Author: Hope

Title: Family

Summary: Angel stumbles upon a strange young girl in LA and when he sends her to live with Buffy in Sunnydale, strange ties between her and Spike are revealed. More spike/buffy to come.

Rating: Prolly get up to PG-13

Disclaimer: Alas, Joss is a hog and doesn't like to share his toys. Hope is mine tho.

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~

Angel wandered slowly down the stairs and into the lobby of the Hyperion. He smiled at the small girl behind the counter. Cordy never ceased to amaze him. She had Connor held tightly against her in one arm and was struggling to type with the other. He chuckled and she looked up.

"Hey, I wouldn't be laughing if I were you, Night Beast. This kid just ate a nice healthy dinner of mashed peas and I guarantee it won't be pretty. Just walk away while you can." She smirked.

His smile slowly faded and he looked at her nervously. "Sorry, but wanted to ask you something."

"Angel. what's wrong?" She asked, noticing how he was fidgiting with his hands.

" you think...I just thought...maybe you could.. dye my hair?" He pulled a small box from his coat pocket and smiled sheepishly. "I would do it myself, but I lack a reflection."

"Oh. My. Gawd. Angel!" Cordy nearly jumped out of her seat. She tore the box from his hand and began to scan the box. She stopped and looked at him skeptically. "Are you alright?"

"I'm just taking your advise. You know, to try new things." He shrugged.

"And you're actually willing to part with those dark locks?" she questioned, raising an eyebrow.

"It was either that or the jacket. And I don't want them all gone, know..."

"Highlighted." She cut him off. She shoved Connor into his arms and headed toward the bathroom. "Go change the kid and meet me back out here. I'm gonna get a towel." She began to walk away but turned, "You may wanna put on an old shirt."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~

"Well, how does it look?"

"Angel, you look......well, hot." Cordy replied, bobbing her head up and down and smiling at her handy work.

He ran his hair through his freshly styled hair.

"Ooo, idea!" Cordy scampered to a nearby storage closet and pulled out a a black bag. She pulled out a small polaroid camera and turned to Angel. "Say chee.... pig's blood!" She pushed the button and handed him the picture that popped out.

He held it in his hand and watched as it slowy began to develope. "Can you make it go any faster?' He asked, swishing it in the air impatiently. His eyes fell to the picture of himself. He smirked. "I do look hot."

"Ugh. You may be a vampire but you're still a guy." She giggled and walked back behind the counter. "Oh, vision." She stood with her eyes closed momentarily, "Um, a couple vamps and a girl, maybe 15 years old. They're in an alley. Eww."

"What? A big ugly demon?" he asked.

"No, a rat." She shuddered.

He sighed. "Where to?"

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~

"You know? You guys really make vampires look bad, I mean, come on. What's up the dark alleys? Couldn't you do at least a little better?" Angel said mockingly. Three hefty vamps looked up from where there were backing a small teen into a corner. The biggest of the three snarled and lunged at the soulful vamp. Angel dodged him easily and flung him into the wall behind him.

"Get 'im!" the vamp thug shouted. The other two quickly forgot about their cornered snack and where soon on top of Angel. He kicked the first in the chest and punched another in the face. Pulling a stake from his coat he dusted the nearest vamp.

"Ooof." Angel fell to his knees. One of the vamps stood leering behind him, a large metal pipe in his hands. Angel reached a shaky hand up to his head where he had been hit. The other vamp kicked his hand, sending the stake flying in the air. He snarled and snatched it up. Angel looked hurridly to the girl who was standing stark still, watching. "Run.." he managed as the pipe was brought down on him again. The second vamp took to kicking him over and over in the side. Angel's vision began to fade.....


The pipe swinging vamp stopped and turned, facing the voice. The other stopped as well and looked at the girl. No, looked at their dinner.

"You really shouldn't pick on people who can't defend themselves. I mean two against one? Come on.."

The pipe vamp sneered. "Oh really." He tossed his weapon the motionless form of Angel. He walked up to the petite figure and glared down at her, licking his lips. "Well, how 'bout you fight with 'im? It would make it 'fair'" He chuckled.

"Fine by me." she said coldly. She swung her fist at him, nailing him in the jaw. He crashed into a nearby dumpster. She walked over to where Angel's stake had landed and kicked it up into her hand. She flung it at the vamp as he began to get up, dusting him. She turned to the other and smirked. He growled and ran toward her.

Angel vision began to clear, he could hear fighting. //the girl// he thought. //They've got her// He began to climb to his feet. "Huh?"

The girl easily evaded the vamps punches, nailing him with her own fists during his onslaught. Hitting him with a round house kicked to the face, she sent the vamp to the ground. He snarled as she pulled a stake from her bulky army jacket and slammed it into his chest. She sighed and brushed the dust form her clothes. She slowly turned to face Angel, who had climbed to his feet.

"What are you?" He asked, his face puzzled. From what he could tell she was human. He could sense her pulse and hadn't been able to sense any demon traits about her.

She stared at him skeptically before taking off back up the alley.

"Hey... wait!" Angel took off after her, limping. He rounded the corner to the main street to find her pulling a small dirtbike from behind some trash cans. She gave him one lst glance before tkaing off into the night. Angel stood in the street, bewildered.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~

"No, Wes. I don't know what she was. I don't even think she was a 'what'. I mean, she seemed perfectly human." Angel was pacing the lobby of the Hyperion, telling the others what had happened. It was early morning and the sun was begining to rise. Cordy sat with Connor held tightly against her in a chair. Gunn and Fred had gone to get some food.

"Well, Angel, not many humans can take on vamps like that. Especially not little teenagers." Cordy said, shifting Connor from one arm to the other.

"What exactly did she look like? Maybe there is something about her in these prophecies. Most of the demons you have fought lately have turned up in them, with luck she will too." Wesley stated, shifting through files on the counter.

"Well, um, she was about 5 feet tall, real thin, like a hundred pounds or so. Real little. She had redish-orange hair in it, I think. I don't know, it was dark. I didn't get a very good look at her."

"She didn't mention her name?"



Everyone in the room turned to face the girl standing in the doorway.

"My Hope."

Angle shifted uneasily. Silence hung in the air.

Hope rolled her eyes. "Fine, I'll go." She turned to walk out the door and suddenly everyone found it in themselves to get up and go after her.

"No, no. Wait." Angel said. She stopped and turned around. He extended his his toward her, "Angel." She looked at his outstretched hand and raised her eyebrows at him, smirking. He shifted his weight and sighed in relief when she shook his hand.

"You're the girl from my vision." Cordy stated knowingly. "The one I sent Angel to save." She nodded.

She smiled and returned her gaze to the vampire, "Ya sent him to save me? Seems t'me I was the one savin his butt."

Angle shuffled his feet, "Yeah, well.. I was..."

Wesley cleared his throat. "You took out two vampires last night, yes?"


"But you're.....human." he stated, confused.

She smirked. "Yeah, well, for the most part at least."


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~

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