Title: Fun with Groceries

Pairs: Slight KakaRin

Characters: Kakashi, Rin, Obito

Summary: Team Seven goes to pick up groceries for Minato.

"This is a really long list." Rin frowned as she went across the long record of foods and drinks needed.

"What's up with all these D-Rank missions, anyway?" Obito raised a brow.

"Minato-Sensei's baby was just born." Rin stated. "Someone has to watch him and get the stuff for him. And from what he's been saying lately, Naru-Chan's a handful."

"So, I guess we split it up, huh?" Kakashi asked as Rin nodded.

"Well then," Obito dug his hands into his pockets and began walking the opposite direction. "I'll just head toward the sweets aisle to collect the cookies."

"Oh no you don't." Kakashi grabbed the collar of his jacket and tugged him back.

Rin smirked and ripped the pages in half. Kakashi was to take Obito with him while Rin went alone. They each got carts and the second Rin got hers, she dashed off. When Kakashi pulled his out, he noticed Obito climb in and hang his head on the front of it.

"Out." Kakashi demanded.

"No," Obito complained. "I want a ride!"

"No," Kakashi rolled his eyes.

When Obito sat with his arms folded over his chest and began protesting, Kakashi had had it. He walked to the side of the cart and pushed it over, causing his teammate to clash with the floor. When Obito stood up angrily, he saw Kakashi pulling the cart back up. He began pushing the cart through the aisles with Obito in tow.

"So, what's first," Obito asked.

"Looks like milk," Kakashi read off the list and told his teammate.

"Alrighty then," Obito smiled and rushed to get the cow juice.

Kakashi watched the goggle-wearing boy dash after the milk. He came back running clumsily to put it in the cart. Kakashi raised a brow, sighed and shook his head. Obito decided he would take the list.

"What do we need now?" Kakashi asked in a monotone voice.

"Uh, ramen," Obito said.

"How did I not see that coming?" Kakashi sighed as they raced toward that part of the store.

Once they got to the ramen section, they met Rin who was already getting it. The boys looked into her cart and saw how much she had gotten. How on earth did she get all that food in there? There was soup, carrots, tomatoes, chicken, gummy bears, bottles, snow cone syrup, waffles, pancakes, eggs, bacon, dango, pocky and now ramen had entered with dozens of other foods. The boys looked down into their cart; milk.

"'How on earth…" Kakashi asked her.

"Hmm," she smiled at them.

"You got everything that was on our list along with yours!" Obito explained, shocked.

"I'm a fast worker," Rin giggled as she put their milk in her cart. "Okay, let's go pay, guys."

"Alright," they nodded and followed her.

After the food was put into plastic bags, the trio walked out of the store and headed right over to their Sensei's house. They walked into the dwelling and set the bags on the kitchen counter. As they began stocking up the foods in the cabinets, fridge and freezer, Obito smirked once picking up the cool whip. After removing the cap, he walked up behind Kakashi and spewed the white crème in his silver hair.

"Uchiha!" Kakashi exclaimed.

"What?" Obito asked innocently. "You don't like cool whip?"

Kakashi growled and grabbed the snow cone syrup and let it dive onto Obito's jet black hair. The Uchiha looked up at his hair and squeaked, immediately grabbing an egg and throwing it at the boy. As if by some cruel fate that had been with him since his birth, Obito just about peed himself once Kakashi ducked and the egg hit Rin.

"Oh no…" Obito whimpered as Rin grabbed a hold on a few tomatoes.

"So, you think this is funny, Obito?" Rin furrowed her brows at him while bouncing a tomato up and down in her hand. He gulped after not hearing the "Kun" suffix at the end of his name, which meant this wasn't good.

"N-No, of course I don't!" he exclaimed while waving his hands in defense.

"You're in for it now," Kakashi snickered lightly.

"You were the one who ducked, Kaka-Kun!" Rin snapped angrily as she threw a tomato at her boyfriend.

"Wow!" Obito laughed and pointed at his male teammate. "She got you!"

"Uchiha…" Rin growled as she threw the other tomato at the now scarlet-haired boy.

"Aw man!" Obito exclaimed, noticing the tomato had hit his goggles, but mostly his hair. "Seriously, you had to both get my hair?"

Before Rin could even start to giggle, they heard an "Ahem," from the doorway. They all went wide eyed and saw a very angry Kushina Namikaze glaring daggers at them. Why would she be mad? Wasn`t she supposed to be the undeniable prankster of Konoha? Wasn't Minato the one you had to worry about? They all let out a relieving sigh once they saw her smirk a bit. What made them freak out was when she picked up three eggs and got Kakashi and Rin by stomach, but for Obito, the egg had a gone a bit to low for him.

"Oh Holy Grail," Obito exclaimed while tears came to his eyes and he fell to the floor.

"Oops," the red-head lady sweat dropped.