Title: Don's Two Weeks from Hell
Genre: Het
Pairings: Don/Robin
Characters: Don, Robin, David, Colby, Liz, Nikki, Alan
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Some medium level swearing, violence
Spoilers: Season 6 of Numb3rs, set during season 6.
Word count: 158 (this part) (~6100 words total)
Disclaimer: Own nothing, not being paid.
A/N: Each day uses a prompt from hurt_don and one 'day' will be posted per day. Thanks to aleo for reading through as I was writing. Thank you to starrylizard and lilacs_roses for the beta. Thank you to little_details for some help with Day 4.

Prompt: hurt_don #1 What: firework, Where: park

It all started out innocently enough, just a series of bad days, but by day six his team were starting to try to guess how he'd next manage to hurt himself and Don was realising that nowhere was safe.

Day 1

There was a bang off to his side and he turned to look. He should have stopped running instead of just slowing, that would have been the intelligent thing, particularly when he couldn't initially spot what had caused it. The second bang and the flash of colour that confirmed that it was fireworks, and therefore nothing to worry about, came just as he hit the tree branch.

It was at chest level and was solid enough to floor him, sending him crashing to the leaf litter and hard ground, still wondering what exactly had happened.

David and Colby found him lying on the ground, rubbing his chest and trying to regain his breath, a minute later. The slight grin as Colby looked at Don and then the tree branch told Don that he'd put two and two together. Don resolved to make sure that he actually looked where he was going the next time he was chasing somebody.