Author's Note: This was based on a dream that I had…well, not the entire thing, but bits and pieces…Thanks for reading!

Broken Promises, Sort Of

Shuichi was crying again. He was sitting on a bench outside the N-G building with his head in his hands, wondering why he deserved such punishment. Hadn't he been through enough? Hadn't he spent three years of his life trying to get to this moment? Why had God seen fit to take it from him?

Yuki stood in front of his lover, not sure what to say. His hand reached for a cigarette, forgetting for a moment that its owner had quit a year ago because of the man that was crying. The man that was crying because of him…again.

"Shuichi, you'll have other concerts," Yuki said, putting a comforting hand on the younger man's head.

Shuichi looked up with red eyes and a runny nose. Yuki flinched. He hadn't meant for this to happen.

"But they won't be like this one would have been. This one would have been special because you asked if you could come. You asked, not me. It was the first time ever and now it's ruined!" Shuichi finished, the end coming out as a wail. He put his head back in his hands. Yuki sighed and knelt down so that they were pretty much eye to eye.

"Shuichi, look at me," the blonde said, taking Shuichi's hands in his so that he wouldn't have anything to hide behind. "I'm sorry that this happened. I was really looking forward to it, too. But I'll be at every single one of your concerts after this. I'll even skip a deadline if I have to. Just give me this once, okay?"

Shuichi sniffed, thinking through his lover's offer. Finally, a small smile formed on his lips. "Fine, but what is it, exactly that you have to do tonight?"

Yuki stood up so fast that Shuichi had trouble processing what had happened. The novelist took a few steps backs and very carefully did not look at the other man.

Shuichi narrowed his eyes. "I know what it is." At this, Yuki gave him wide eyes. How the hell had he found out? Yuki had tried so hard to keep it from him so he wouldn't be worried.

"Shuichi stood up and flung himself at the author. "Oh, Yuki. It's that man, isn't it? The one that keeps threatening you? Are you meeting him tonight?"

Yuki's arms automatically wrapped themselves around Shuichi, holding him close. "That man" had been calling their house frequently for the past few months, threatening Yuki that if he didn't leave Shuichi, something awful would happen. Yuki had thought that Shuichi hadn't known, but he should have known better.

"Yes, to all of your questions. He told me that tonight was the last night to heed his warning. I told him that I would like to meet him before he did anything else. I have to go straighten this whole thing out. Or beat the hell out of him. Whichever comes first," Yuki answered, contemplating if he had ever really intended to talk to the man. Maybe he had planned on beating the hell out of him the whole time. Didn't matter, either way. The man was going to be in a lot of pain after Yuki was through with him.

A pulse of fear caused Shuichi's heart to tighten painfully. He pulled back enough to look into Yuki's eyes. "I'm not going to tell you not to go. I know it wouldn't do me any good if I tried, but please be careful. Please come back to me. I love you," Shuichi said, eyes shining with fear, concern, and love. That look undid Yuki.

"Fuck him," he growled and pulled Shuichi into a bruising kiss. When they parted for air, Yuki picked him up bridal style and carried him to the car. They had about four hours until Shuichi's concert. It wasn't nearly enough time for Yuki to do what he wanted, but it was enough.

"Are you sure, Yuki?" Shuichi whispered as he was placed gently into the car. He had to wait for Yuki to get into the car for his answer.

Yuki smirked. "I'm not missing your concert because of some prick. Let him try to do something," and with that, he drove away, unaware of the pair of eyes watching them with disappointment and anger.