Deadly Sky Flowers

Synopsis: Technically, 21 did catch the bouquet...21/24 SLASH

Takes place right after "Showdown at Cremation Creek part 2" and moves right into "Shadowman 9"

"Okay, name me five Bowie songs that WEREN'T on the best of album...and GO!"

21 scoffed as he hoisted himself out of the water, challenging 24's indie-cred.

"Urm...'Panic in Detroit' and uh...there's 'Real Cool World'..."

"From the k-mart Roger Rabbit thing? Are you kidding me?"

"Hey c'mon...Kim Bassinger is WAY hotter than Jessica."

"WHAT? You're fucking cra-HEY!"

21's outraged fan-boy cry was cut short by a...a flaming...SOMETHING! A fucking flaming whats-it just fell out of the sky and hit him in the face!

...And 24 could not contain his laughter.

"Pffft! okay there, 21?"

"Fuck you, and yes."

21 glared at him while holding his cheek before looking down at what hit it.

"But dude, what the hell IS this?"

21 snatched the blackened...whatsit. Large chunks of it broke off and crumbled into dust by the time 21 shoved it in 24's face.

"Guh, get that outta my face, man!" 24 stepped backwards, before gesturing to the pile of hot ash in 21's gloved hand.

"Looks like flowers. Probably Dr. Mrs' bouquet before ya know...everything went to hell."

21 gave the (what used to be) flowers in his hand a quizzical look before his face dropped in realization. Then, a sly grin...

" what you're saying is...that I caught the bouquet?"

24 paled considerably.

"Nooo...I'm saying the bouquet hit you in the face."

"But technically, I DID catch it..."

"With your doesn't count! Besides...the guy is supposed catch the garter! Catching the bouquet what the woman is supposed to do!"
"Yeah, well being 'the catcher' is also what the 'woman is supposed to do' but..."

"DUDE! Shut up, we're in public!"

" come you don't want to get married?"

"What? No, I do! It's just-"

"Just what?"

"Well the LAST time I got married that bitch Karen took everything in the divorce INCLUDING my dad-"

"I'm not gonna cheat on you with your dad"

"I know but...look can we even GET married in this state?"

"Dude, we're henchmen! We've murdered and pillaged before since when do we care about the law? But hey..."

21 stopped, double, triple and quadruple checked before dropping the dead flowers and grabbing his boyfriend's jerkin – pulling him in for a quick but reassuring kiss.

When 21 pulled away and opened his eyes it took every ounce of self control not to outright laugh at 24's tense and crimson face.

"We don't have to worry 'bout the future right now. We're young, and I'm starting to think we're fucking immortal. We have all the time in the world. I'm just sayin' I'm ready when you are. And..."

21 leaned in close, just in case there were any stray numbers about listening in on them.

"I love you, ok?"

24's face visibly relaxed, before he chuckled warmly.

"Yeah, love you too, Double Stuffed."

21 laughed along with him before punching him in the arm. The moment was ruined.

"Now c'mon, we should go find the Monarch and the others...we're wandering Samurai without a master right now..."