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Hey guys, it's Mysterious Fire, just wanted to say hi to all my readers. So anyways, this is my first fanfic, and it's also the first romance that I've ever attempted to write…ever….so yeah I'm just a little nervous/unsure how things will go. If you guys don't really feel like reading this introduction, you guys can go ahead and skip to the story below, this really only explains the outline of the story and my purpose for it.

So the absolute main purpose for this story is…as you probably guessed from reading the description, Roxas and Xion. (RoxasxXion, however you prefer to put it) I had always originally been a fan of Roxas and Namine, because they seemed to go well together in their intents of doing what was best for the people around them, especially Sora. It was all pretty good and I was satisfied with the ending result of KH2. But then, before I knew it, Xion was introduced to Kingdom Hearts in 358/2 days. And 358/2 Days really made me think about who the better couple was; although the answer was pretty clear to me.

I want to give an alternate ending to KH2 that is realistic, interesting, and even somewhat funny, but most importantly, romantic. I want to mostly focus on the relationship between Roxas and Xion. Why?

Because they are undoubtedly hands down my favorite Kingdom Hearts couple in the game, and easily one of my favorite gaming couples of all time. (Sorry if this offends people who aren't Roxas and Xion fans.) Personally, I think that the two go through so much together, good times and bad, which is why they can be more compassionate for each other. Well, I'm done asking myself questions now. I just wanted to give my readers an explanation as to why I'm writing this story, and I will probably write something like this at the start of most, if not all of my stories. (Not chapters, stories. Just skip these long boring introductions if you don't like them, I don't expect everybody to.)

The second chapter will begin on day 358 of KH 358/2 Days, when Roxas is fighting Riku. I'll probably post the second chapter along with this introduction and first chapter, unless my patience of a 4-year-old decides to kick in and I post this introduction/prologue and first chapter alone due to my impatience. Anyways, without further a due, here's chapter one. This is in first person, not all parts of my story will be like this, but since this takes place on day 357, I thought it should come from Roxas' POV, because it was the day that he defeated Xion.

If I could've ever had feelings, this must have been what guilt felt like. I had never been so sorry for anything I had ever done since I joined and left the Organization. I was as people would say, "choked up". It seemed like there was something in my throat, which I thought was supposed to imply a sign of sadness, but I couldn't feel. I was a Nobody, and not just a term. I had lost my friends, the ones that I held closest to my non-existent heart. I had practically abandoned one who went by the name of Axel when I left the Organization. He took me in when I was so unsure of myself. And how did I thank him? I turned against not only the Organization when I left, but him as well, along with every moment that we spent together. Those memories of being on the clock tower, the effort we had to put forth to defeat the heartless that stood in our way, I turned away from it all, and as I sat on the clock tower, I was afraid I would never have the opportunity to look back, to make things right.

Today however, I wasn't exactly doing a very good job of making things right, which lead to my other friend.

I had "terminated" her earlier that day, which was the reason I was at the clock tower drowning in my own sorrow. She was a Nobody, just like Axel and I.

And when a Nobody is "terminated", they're gone. For good. They don't have a heart, and as far as I knew, there was nothing a Nobody could do to prevent the end of their existence when the time came.

It was my fault that Xion, number XIV, was gone. Sure, she may have been the one that attacked me, but I had never thought that fighting back would have resulted in Xion ceasing to exist. When Axel fought Xion, he had only knocked her unconscious, which was what I intended to do before she became the size of the clock tower itself, at which point it was either her end or my own. As I reflected back on what had happened, I concluded that it should have been me instead.

But I still wasn't able to understand, why was I so much more concerned about Xion? I mean, Axel was just as close a friend to me as Xion was, but yet I felt more…attached to Xion, in a way that I saw as indescribable.

The clock tower was the last place I saw her...as herself. Not as another member of the Organization, not as a keyblade wielder, but as the girl I had always known well since we first met.

Excluding Axel, everybody else saw number XIV as a puppet, as a pawn that the Organization used to make their moves in order to fulfill their primary goal- to complete Kingdom Hearts. I didn't. I saw her as the girl who thrived to be individual even when people claimed she was just a puppet. I saw her as someone who tried to do what was right and cared for her friends more than anything.

I saw her as Xion.

Yet I still wondered, how come it was me? Did I see Xion in a different way than how everybody else saw her? We all saw Xion as either our friend or an Organization member, but did I think of her differently?

Did I see us as something more than friends?

As that thought had entered my head, I remembered the day that I had fought that giant heartless at the Beast's Castle. The Beast was saying how he had tried to fight the heartless in order to protect those inside the castle…and to protect Belle. Xaldin then mentioned a word that I had heard once or twice before from Marluxia, who was obviously somewhat into this, "romantic" as he said, feeling. I mean, come on, the rose petal scythe was my first clue. What was that word? L…lu…lo…

Love. That was the word that Xaldin had mentioned. I had never really discovered its true meaning, but from what I understood, it was powerful. It supposedly could enhance one's emotions or feelings ten-fold. Whether they were good or bad, I supposed it was possible for both to exist, but most likely one would probably aim for the happier emotions. And, as always, there was one catch to every new thing I learned, and I was disappointed when Axel had told me the same thing that many members of the Organization had later that day on the clock tower.

You needed a heart. It seemed like there was nothing a Nobody could do if they lacked a heart.

Still though, I wanted to know so badly what it felt like to love. The way I felt about Axel was explainable, we were friends, we had each other's backs, but nothing more. It was different with Xion. It always seemed like there was something missing between her and I, almost like there was a different kind of friendship with Xion. I had noticed this strange heat that I felt in my face every time I was around her, not to mention how she tended to make me laugh and smile more often. And every time I talked to her, I could have sworn that something was "growing inside" my stomach, almost like a "shaking" feeling. I once heard Hayner use the term "Butterflies in your stomach" when he was talking about something called a "Struggle" tournament, but I didn't really understand what butterflies and stomachs had in common.

Did that mean….that I had loved..Xion? The same one that I had fought and defeated that day? Nobodies can't love, or so I was told.

But maybe this wasn't true love, instead maybe just some…simpler form of love?

The subject just became too confusing for me as the sun set red, reminding me how it was "Always the color that travels the farthest" according to Axel. I decided to get some sleep. Just before I put my hood down and fell asleep on the clock tower, I remembered Xion's last will. The task she had requested of me in her dying words.

I had made an oath that I would set the hearts in Kingdom Hearts free.

And when someone makes an oath, especially me, they're supposed to keep it.

Okay guys, let's just douse the torches and put the pitchforks down for a second, I just want to say, this was a really tough opening to write for my first fan-fic. I actually re-wrote it a couple times, and I was most satisfied with this one. This is pretty much the first chapter, but the real story begins on day 358, so this is kind of a prologue, just to show what's going on in Roxas' head throughout the story.

By the way, I'm just starting out at fanfiction at this point, so I don't have any friends yet (T_T). If anybody noticed an error in the grammar or even in the general outline of the story, please don't be afraid to scold/correct me for it =P. For the time being, my readers are hopefully my reviewers and my peer editors. I'm also just trying this story out, if people don't like it, it's fine, I'll stop and think of a new idea. But PLEASE, you don't know how much your reviews help, so if you want, go ahead and leave one, good or bad. Thanks again readers, best of luck with your stories too.