Chapter I

A boyish yet devilish smile escaped his lips as he enjoyed himself with the view. His tall companion, on the other hand, couldn't help but sigh at the sight of his dear friend and comrade ogling at a young girl. "Perhaps an effect of being in coma for so long" he whispered to himself. Well he couldn't really blame him for staring.. She was like Aphrodite who has just risen from the foam. A statuesque beauty having both the sweet innocence of a young lady and the sultry allure of a siren can really make his silver blond friend enchanted. His thoughts were interrupted by an unexpected remark.

"Wow,, this is the first time that I've seen all the Magic Knights. They are all very pretty."Zazu commented with admiration.

Geo's reaction was homicidal. "Shut up Zazu,,, You are always overreacting."

Zazu whimpered."Hey at least I am not acting like a perv, I am not salivating like you, I can see your devil eyes are glued to that girl. Haven't you seen a woman wearing skimpy clothes. I thought you have been to Chizeta"

"Grrrrr"Geo was ready to crush Zazu.

"Calm down you too,,, Zazu they are called swimsuits,, We are in a beach. Naturally, people would prefer wearing lighter clothing. This is a different world from ours, they do have their own fashion here. " Eagle commented. Still with a boyish smile playing on his lips. "Plus we don't have much scenery like this in Autozam" he continued.

"Yeah right, but I think the beach is not the scenery you are pertaining to,,," Zazu snickered.

"On boy, that's it" Geo strangled the young mechanic.

Eagle just smiled. Well. It is not like him to stare at a young girl like a schoolboy. Indeed, he is used to looking at people and analyzing them but that purpose solely serves for combat. This is no combat. He saw her glance at his direction. She didn't even smile. Her stares were icy. "An ice queen" he thought.He was not surprised by her reaction. Hikaru, in one of their conversations, told stories about her world particularly about her two Magic Knight friends. Being born with a golden spoon, she has a different upbringing compared to the two. She probably had everything but her life was sheltered. Plus, with her grace and beauty, she probably is the most beautiful girl in school. An icing to the cake, her beauty is matched with power being a fencing champion.

She didn't mean to give an icy stare but the piercing looks of his amber eyes made her more uncomfortable with her blue string bikini. She also noticed that the tall guy beside him also examined her like a specimen under a microscope. "They are Hikaru's friends…"she thought. In some meetings, she met with them but aside from pleasantries she hasn't interacted with them like Hikaru. Ever since they came back from Cephiro after the battle with Debonair, she has been different. She has forgotten her schoolgirl crush on Clef. She still adores him but it is now more of respect to a mentor.

"Hey Umi"Hikaru shouted and splashed some water.

"Ms. Umi,, "Fuu joined but not with such energy like that of Hikaru's.

"Hey.."she smiled. She looked at her two companions. They look very pretty with their swimsuits. Fuu is wearing a floral green halter top and boyleg while Hikaru is wearing a cute red one-piece number. She smiled. Hikaru has grown. Albeit, not vertically but she already got her curves. She doesn't look like she is in grade school. In retrospect, she was wondering why she chose her blue bikini. It shows a little too much plus that guy from Autozam makes her feel uncomfortable.

"C'mon, you are so quiet Umi. It is not everyday that we can relax and go to the beach" Hikaru exclaimed while splashing more water on her.

"Ms. Umi..You look really pretty in your blue bikini. How sweet of your mother to give one to you. I wish I have a body like yours" Fuu blushed as she made her last remark.

"Hmm,,, and why is that?" Umi gave a malicious smile which made Fuu's cheeks almost ruby red."Just kidding, ne!"Umi tried to make the poor Wind Knight comfortable.

"Oh, Ms. Umi" Fuu couldn't complete her sentences.

"I think it'll be more fun if Clef and the others are here…."Hikaru changed the topic.

"Well, this trip is for Eagle of Autozam, Some R n R here in Earth would help him recover fully" Umi exclaimed nonchalantly and glanced at him. She was a bit startled upon meeting his gaze. She quickly turn her gazes on Hikaru and Fuu. His glances sent shivers down her spine.

Fuu noticed Umi's sudden change of mood. "Ms. Umi,,,"

" I am fine Fuu, I think I'll just go back to the cottage,, I'll freshen up,,,"Umi excused herself. She headed back to the cottage. She tried her best not to look at Eagle. Looking at him and meeting his gaze made her feel more underdressed.

Eagle noticed the air of coldness Umi emitted. Of the three knights, the Water Knight is the most puzzling. She seems friendly yet distant. She is elegant yet she rivals Hikaru's high spirits. A women nonetheless still a child at a young age of sixteen. Eagle shrugged at his own thoughts. Why am I acting like this? Staring like a lovestruck teenager over his schoolboy crush. He smiled at the thought of it. Probably, the battle with Cephiro made him ponder on other matters aside from Autozam. Being the greatest commander in his planet, he has put Autozam in his top priority. He has lived his life in service of Autozam. Needless to say thinking about Autozam's future is thinking about his own future. Autozam is HIS life.

Geo noticed that Eagle's pensive mood. "Eagle"he called his attention.

"I am okay Geo, I was just thinking about something" he gave his signature smile. "Look at Zazu, he seems to be enjoying the most"

"We don't have beaches in Autozam anymore. We only have 3D simulation." Geo stated. "This trip was meant for you.. Lantis and Hikaru organized this for you and yet I haven't seen you having fun"he added. He couldn't hide his anxiety. He knew that he hasn't fully recovered. His complexion is like the whiter shade of pale.

"Geo, I am having fun. Its just that living a life outside battles can really make me think of other things" Eagle almost whispered the last two words.

"Well nice to hear that, anyway, I think I will make the most out of this trip… Hey seriously you should try swimming. Put some color in your skin. We are in a beach"

When Geo left, Eagle tried to find solace in the secluded area in the beach. He couldn't help but be amazed with the beauty of nature. The powdery white sand was giving comfort to his weary feet and the sea breeze was kissing his cheeks. The water was shining like a sapphire. It was inviting. He reclined in the sand. It felt like ages. Serenity.

"You will get sunburn, you know" her voice was authoritative and a bit cold.

Eagle opened his eyes and saw a beautiful creature. She is now wearing a blue sundress which made her look like a nymph. He smiled and rose up. "Thanks for the concern"

"Hikaru is looking for you, It is time for lunch" Umi said. She knew her tone was a bit cold but she couldn't help it. It was like a natural defense mechanism against him. She quickly turned back. Her sudden movement caused her to lose her balance. Eagle's movements were swift. Before her body reached the sand, he quickly grabbed her body and pressed it against his body. He could feel the softness of his body against his muscled. Her expression was of shock but he noticed her lips were parted as if waiting to be kissed. Inviting. His mind quickly imagined how it would feel if his lips were pressed against his. No, he exclaimed and suddenly let go of her body.

"Ouch,, what is the matter with you"Umi hissed. It was not a bad fall. She got up and ignored the hand extended to help her.

"My apologies" he had to let go of her to prevent himself from kissing her.

Umi felt guilty. "I am sorry, I didn't mean to snap" she said while gazing at the powdery white sand caressing her feet. She felt her cheeks turned red. What is happening to me… Umi get a hold of yourself. You are acting like a schoolgirl.

"Are you alright?" Eagle got worried that her fall might have hurt her.

"Yes, of course,,, Its just too hot here, I am okay" she doesn't know what to stay. Umi, that is so stupid, of course, it is hot. You are in a beach. Baka.

"Well, I think you ought to take a dip" Eagle commented and smiled.

His smile almost made her melt. She doesn't know what to say or do. " Ano….I think we should eat our lunch" she left hurriedly.

Eagle smiled upon seeing her without her defenses on. He remembered when the Magic Knights introduced themselves. They were fiery and ready to defend Cephiro. He was all smiles on his way to the hut. I think this trip will be very interesting.