Her name was Penelope Maria Jewel Ruby Sarah Banana Fana Smith (but you can call her Dot) and she was indeed a looker. Her long, ankle-length tresses danced in the light breeze, blue-black color shimmering like diamonds. She was curvy for a ten-year-old, a master of martial arts, and fluent in Russian, French, Czech, Swahili and Canadian. She'd just moved into town, having stepped one dainty foot out the car door minutes before.

Standing outside her middle-class mansion, her impossibly purple eyes landed on a group of kids her age across the street.

Thinking of all the fun she'd have with her new friends that would magically like her, like everyone did, Dot ran into the road. That blonde boy sure was a hunk; she'd have him wrapped around her finger in no time. If they didn't immediately love her, she'd just tell them her sob story about Daddy being a meanie and how Mommy was never home, and how her big sister was wrongly accused of murder, so they had to move here. They'd be fast friends after that, she was sure.

"Hey, look out for that moving van!"


She had been the new girl in town.

Ahahaha. Yes, I'm making fun of you noobs and your Mary-Sues. You make it so easy. Shortest (and worst) thing ever. Inspired by a Hairspray song of the same name. Anyone catch my Animaniacs reference? If so, you rock!

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