Chapter VII

"W – why is everyone not locking their doors?"

"Huh" Eagle was lost. The shocked expression on Umi's face puzzled him. "Hey are you alright?" He was still cornering her.

"Obviously , noo,, aww forget it" she was able to bounce back. She erased the visual of two lovers making out. She then faced him with an air of confidence. "I though this was my room."

"Lame" He let out the usual boyish grin.

"Think whatever you want, it was your fault by the way, you didn't lock it" She tried to free herself from his intangible prison.

"Oh yeah.." he said sarcastically. "That just gave me an idea on the new law in my planet. I'll tell my father to initiate a bill that all males should lock the doors to their room. They'll never know when somebody will try to make goodies on them." He was still smiling, devilishly.

"Ewww,, you are impossible, now if you'll excuse me, I would like to go to my room. "

"Not so fast. I want to know what was bothering you" His quasi-spidey sense of some sort was telling him that there was something worth knowing.

"Nothing" Again, the visuals were playing on her mind. Like a lightning, the images flashed.

"That is not nothing" He was pertaining to her perturbed reaction.

"I'll tell you if you let me go, deal"

"You tell me and I'll let you go..if you want me to" He softly whispered those last words.

"That's it, I am going" she shoved him to let herself go. It was a bad move, he quickly grabbed her which made her lost her balance and in turn made her tumble to his bed. In a split second, he was on top of her.

"Hey Eagle, I…" Geo suddenly stopped at the sight of Eagle and Umi. It was indeed a compromising situation. Eagle was naked from waist up and a bit sweaty but not to the point of being yucky (author's note: homoeroticism, physical or not, was NOT intended) and not too mention on top of lady wearing a nightdress that is some sort of reminiscent of an afternoon delight. Geo was speechless.

"Uhh…Geo, its not what you think." Eagle was defensive but he remained in the position. "Umi and I are just talking."

"Yeah, onbviously, you two are just talking. I'll leave you two alone to talk"

Umi couldn't take further embarrassment. "Let go of me." She pushed him away from her. She stood up and tried to regain her composure. "Why is it that when I'm with you I get into weird tacky things like this."

"Hey, this is my room, you were the one who entered MY room. As for your question, I just think you have a thing for me." He was kinda amused.

"Excuse me,,I though this was my room."

"We are back to page one again"

"It is true. I wanted to go talk to Hikaru but she was kinda…."Umi stopped for awhile and images of some sort played on her mind. "Never mind"

Eagle sensed something. "That expression doesn't seem like a never mind to me."

"I.. I… saw Hikaru and Lantis…"Umi was blushing deep red. Who would have thought little Hikaru is getting some kissing action.

Eagle couldn't help but smile. "Lantis..who would have thought. "

"Happy now?"

"Still, that doesn't explain much why you came here."

"Why would I come to you. I barely know you." She gave a fake irritated voice but deep inside she wanted to devour him.

"You barely know me and yet …."He was suggestive. There was a smirk playing on his lips. "Tell me the truth, do you feel something for me?" He was waiting for her answer.

"N – nothing." She was stammering.

Eagle was disappointed. That was not what he was expecting. "Okay, you may go now Goodnight" In a split second, he was acting like a harmless lamb.

Umi was a bit puzzled. She was about to open the door when his strong arms found their way to her tiny waist.

"But not without a kiss" he softly whispered those words.

Umi was caught off guard. She closed her eyes and waited for the kiss. It was just a peck but she felt the electricity flow all over her body.

"I already have the answer to my question. Goodnight" he softly whispered and opened his bedroom door. Much to their surprise Geo and Zazu were eavesdropping.

Geo and Zazu tried to pretend as if they were just passing by. "We are just watching over you Eagle" Geo blurted out a lame excuse.

"Really now, watching over him. What am I, a fire breathing dragon." She said sarcastically and left the scene. The tirade was just her defense because deep inside she felt really embarrassed to be caught leaving a man's room.

"No wonder Eagle fancies her, she is a fighter" Geo muttered.

"Well, that is one on top of a long list." Zazu followed Umi's exiting figure.

"She is off limits now Zazu"

"Hey, that's not what I meant, you and your dirty mind."

Geo and Zazu were about to tackle when Eagle stopped the two. " This scene again."

"So you and the knight are finished talking." Geo was insinuating something. "It doesn't look good."

"Geo, I am starting to think that aside from sweets you really fancy rumors "

"Hey, I was just checking if you are okay. I didn't know that she was in your room. Hmm… which by the way made me think that women from this planet are that straightforward."

" She just lost her way. " Eagle defended her.

"I think so. I saw her go to Hikaru's room but she left hurriedly" Zazu supported the motion.

"Hmm, are you stalking her.?" Geo gave Zazu a noogie, as always.

"Noooo. I was gonna get a drink… Let go of me you giant monster."

"Whoa, says the tiny monster."

"This scene again." Eagle went back inside his room. A boyish smile was playing on his lips. The water knight was his.