Hermione and Ron to come as well though they had respectfully declined just having gotten back from their honeymoon.

Harry was looking forward to a break from the Ministry and Draco agreed that he could get away from his clients for a bit. The majority at least wouldn't die without his potions for a month. For the rest . . . he'd have his assistants make accommodations.

He may have had ulterior motives in wanting to go as well that only Blaise, and perhaps Neville knowing his friend had absolutely no filter around his boyfriend, knew.

He wanted to propose to Harry. Draco almost wished he could use a time turner to take himself back two years only to see the look on his former self's face at the news that one day he would intend to offer a marriage proposal to Harry Potter of all people.

The rest of the table stared at him in confusion as he began chuckling in the comfortable silence and he was once again surprised to find just how much he tended to let his guard down among these people. Even Neville had grown to be one of who he considered his close friends and that was certainly something he would have never expected to happen.

"I think we should have a toast." Harry said with a grin, looking at Draco in amusement.

"To what?" Neville asked, though a similar grin crossed his features as he raised his glass.

"To us, even if I would never have expected or thought to have wanted any of this to happen a year ago, I'm glad it did."

"Cheers to that." Blaise agreed, raising his glass as well.

Draco wasn't surprised in the least at how effortlessly Harry managed to articulate his thoughts and clinked his glass with the others', taking a drink and letting the warm butterbeer slide down his throat with a sense of satisfaction.

He grinned as Harry unconsciously snuggled closer to him as he put an arm around his boyfriend, silently marveling at his luck.

Gosh he sounded sappy. He made a mental note to make sure to have a stern talking to with Harry about the blatant Gryffindorness that was rubbing off on him.

But, Slytherin pride be damned, he'd never been happier than he was now. And, as he once again mentally went over his achievements, as always, he came up with seducing Harry Potter as his greatest.

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