All things end it death one way or another. No matter what. It doesn't matter what you do to prevent it. I thought I could stop this from happening.

I was wrong.

1200 B.C.

I watched as the flamesgrew higher, destroying everything in its wake. Houses, shops, and temples crumpled to the ground. In the distance I could hear people screaming. People dieing.

He turned around and gave me a sad smile, a haunted look in his eyes. He held his hand out and I gingerly took it. He opened his mouth to speak but the words never got out. He fell to the ground.

"No!" I screamed, and started sobbing. I dropped down onto my knees beside him and grabbed his face. The others heard my scream and ran to see what was wrong but it was too late. He lay dead on the ground. A spear sticking out of his chest.

404 B.C.

I ran as fast as I could, dodging the fighting bodies and jumping over the dead ones. I saw the clearing. I could see him perfectly. I could see EVERYTHING perfectly. But he couldn't.

"Tr-" I screamed but was cut off from the sound of an arrow slicing through the air and sinking into a body. I watched helplessly with blurry eyes as he fell to the ground. I didn't have much time before a sharp pain was in my chest. I looked up in horror and met the eyes that were so much like my own. They were filled with shock and we both looked at the arrow sticking from his chest.

Grasping my bleeding wound I took a final heartbreaking look at his broken body laying on the ground. Then everything went black.


The world isn't safe. The weapons they're creating will do more harm than good. I would know. I just watched someone kill him right before my eyes with one.

I cant stand the pain. I cant live without him anymore.

"Im sorry Arron" were my last thoughts before I jumped off the cliff towards the rocky shore that would end my misery.

I couldn't stop this.