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People say if you love someone, then let them go. And I did.

But I never knew how hard it would be.

I awoke early the next day on the clock tower with mixed thoughts. I was confused and disappointed at the same time, and it was kind of hard to explain. On one hand, I was hoping that everything had all just been a dream. I wanted to wake up and see Xion, I wanted things to be normal again. But it wasn't a dream. Reality can hurt like that, and the disappointment overwhelmed me inside. It was just so hard for me to try to do what was right knowing that I had made so many mistakes. It was a struggle for me to even stand up and keep moving. Everything had seemed so pointless, and I didn't know if I would be able to right the wrong.

But I had to try.

I lifted my hood up for a brief moment and looked at the rising sun. It was the first time I had ever seen the sun rise, and I couldn't have picked a better spot to watch the sun rise than at the clock tower. I had known that each day, the sun sets, and the sun rises. Eventually, every sun has to set.

But a new sun will always rise.

Everything that has to end concludes for the best, or so something even better can begin. At least, that was how I saw things. And watching the sun really made me think about not only Xion, but everything else that had happened over the past few days. Maybe leaving the Organization, leaving Axel, and maybe even fighting Xion…could it all have been for the best? I didn't think I would ever be able to know, but maybe things were better that way.

It encouraged me even more to find out for myself.

After I had watched enough of the rising sun, I decided to memorize my plan once more before departing. Memorizing this pre-meditated plan had almost been like memorizing my name. It was easy to do, yet important to remember.

I had planned to use the Dark Corridor in order to get somewhere near Kingdom Hearts without attracting attention. There was an almost abandoned plaza near the castle that would lead me to Kingdom Hearts, and I would have to think of a way to set the hearts free from there. Nobody in the organization had mentioned a way to destroy Kingdom Hearts. This, however, did not surprise me; the organization did encounter problems with a few "double crossers" in the past. I assumed that they didn't want to be letting out any crucial information to unsuspected ears. The plan may have seemed simple, but I would have to be alert at all times. At any given moment, things could get ugly and might require me to fight.

And I was planning to hopefully reach Kingdom Hearts without any distractions.

After thoroughly reviewing my plan, it was finally time to leave. I looked back at the sun one last time, threw my hood down, and opened the dark corridor. This would be the first time returning to the home of the Organization with opposing intents. It was somewhat intimidating to me knowing that the toughest of the Organization would be trying to put a stop to me…to put an end to me. But my fear was engulfed somewhere in my determination. I had come too far and become way too independent from the Organization to turn back now. And I didn't even know if the Organization would be able to tell whether or not I was using the Dark Corridor.

Did it seem like I cared? Correct answer…no.

The weather was less than pleasant as I exited the Dark Corridor. I had never been in the rain before, although I had seen the rain a few times when I was inside the castle. It was…interesting though. I wished that I could take the time to admire the rain for a little bit longer.

But I had an oath to keep.

I summoned, to my surprise, not one, but two keyblades. I was only familiar with one of the two, although I had never summoned it. It was called the Oathkeeper, and it fit my intents well. It reminded me of why I was doing this. I was doing it for Xion, as well as Axel and those who supported my cause. The keyblade itself had a luminescent white color, and its perfection almost made me feel guilty for using it as a weapon, even if it was the keyblade's purpose. I had almost forgotten about the other keyblade in the process of recognizing the Oathkeeper. I could just barely make out small letters sketched into a side of the keyblade's handle.


This keyblade was almost completely black. There was a diamond-shaped…jewel-like decoration near the handle that had a dark-purple "haze" to it. I could feel that this blade was overwhelming with power…a dark power that seemed somewhat unreliable to me. Yet somehow, it resembled my intents in a way kind of similar to the way that the Oathkeeper did. The Oblivion represented where I planned to send anybody who stood in my way of achieving my goal and my oath.

It was also where I would be going if I failed.

I tried to force the negative thought out of my head and proceeded towards the plaza. I encountered quite a few Neo-Shadows along the way, but I made easy work of them. Eventually, things got to the point where the Neo-Shadows decided to cower in the very ground I walked on. They could see how serious I was about keeping my oath, and they didn't dare set shadow within at least 30 feet from me unless I was caught off guard. I was getting close to the plaza, but I wasn't in a hurry. I wasn't running, and instead walked with caution and in silence, except for the constant "pitter-patter" of the rain. I stopped right before the entrance to the plaza.

"This is it," I said to myself. There was absolutely no doubt about it. I would either succeed in rescuing Xion, or…"die" trying. From here I would have to proceed to the castle and get to Kingdom Hearts without attracting any attention. I was a little bit unsure, and maybe even nervous, but I was confident that if I stopped now, everything would have been in vain. There was a lot on the line here as I stood outside the plaza entrance. A part of me almost wanted to give up, but I didn't have a choice at this point. Losing Xion and abandoning Axel were two mistakes too many.

I was tired of making mistakes.

I walked through the plaza entrance and found nobody in the plaza. I was able to take a breather, feeling relieved that I hadn't run into any Organization members yet, especially Axel. It would have been too painful to have to look him in the eye after what I had done. I would need time to sort out my thoughts before I would be able to face my friend again.

Wait a second…I felt…relieved? How come I was able to feel? I remembered the previous evening when I had debated "loving" Xion. I had no idea if what I thought I felt was love, or if any of my feelings made sense, but I knew that I wanted an explanation. The only possible explanation I had for such feelings was that I felt things in a simpler form. I had heard that I was, in a way, "linked" to this "Sora" person. Did he have a heart? Was he the answer?

Was he the reason I could have such emotions?

Apparently, this would have to wait, because all of a sudden, I was surrounded by a bunch of Neo-Shadows. They had done exactly what I had feared.

They had caught me off guard.

There were a lot of them, I wasn't going to lie. All I could think about were my next moves, a slash here, a swipe there, and so on and so forth. I fought until there wasn't a Neo-Shadow in sight, and just when it seemed like I had won, twice as many would surface from their shadows. I was starting to get tired of swinging my two key blades around. It was no use. The Neo-Shadows kept coming, using all of their might to attempt to overpower me.

And then, in the blink of an eye, they stopped. They succumbed back into the shadows and began to cower once again, only this time, not because of me. I looked around, trying to find out what might have caused their sudden reaction. And then I saw him.

Standing on one of the skyscrapers in the plaza was a boy that seemed around my age. He was confident, I gave him that much. It "took guts" as Xigbar would say, to wear a blindfold while standing on top of a giant skyscraper, and I didn't blame the Neo-Shadows for wanting to run and hide from such a foe.

I was practically frozen in place as a result of staring at this guy. He wore an Organization coat, and it was a dead giveaway to me that this must have been the "imposter" that the Organization had mentioned. He had silver hair that glistened from the light of Kingdom Hearts. And he was far away, but the determined grin on his face that I could barely see said it all.

My voyage of smooth sailing to Kingdom Hearts would be coming to an abrupt halt.

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