The Promise

Spoilers: Season One (Bete Noir and Reville), Season Two (minor Caught on Tape, Twilight), Season Three (Kill Ari I&II), Season 7(Minor Reunion).

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Ziva looked at the letter she held in her hand, it was a letter of secrets. Unfolding it, she began reading the final note of a woman who she called her sister.

We all have secrets, secrets that drive us to things we cannot understand. Secrets of power that consume our very nature. Secrets of love hidden away so no one can think to know you love those you are not supposed to love. Secrets of murder and death, atrocities one dear not face because they cannot shoulder all they have done. Secrets of betrayal you dare not face because you harm those you care most of.

My mistake, however, was all of these. My heart is in two, my soul I share with another and so I take his burden onto my shoulders as well. I loved him when I should have killed him long ago, I betrayed my family, my closest friends and as for power...the only thing I dare not want.

I was born in a world where one could do as they wished, become anything they wanted but I married into a world far more dangerous. The world I became part of in marriage is one of death and destruction, kill or be killed. Children grow up knowing they will fight, from the tender age of four, my beloved husband held a weapon in his hand. Taught to become the betrayal of his family, the loss of those closest drove his heart into depths of anger and hatred he dare not know how to climb out.

There is hope however, every so often someone comes into a person's life and they pull them from darkness. They find the good one did not know one had and restores it. I pulled him out, I loved him not at first sight but by words, letters of acceptance showed me more of him, a part hidden from the darkness of his world.

I shall die soon, thus I know because my beloved husband must kill me. Do not become angry, do not hate him for he has no choice and know he will die when he does this, his soul blackened by my death, his every reason to live ripped away.

I do not know the hour of which I shall die, I do not know the day but I do know I shall not see it coming. He has assured me it shall be a shot to the head when I least expect it, he tells me I shall be with my team and family, so I am not alone. I know this however, if I am to die, let it be by his hand...for not even my death could make my love for him fade.

My life has been eventful, I had family and friends and I have my faith. I had him for six months, two wonderful months of marriage. I may never bring life into the world but I know my will is done, many are saved and my legacy shall never cease to be.

So, in what could be my last hour, I saw goodbye to those I love and care for. I tell you not the dangers of the world as you already know them but I do tell you my death shall bring you peace one day and your life will become more. I only ask if you will remember me, always my friends and family.

I entrust this letter into the hands of my sister, my friend and the hand that shall slay my husband, as I trust her to put him out of misery. Ziva David is a woman who can do many things but I know she shall do one thing for you all: she shall heal you and make you remember who you are.

Caitlin Alexandra 'Kate' Haswari

Ziva folded it up and swallowed, "secrets are not to be held any longer."

She did one thing, she copied the letter five times and placed it in envelopes, doing what Kate had asked all those years ago. She remembered it clearly as if it were yesterday.

Kate finished writing and looked at Ziva, folding the letter. "On September 11, 2010 I want you to copy this letter, copy it and place it in separate envelopes. Hand them to the team together, be in the same room but not at NCIS and let them read it. If you are not on the team, then visit and say you have something of Ari's you have to show them." Ziva took the letter, "promise me Ziva, promise me that you'll do this if you're alive."

"I promise my sister."

"Do not read it till before you complete this task, if you do then you are lost."

Ziva nodded, "it will be done, what of you?"

Kate smiled and looked at Ziva, "I'm ready, Ari promises me it'll be quick and I'll never see it coming."

Ziva hugged Kate, "goodbye my sister," she pulled back and smiled. "It's my father's loss, to not know he has such a loving daughter, for no one but you could have healed Ari after Tali's death and after what he has done."

Kate looked at Ziva and removed something from her pocket, a solitaire diamond necklace. "Ari gave this to me, he said it was a part of him that I would always have. It's been with me forever, since he gave it to me. See that he is grasping it when he is buried and his ring is around his neck."

Ziva nodded and left, fearing she'd break into tears if she stayed longer.

Ziva remembered burying Ari with that necklace, it in his hand and his ring around his neck. She knew Kate's ring was never buried with her as no one knew its significance but Kate's faith in Ari and love was enough for her in the end...the compassionate person Ari fell for.